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Mecca:83 - Daybreak EP

What a week! The highlight was of course witnessing the return of D'Angelo live on stage. We're still buzzin' and what better way to end the week than with new material from Manchester beat surgeon Mecca:83 (Evan Jones).

Released today, the Daybreak EP was apparently put together in 24 hours to support UK Charity Mind. The EP is available for free/name your price at his Bandcamp. All money raised will be donated to the organisation.

Stunning material as always from Mecca:83. From the stand-out spaced out electronic funk of Aura and the rare-groove re-edit feeling of Send U to the unexpected Robert Glasper inspired Daybreak and the Dilla tribute on DonutBreak, the the whole EP is such a treat. Can't think of a better way to start the weekend. Props to Mr. Jones!

1. 2am Samba 02:08
2. D A Y B R E A K 02:03
3. Make Sounds 02:30
4. New(ish) With The Blend 02:07
5. Send U 02:53
6. DonutBreak 01:11
7. Aura 02:43
8. Making You V2 02:44
9. Fanfare 01:40
10. Wanna Ride 02:16

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