Google+ Beathearts: 03.2013


Mssl Cmmd – Why Fight The Space Age (2013)

And there it is! Instant satisfaction from Chad Hugo (The Neptunes) and Daniel Biltmore's new project Mssl Cmmd. Less than a week after we discovered the first track of the new mixtape, Hope & Pray, we get the whole thing. At least to me this project came out of nowhere and has blown me away.

It's a fine blend of stunning new tracks such as The spark, Hope & Pray and fresh remixes of Cee Lo Green and The Oh Hello's. Essential!

Download: Why fight the space age? (Continous mix)
Download: Why fight the space age? (The tracks)

MSSL CMMND – Moog (Intro)
MSSL CMMND – Heartbreakers feat. Graph (Demo)
MSSL CMMND – Say It’s Okay feat. Lil’ Wayne (Demo)
Cee-Lo Green – Bridges (MSSL CMMND Remix)
MSSL CMMND – Moog (Interlude)
MSSL CMMND – Hope & Prey (Ghetto Panda)
Chad Hugo & Danny Zook – I Like It That Way
Tuezday Morning Whiskey – Whizkey Song
No Planes In Space – No Planes (Interlude)
No Planes In Space – Why Fight The Space Age (Potholes De Createur Uniden) (2nd Version) (Chad Hugo Remix)
The Oh Hello’s – Hello My Old Heart (MSSL CMMND Remix)
MSSL CMMND – Commercial (Interlude)
Chinky Bean – Roll Off The Face
J Pharoah & Gabe Niles – Gelato
Quazr – She Throws The Beat Down
MSSL CMMND – Cold Weather (Interlude)
Chad Hugo – Strolling To The Seaside (MSSL CMMND Freestyle Mix)
MSSL CMMND – The Spark feat. Oak & Trackademics.
J Pharoah – Pharoah From The Beach
Jake Break – Inevitable feat. Stacie (Rekapse)
MSSL CMMND – Workout Plan (Interlude)
Micah Javier – Joy Joy Joy (MSSL CMMND Remix)


Dâm-Funk - Mirrors (Jeedo Hood Tech Refix)

These last couple of weeks I've been going through some of the releases we've just haven't got around to listen to. A real gem that slipped through our fingers (until now!) is Waajeed's refix of Dâm-Funk's Mirrors. Taken from Dâm's Toeachizown Waajeed has updated the track with the new hood tech sound of his new label Dirt Tech Reck. Ace!

Download: Dâm-Funk - Mirrors (Jeedo Hood Tech Refix)

And while you're on a Waajeed vibe you should also check out his recent Dilla Tribute set recorded in Dallas Feb 8th.

Download: Jeedo DJ Tribute to Dilla - Live from Dallas
Tracklist is found here


MSSL CMMND - Hope & Pray

Speaking of Pharrell we have to mention the new Chad Hugo project MSSL CMMND. Teaming up with Baltimore based DJ/producer Daniel Biltmore they've just release the first track off their upcoming mixtape entitled Why fight the space age.

Hope & Pray is an instrumental banger with ghetto tech vibes and our expectations are through the roof for the mixtape. In the meanwhile grab the track below while it's still available.

Download: MSSL CMMND - Hope & Pray

Pharrel - Places & Spaces I've been

Gotta love Pharrell. He's been kind of undercover for a couple of years but everytime he drops something new he catches my attention. One of our top tunes of 2012 was his collaboration with Malaysian wonderkid Yuna and Dizzee Rascal on Live your life (Spotify link).

Now, Beathearts is all about the music but his new autobiography Places and spaces I've been is music to our mind. With it's dope design, layout, Jay-Z, Zaha Hadid and Buzz Aldrin (!) interviews, fashion statements and insights into the man's music making and career it's such a source of inspiration. Pick it up. You won't be disappointed.


Rémi Panossian Trio - BBang

Dropped by Paris last weekend and among other amazing discoveries the Rémi Panossian Trio was a real gem. They just released their second album entitled BBANG and we were lucky enough to catch them live.

They performed a bad ass showcase three nights in a row at the intimate Duc Des Lombards jazzclub. BBANG is a twelve track album that is experimental yet funky, jazzy but with an edge. Open to influences from hiphop to electronic music this new crew out of Montpellier reminds us a lot of the Robert Glasper Experiment.

The album as a whole is great but our standout tracks are the BBQ and the Dillaesque jam Runaway.

Rémi Panossian - piano
Frédéric Petitprez - drums
Maxime Delporte - double bass

Get the album from your local dealer or then listen to the album on Spotify:
Rémi Panossian Trio - BBANG

We got in touch with Rémi to dig deeper. Watch this space for more on the trio in the near future.