Google+ Beathearts: 08.2013


Beathearts rewind #58: Mood II Swing - Do it your way (1996)

Yesterday, Lexis over at MIMS released this great tribute mixtape for deep house legends Mood II Swing. The group consisted of John Ciafone and Lem Springsteen were discovered by Louie Vega from Masters at Work and released a tall pile of twelve inches in the mid-90s.

That mixtape made me reminisce about one of my favourite garage tunes from that era "Do it your way". It was love at first listen with this track but I've never really thought about why. Maybe it's the simple, organic and instantly addictive groove that keeps you hypnotized for the full 9 minutes? Or maybe the positive message to take control of your life and do whatever makes you happy? Either way, check the original, download a recent edit and the tribute mixtape from Lexis below.

Download: Mood II Swing - Do it your way (GarcyNoise edit)

Download: Lexis - Tribute to Mood II Swing


Cooly G - Sunshine (Simbad 131 mix)

While on the topic of Simbad I have to highlight this lil' nugget. Another (unreleased?) remix this time a track taken off Cooly G's debut album "Playin me" on Hyperdub. Simbad's take on "Sunshine" has got that south London pirate radio vibe that always put a smile on my face. Ace!

Producer of the week here at Beathearts: Simbad - we salute you!

Download: Cooly G - Sunshine (Simbad 131 mix)


Jose James - Black magic (Simbad unreleased dub)

Simbad is exactly the kind of behind the scene producers we started Beathearts to give more attention to. He's been around for years releasing solid tracks and remixes for labels like Raw Fusion, Brownswood and Tru thoughts. You might not know but he was also one of the driving forces behind the Mala in Cuba project. As Mala told us earlier (check the interview here) he has a tendency to never finish his tracks but with Simbad as his sparring partner he finished the project.

Earlier tonight Simbad reminded us of this amazing still unreleased dub remix of Jose James "Black magic". Get it while you can. Free download below courtesy of the man. 


Beathearts rewind #57: Jeru the Damaja - Come Clean

Regulars know we already rewound this before. But ComplexTV recently put out this great clip telling the story of how the track came about.

Our rewind text from April 20th 2012:

For our Beathearts rewind this freezing Friday we go back to 1993 and Jeru The Damaja's breakthrough track Come clean. Also known as the "the water drop beat" it's based on the crazy Shelly Manne track Infinity from his experiment jazz album Mannekind (1972). The tune was made in Premier's appartement and the drumbeat was first improvised on an old Branford Marsalis drum set. Originally Premo wanted to add more music to the beat but when he heard Jeru's flow on the track he knew he had to keep it. