Google+ Beathearts: 01.2012


J'Danna - Winter in America (Gil Scott-Heron)

Fresh from the Gilles Peterson's Wordwide awards here's new-comer J'Danna's dark dubby cover of Winter in America. Bold first move to mess with such a classic but her work is on point. With a vibe reminiscant of SBTRKT's finest moment combined with a voice that reminds us of Nina Simone, J'Danna leave us hoping for more. Out soon (?) on 2morrows Victory Records. Check it out below!

Download: J'Danna - Winter in America


D'Angelo Tour 2012 - The set list

Ok, we've been on somewhat of a D'Angelo groovathon lately, but can you blame us? We promise we'll get back to the program but we felt we needed to share this. The set-list from the starting night in Stockholm below. We can't prove its authenticity but it feels pretty accurate from what we experienced.

As a bonus here's a tune that for some reason hasn't got as much attention as the other leaks since D'Angelo's last official release a decade ago. Stuart Zender was one of the founding members of Jamiroquai and has worked with artists like Guru, Mark Ronson, Omar, Lauryn Hill, Samuel Purdey and Stevie Wonder. Love is so cold was originally slated as My Baby's Eyes for the Voodoo album. Why he cut it, we'll probably never know.

Stuart Zender ft D'Angelo - (Your) love is so cold

The alleged set-list @ Filadelfiakyrkan, Stockholm, Jan 26th 2012


Jesse Futerman - Live @ the Drake Hotel

Jesse Futerman really caught our attention last year, even making it into our best of 2011 list. While waiting for new material from the man we just got this live session. It was recorded yesterday at The Drake Hotel in Toronto, Canada. Let's hope we'll get the chance to catch him live in Europe in 2012.

"[The session] features one of my new songs at the end of the set. A mixture of me dj'ing and doing my tracks live."

The Drake is apparently somewhat of a local hang-out for new musical discoveries. Guess we need to drop by if we ever get to Toronto :)

"The Underground is our multi-faceted performance venue with a reputation for hosting a fun party or three. The Underground never sleeps with live indie shows, DJ dance parties, film screenings and comedy performances packing the room night after night. The Underground keeps the scene on its toes, eyes peeled for the next big deal."

Download: Jesse Futerman - Live @ The Drake Hotel (Jan 27th 2012)


Mecca:83 - Daybreak EP

What a week! The highlight was of course witnessing the return of D'Angelo live on stage. We're still buzzin' and what better way to end the week than with new material from Manchester beat surgeon Mecca:83 (Evan Jones).

Released today, the Daybreak EP was apparently put together in 24 hours to support UK Charity Mind. The EP is available for free/name your price at his Bandcamp. All money raised will be donated to the organisation.

Stunning material as always from Mecca:83. From the stand-out spaced out electronic funk of Aura and the rare-groove re-edit feeling of Send U to the unexpected Robert Glasper inspired Daybreak and the Dilla tribute on DonutBreak, the the whole EP is such a treat. Can't think of a better way to start the weekend. Props to Mr. Jones!

1. 2am Samba 02:08
2. D A Y B R E A K 02:03
3. Make Sounds 02:30
4. New(ish) With The Blend 02:07
5. Send U 02:53
6. DonutBreak 01:11
7. Aura 02:43
8. Making You V2 02:44
9. Fanfare 01:40
10. Wanna Ride 02:16

The return of D'Angelo - Live in Stockholm (Jan 26th 2012)

He's back! We'll update this over the weekend but we had to give you a quick update what went down tonight. 

Today, Thursday Jan 26th 7.30 PM, the most anticipated live show of the year took place in Stockholm, Sweden. According to the promotors the 2200 seats at the Stockholm Pentecostal Church sold out in less than a minute. If we're not mistaken it's also the world premiere of D'Angelo's tour for his upcoming album.

The vibe was of course ecstatic when D and the band entered the stage with Playa playa. One of the first tunes they played was a freaked out version of Chicken Grease. Check the clip below.

D'Angelo - Chicken Grease (Live in Sthlm 2012)

From what we could tell they performed five new songs. The first two were entitled Charade and Sugah Daddy. Judging from the hooks the next three might be namned I've been watching you (a Parliament cover), Get it off and Another life.

