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Beathearts rewind #32: Money Making Jam Boys - The prestige

Just love this time of year when people are putting together their best of the year lists and you realize how much great music you still have to discover. Don't know how but the Money Making Jam Boys project somehow went under our radar. The prestige: Jam Boy Magic is a group effort from Black Thought, Dice Raw, Truck North, P.O.R.N. and STS mixed by Mick Boogie. It's packed with energy and positive vibes just like a late night cipher caught on tape.

"The [group formed] right around the time we were making [2008's] The Antidote. We all wrote together anyway, on Roots albums. We came up with this concept to do some first thing that pops into your head-type of Rap. That's not really too hard with us, but it was the flip-coin of the cognitive, emotionally-heavy Roots projects." (Truck North)

The mix contains 17 tracks and with lyrical references from Ol' Dirty Bastard, Schooly D and Rakim it's in a way a homage to the golden era.

"All I've been listening to on repeat, is Kool G Rap [& DJ Polo's] Wanted: Dead Or Alive's 'Bad To The Bone', back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. It still has me captivated as when I first heard it, if not more." Truck added, "It's funny that he mentions that, 'cause I cannot stop listening to [The Beastie Boys'] Paul's Boutique and [Three Times Dope's] Original Styling." (Dice Raw)

Check the jam session from the recording sessions and download the whole thing below:

Download:  Money Making Jam Boys – The Prestige (Mixtape)

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