D'Angelo - Charade (Live in Sthlm 2012)

D'Angelo - Sugah Daddy (Live in Sthlm 2012)

D'Angelo - Another life (Live in Sthlm 2012)

They also put on an amazing 20 minute version of Sh*t, damn, mf that started off almost like a crunk version, mid-way through Chris Dave put on an amazing drum solo and the all hell broke loose. They ended the night with an dope Minneapolis 80's Prince/The Time inspired version of Brown Sugar.

D'Angelo - Sh*t, damn, mf part 1 (Live in Sthlm 2012)

D'Angelo - Brown sugar (Live in Sthlm)

What a great night! Based on tonights performance it's very hard to tell what the album will sound like but we can definitely confirm that Michael Eugene Archer and the band is in great shape and ready to take on the world.

And oh, as a bonus here's the first two hour inteview with the man we've heard for ages. Excellent sit-down with legend Mats Nileskär from Swedish national radio. Some of it is in Swedish but bear with us. There are some great stories in there.

More updates, clips and photos will be added as we get them.

D'Angelo 2012 tour day sheet


Ta-Ku - Dusty Instrumentals

Our favorite aussie beatmaker just let us know about his new tape, out a couple of days ago. Called 'Dusty Instrumentals', you can guess it's beats just laying around made over the years that haven't seen the light of the day. Never the less heat from this great producer! Ease your ears to this! Available over at his bandcamp.


D'Angelo - Stockholm, Jan 26th 2012, 7.30 PM

July 8th 2000. I remember it like it was yesterday. Eventhough I wasn't there. It was the most talked about and hyped concert of the year. And it ended up being one of the most saught after bootlegs. 

Now, 12 years later he's back in Stockholm. On Thursday Jan 26th 7.30 PM, the most anticipated live show of the year is the return of Michael Eugene Archer. According to the promotors the 2200 seats at the Stockholm Pentecostal Church sold out in less than a minute. If we're not mistaken it's also the world premiere of D'Angelo's tour for his upcoming album and this time we got our tickets. And of course we'll give you the full review of how it went down.

The line-up is looking solid and we're especially happy about the return of Chris 'Daddy' Dave (Robert Glasper Experiment). 

D’Angelo – Vocals/keyboards/guitar
Jef Lee Johnson – Lead guitar
Isaiah Sharkey – Guitar (
Ray Angry – Keyboard
Pino Palladino – Bass (
Chris Dave – Drums (
Robert Lumzy – Percussion/vocals
Kendra Foster – Vocals (
Jermaine Holmes – Vocals
Charles ‘Red’ Middleton – Vocals

Supporting act is a 10-piece New York ensemble called Lifted crew. Pretty good gig. Here's a live performance from them recorded last year at Joe's pub in New York.

As a bonus and to make the wait a lil' easier here's a D'Angelo tribute mixtape put together by DJ Swingkid. 

D'Angelo - Swingkid special 
Roy Hargrove and the RH Factor Bullshit (feat dangelo) 
D'Angelo - So Far To Go 
D'Angelo - Tell Me 
D'Angelo - Chicken Grease 
D'Angelo - Ghetto Heaven 
BB King and D'Angelo - Ain't Nobody Home 
D'Angelo - I Found My Smile Again 
D'Angelo - 1000 Deaths 
D'Angelo - Superman Lover (Johnny "Guitar" Watson) 
D'Angelo - Girl You Need A Change Of Mind (Eddie Kendricks) 
D'Angelo - Africa 
D'Angelo - Left and Right (Sam Champ Remix) 
D'Angelo & Q-Tip - Believe 
Jay Dee - Hold Tight Feat. Q-Tip 
D'Angelo - Devils Pie 
D'Angelo - Everybody Loves The Sunshine (Roy Ayers) 
D'Angelo - Really Love 
Spanish Joint (Acoustic Version) (Unreleased)


Wiley & Mark Pritchard - Scar/Money man

Ooh we've been waiting for this! The official release for the Wiley and Mark Pritchard collaborations. Recorded in Pritchard's studio on Bondi Beach, Sydney back in 2009 and now finally released on Wiley's new album Evolve or be extinct.

These two tracks respresent the best of two worlds. Mark Pritchard's dark, twisted, electronic, subbass beats with Wiley's grimey dubstep flow. We've highlighted Scar before (in our best of 2010 list) but it hasn't been released on wax until now. To be honest I haven't listened through the whole album yet. I never got past Moneyman that has been on repeat for four days now.

Wiley & Mark Pritchard - Scar

Wiley & Mark Pritchard - Money man

Scar was actually featured in one of our very first posts. The still outstanding Harmonic 313 mixtape from Mark Pritchard. It's also the first and only time I've ever heard Mark's ace dubstep version of LFO's classic subbass track LFO.  If you missed out back then, get it below:

Download:  Mark Pritchard - The Harmonic 313 mixtape (ViralRadio Amsterdam)

Drank Instrumental - Electrik Red (Def Jam)
Harmonic 313 - LFO (Warp)
Harmonic 313 - Dutty (Warp)
Harmonic 313 - Lion (Warp)
Africa Hitech - One two (Warp)
Mark Pritchard | Wiley - Scar (CDR)
Mark Pritchard - Elephant dub (Deep Medi)
Untold - Stop what your doing (Hemlock)
Africa Hitech - Boingy (Warp)
Africa Hitech - Step (Warp)
Claus Speeed - Don't Ever Antagonize The Horn (Cdr)
Eprom - Zoning (Instrumental) (Cdr)
Hudson Mohawke ft. Wednesday Nite - Paint The Stars (Warp)


Martin Parks - Thankful for sound

Cover art has always been important to me. It's not crucial but it's an important factor to discover the record, for the decision to buy it and to keep it on the shelves/in the phone. Everyone that has ever been diggin' crates know what I'm talking about.

I think Chicago duo Martin Parks (Jaquee Hammond and Roman Lee) would agree. Either way they've put together a beautiful cover for the first (?) album Thankful for sound. Fortunately the album is just as great. I only discovered the Chicago production duo this week due to the fact that they produced Rob Milton's Love story that we covered earlier today.

I've never been a fan of Kanye West's music but I liked his approach coming into the game. Turning away from stereotypes and opening up new sources of musical inspiration. This album has exactly that sound that I wish that Kanye's albums would have. A unique sound, thoughtful lyrics, diversity and the package is tight from start to finish. Impressive indeed. And as a bonus it's available for free download over at their bandcamp.

The whole album is a keeper but my takeaway track off the album is Inspiration. Get it below!

Rob Milton - Love today

Got this in the mail earlier this week and been looping this several times. It's an impressive debut release from Virginia based singer/songwriter Rob Milton. Tight production, soulful samples and inspirational lyrics. The 8 track EP is produced by a Roman Lee from Chicago. Apparently they hooked up at Virginia State College and have several upcoming projects.

Our take-away tracks of the EP are Shape of things and Love today. The EP is available for free download over at his bandcamp.


Beathearts rewind #33 - Innocence - Let's push it (1990)

I used to love UK soul back in the early 90s. For a period it felt like a classic 12" was dropping every week from London. With acts such as Loose Ends, Mica Paris, Caron Wheeler, Dave Dorell, CJ Macintosh, Blacksmith and Soul II Soul they used to dominate my crates. One of my favourite groups at the time was Innocence. As far as I know they only put out two albums, but a whole bunch of singles. One of the stand out tracks for me from this period that I still listen to is their 1990 release Let's push it.

The intro sounded like a part 2 of  M|A|R|R|S (Dorell/Macintosh) Pump up the volume but then smoothly transitioned into that cooled out UK soul sound. Classic!

Download: Innoncence - Let's push it (Big beat mix) 

Jay-Z - Glory feat. B.I.C. (prod. Neptunes)

Too celebrate Hova & Beyonce's birth of their child Blue Ivy Carter, born two weeks ago, proud father Jay-Z released the song 'Glory' some time ago. Produced by the Neptunes, another Pharrell post in short time, strangely enough..

Their wealthy celebrity friends been showering them with gifts and sources told the newspapers "..then there is the $285 Jean Paul Gaultier silk dress to burp on", also Jay plunked down $20,000 on a baby crib, pretty sick with all these money going around, but the track breathing of love from Jay to his child, one of the really biggest hiphop stars that manage to pull of quite the beautiful hiphop love song with such passion and emotion.

Jay-Z - Glory feat. B.I.C

The most amazing feeling I feel/Words can’t describe what I’m feeling for real/Baby, I paint the sky blue/My greatest creation was you/You, you, glory

False alarms and false starts/All made better by the sound of your heart/All the pain of the last time/I prayed so hard it was the last time/Your mama said you danced for her/Did you wiggle your hands for her?

Everything that I prayed for/God’s gift I wish I woulda prayed more/God makes no mistakes, I made a few/Rough sled in here and there but I made it through/I wreak havoc on the world/Get ready for part two/A younger, smarter, faster me/So a pinch of Hov, a whole glass of B

Your grand pop died of liquor failure/Then he died of liver failure/Deep down he was a good man/God damn I can’t deliver failure/Bad ass little Hov/Two years old shopping on Saville Row/Wicked ass little Bey, hard not to spoil you rotten, looking like little me/The most beautiful-est thing in this world/Is Daddy’s little girl/You don’t yet know what swag is

But you was made in Paris and mama woke up the next day and shot her album package/Last time the miscarriage was so tragic/We was afraid you disappeared but nah baby, you magic/So there you have it, shit happens/Just make sure the plane you on is bigger than your carry-on baggage/Everybody goes through stuff/Life is a gift, love/Open it up/You're a child of destiny/You're the child of my destiny/You're my child with the child from destiny's child/That's a hell of recipe/Glory, glory, glory sorry


Yuna & Pharell ft Dizzee Rascal - Live Your Life

Just got this. It's been a while since we heard anything from Pharell but this track caught our ear. Catchy as to expect but with a depth. How Dizzee Rascal ended up on the track is anyone's guess. Maybe the three of them got stuck in an airport in East Asia and this is what came out. Apparently Pharell produced five songs on Malaysian singer songwriter Yuna's upcoming album due for release in March. Let's hope the rest of the tracks surprise us as much as this did.

Yuna & Pharell ft. Dizzee Rascal - Live your life


Eric Lau - Yesterday feat. Guilty Simpson, Fatima & Olivier Daysoul

We've been covering the magnificent beatmaker Eric Lau previously in a couple of posts, most def one of our top favorites! His new EP 'The Mission' will be out february 3rd on Kilawattmusic. The second track that been presented from the EP is Yesterday feat. Guilty Simpson, Fatima & Olivier Daysoul. How about those features huh?? The always steady detroit supreme Guilty Simpson features on 5 of the 7 tracks and who seem to chose his collaborations with a perfect aim. Our own swedish London gal Fatima who released a fab EP in 2011 along with other great projects together with fLako, Floating Points, Shafiq Husayn of Sa-Ra and more. The souly Olivier Daysoul released together with Oddisee his solo debut 'Mr. Saint Louis' two years ago and featured on Onra's 'Long Distance', one of the best tracks from 2010.

1. Intro (U Ready?)
2. The Mission (feat. Guilty Simpson)
3. Can You Feel It? (feat. Guilty Simpson & Fatima)
4. Burn It Up (feat. Guilty Simpson)
5. He Said, She Said (feat. Guilty Simpson)
6. Yesterday (feat. Guilty Simpson, Fatima & Olivier Daysoul)
7. Outro (Supreme)

UPDATE: The Mission EP out today feb.3 2012. Listen to it for free over at the bandcamp site, or stream over your spotify account. Support soulful hiphop and purchase for a couple of pennies.


Will Sessions - Mix takes LP

Shit...right now there are so many hot crews putting on a stunning live hiphop experience. The first crew we came across putting our live covers of rap jams was El Michels Affair. Then the Robert Glasper Experiment appeared on our radar to be quickly followed by Bad Bad Not Good and Will Sessions.

This new release the Mix takes LP will only be released on limited edition vinyl put out by the legendary Fat Beats:

"Will Sessions impressed with the meticulous craftsmanship of their studio re-workings of the classic tracks on The Elmatic Instrumentals.  With their new two-part video "Mix Takes," the five-piece band is taking a similar approach in recreating some of their favorite songs--only this time it was all recorded and filmed live in real time. Whether referencing music by jazz greats Herbie Hancock and Bob James or replaying beats made famous by Nas or J Dilla, it's all presented with seamless transitions in the style of a mixtape, and "Mix Takes" both showcases the band's individual talents and reflects the airtight performances that have made them one of the hottest live bands in Detroit." (

Will Sessions - Mix takes LP is available now via Fat Beats.

Frank Ocean - Thinking About You (SBTRKT re-edit)

Two of Beathearts favourite producers in an unexpected hook-up. From what we hear it's an inofficial re-edit that Aaron Jermoe (SBTRKT) put together while on tour. The original track is great (and on Antwan's best of 2011 list) but here Aaron produced a more subtle reconstruction than what we're used to hearing under the SBTRKT moniker. Adding just a touch more darkness and electronic feel to take the track to a new level. Kind of a Thinking about you pt.2. Check it below.

Frank Ocean - Thinking Bout You (SBTRKT re-edit)


Vesta Williams - Don't Blow A Good Thing (Buscrates Radio Boogie Remix)

Finishing of the week in style. Just discovered this lil' gem put out by our favourite Pittsburgh beatsmith Buscrates 16-bit ensemble (Orlando Marshall) a couple of days ago. It's a bubbling subbass rework of Vesta Williams Don't blow a good thing from 1986. Vesta who sadly left us last year at the age of 53. Excellent tribute to the lady from Buscrates.

Download: Vesta Williams - Don't Blow A Good Thing (Buscrates Radio Boogie Remix)

Beathearts rewind #32: Gotan Project - Inédits/unreleased

Listening to Gotan Project's La revancha en cumbia album reminded me of all the great versions from their remix challenge last year. The perfect soundtrack for a laidback Sunday after a rough week.

For those who don't know, Gotan Project is a trio founded in 1999 in Paris by Argentinian guitar player Eduardo Makaroff, French producer and DJ Philippe Cohen and Swiss et Christoph H. Müller. Underground music with their roots in Argentinian tango or as Gilles Peterson put it:

New “world music” i.e. the merging of DJ culture with music from the worldwide underground – Gotan Project were the first to successfully bring the traditional and the folkloric into the electronic space. 

Featured below are some of the finest unreleased Gotan Project remixes from last year's event:

Download: Gotan Project - Arrabal ( Haaksman & Haaksman Remix)

Gotan Project - Tango 3.0 (KDC Remix)

As a bonus here's Pepe Bradock's moody rework of Santa Marie (Del Buen Ayre) from 2002:


The new french movement: #1 - Don Da None - Nébuleuse(s) EP (Exclusive)

It's been a while since we last covered French rap. Back in the mid-late 90s (sometimes referred to as the golden age of French hiphop) French producers outplayed most of their American counterparts in our view. With acts/producers such as DJ Kheops, IPM, La Cliqua, Double Pact and Sages Poètes de la Rue they brought something new to the game with minimalistic but hard boombap beats often with samples from non-traditional sources.

Rocca (La Cliqua) - Entre deux mondes

But as the millenium turned, many French acts followed their overseas collegues in a spiral of bling-bling mentality, stereotype lyrics and beats. There are of course exceptions like some of the spin-off projects from the TTC-crew, Abd Al Malik and OFX but for a quite a while our focus has been elsewhere. Until now.

If most acts (at least the once that got international recognition) earlier was based around Paris and Marseille now we got fresh sounds from all around the country. All those new encounters sparked us to kick off this new Beatheart's series entitled "The new French Movement". Enjoy!


The other week we got sent this excellent debut EP from Caen based producer/rapper Don Da None (Damien Leguédois). With inspirations ranging from Steve Spacek and James Blake to Madlib and Tim Burton (!) he's put together an impressive first release with genre breaking productions and thoughtful lyrics.

The instrumentals off this seven track EP would fit in nicely in both Benji B and Gilles Peterson's playlists and would without doubt open up a new market for Damien's music. So in an effort to make that happen here's the track Le bas côtè instrumental available now as a Beathearts exclusive. Headphone beats at its best.

Download: Don Da None - Le bas côtè (Beathearts exclusive instrumental)

With a first effort as good as this we have high hopes for what's more to come from L'Hexagone in 2012. The Nébuleuse(s) EP is available now via Don Da None's Bandcamp.


Naderi presents EP#1

Beautiful EP from Danish producer Daniel Naderi. Undoubtedly influenced by pioneers Trentemøller, Future3 and DJ Opiate, Daniel takes it to the next level. I get the same feeling I got when I heard the first Zero 7 promo EP brought forward by legendary underground magazine JockeySlut. Electronica but still soulful, minimal but still funky. Available now via Naderi's Bandcamp.

Download: Naderi - Stormy weather


Grooveman Spot x Kan Sano x Marter - Secret Session

Just found this jam session from the excellent Grooveman Spot featuring keyboard player Kan Sano and singer/producer Marter.  Not exactly sure how this came about (and Google translate didn't exactly help me out) but apparently Hennessy Japan is sponsoring what they call Secret Sessions with local artists from labels such as Jazzy Sport. Fortunately for us who missed out on the events they also shot video clips and recorded of some of the sessions for our listening pleasure. Check out On the corner below.

FS Green - The Vruchtvlees Mixtape

One of our favourite Dutch DJs/producers, FS Green, is back with a great mixtape. It's a whopping tracklist featuring contributions from Floating Points and Osunlade to Maya Jane Coles and SBTRKT. It also includes two exclusive remixes from the man himself: Clara Hill – Nowhere (FS Green Moombahlove Remix) and Jesse Boykins III – B4 The Night Is Thru (FS Green Remix). Get it below:

Download: FS Green - The Vruchtvlees mixtape


01 Kraak & Smaak - Thinking Back
02 Owusu and Hannibal - Lonnie's Secret
03 Floating Points - Truly
04 Clara Hill - Nowhere (FS Green Moombahlove Remix)
05 Jon Kwest - Moombah Diablo
06 The Flexican & FS Green - Bumaye
07 Moon Boots - Off My Mind
08 Ben Westbeech - Falling
09 New Look - Janet
10 Frank Butcher - Up and Down
11 James Fox - Close Your Eyes
12 Osunlade - Envision
13 Jesse Boykins III - B4 The Night Is Thru (FS Green Remix)
14 Maya Jane Coles - What They Say
15 Eats Everything - Whatever Whatever
16 TWR72 - Impulse
17 Dems - House (Evil Nine Remix)
18 Light Year - 5 Girls (Harvard Bass Remix)
19 Seiji - Agua Riddim
20 Alex Clare - Up All Night (SBTRKT VIP Remix)
21 Happyfeet - Get On
22 Frank Ocean - Thinking About You (5kinAndBone5 & Vin Sol Remix)
23 T2 - Heartbroken (Wideboys London Mix)
24 Raven - Is It Real
25 Kingdom - Take Me Ft. Naomi Allen (Nacey Remix)
26 Presk & Cinnaman - Sweat
27 Mosca - Bax
28 Junkie XL - Molly's E (Canblaster Remix)
29 French Fries - Laquisha (Dub Mix)
30 Joy O - Sicko Cell
31 Clicks & Whistles - Raw Passion
32 Brenmar - Temperature Rising
33 Rustie - Surph
34 FS Green - Gotta Go


Beathearts rewind #32: Money Making Jam Boys - The prestige

Just love this time of year when people are putting together their best of the year lists and you realize how much great music you still have to discover. Don't know how but the Money Making Jam Boys project somehow went under our radar. The prestige: Jam Boy Magic is a group effort from Black Thought, Dice Raw, Truck North, P.O.R.N. and STS mixed by Mick Boogie. It's packed with energy and positive vibes just like a late night cipher caught on tape.

"The [group formed] right around the time we were making [2008's] The Antidote. We all wrote together anyway, on Roots albums. We came up with this concept to do some first thing that pops into your head-type of Rap. That's not really too hard with us, but it was the flip-coin of the cognitive, emotionally-heavy Roots projects." (Truck North)

The mix contains 17 tracks and with lyrical references from Ol' Dirty Bastard, Schooly D and Rakim it's in a way a homage to the golden era.

"All I've been listening to on repeat, is Kool G Rap [& DJ Polo's] Wanted: Dead Or Alive's 'Bad To The Bone', back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. It still has me captivated as when I first heard it, if not more." Truck added, "It's funny that he mentions that, 'cause I cannot stop listening to [The Beastie Boys'] Paul's Boutique and [Three Times Dope's] Original Styling." (Dice Raw)

Check the jam session from the recording sessions and download the whole thing below:

Download:  Money Making Jam Boys – The Prestige (Mixtape)


Beathearts rewind #31: Allegro Jazz Ensemble - Контрасты (1980)

While on the topic of Russia we felt we had to pull this one out. We haven't gone this deep since our feature on 70s funk from Ghana back in Nov 2010.

A while back we got word of Russian crate diggers pulling out amazing jazz albums from the 1970s. We got in touch and one of the groups that caught our ear was the Allegro Jazz Ensemble. The group was led by Nicholas Levinovsky and was (at least to our surprise) one of many jazz crews to develop during the Sovjet era. They recorded eight albums and in my view this 1980 release Контрасты (Contrast) is the standout.

The sound? It's sounds like Herbie Hancock and Grover Washington Jr meets Jan Johansson for jam sessions in a dirty concrete basement behind the iron curtain. Amazing!

Rhodes, Moog, Piano - Nicholas Levinovsky
Bass - Victor Dvoskin
Drums - Victor Epaneshnikov
Drums, Percussion - Yuri Genbachev
Saxophone [Tenor & Soprano] - Vladimir Konovaltsev

Africa HiTech Soundsystem in Moscow

Kicking off the new year in Russia. Here's one of the most inspiring live DJ-sets I've heard for quite some time. It's Mark Pritchard and Steve Spacek performing as Africa HiTech Soundsystem at a night in Moscow last summer. It's no surprise they can put on a mean show but the diversity of this live mixtape is such a treat. Who else can pull of blending vintage afrobeat and Slum Village with Dillinja and Talking Heads?

Get it now while it's still available!

Africa HiTech Soundsystem - Live in Moscow part 1

Africa HiTech Soundsystem - Live in Moscow part 2


Part 1
Kyenkyen Adi Mawa   - Alhaji K Frimpong.
Akula Owu Onyeara    - The Funkees
NYA Asem Hwe - City boys Band
Mean streets pt 2 - Falty dl
Cypress Phil - Hudson Mohawke
Scar - Harmonic 313/Wiley
Jellyfizzle - Danny Breaks
Raise it up - Slum village
Dirtbox - Harmonic 313
Bazooka riddim - Harmonic 313
Batty rider - Buju Banton
Lion - Harmonic 313
Thunder bay - Hudson Mohawke
East village - Terror Danjah
Lash out - Africa hitch
Badman place (coki remix) Busy signal feat Movado
Elephant dub - Mark Pritchard
Bury the boy - Mala
Shaka the warrior - House of deb players
This aint Tom n Jerry - Cousin cockroach
Keep it burning - Son of Scientist
Carambola - Azymuth - Mark pritchard remix
Perfussion - Lil Silva
4D Koreless
Look (dub) Bok bok
Sambucca - Teddy music Production
Glangslap - Africa hitech
Swair - Africa hitech

Part 2 
Swair - Africa hitech 
93 Million miles - Africa hitch 
Y'all aint ready - Jay dill 
Exhibit G - Dj Spinn 
Somethin - Dj Rashad 
Out in the streets - Africa hitch 
Out in the streets VIP - Africa hitch 
The License - Krome and time - Phillip D kick footwork jungle 
Jah know ya big - Dillinja 
Ganja man - Dj Krome and mr Time 
Roll the beats - Dj hype 
Champion sound - Q project - Phillip D kick footwork jungle 
Sound murderer - Remarc 
Future unknown - Krust 
Crumbled luna - Jonwayne 
Education - Mala 
The poem - Bobby Konders 
Can u feel it - Mr Fingers 
After the poke mix - Adonis 
Acid tracks - Phuture 
lets get Brutal - Nitro Deluxe 
Dextrous - Knightmares on wax 
Love is a thing of the past - J dilla 
Breakin bread - Hitek 
Back on the block feat Cl smooth - Pete Rock 
Marvelous - Baatin 
The sun - Steve speck 
Born under punches (and the beat goes on) Talking heads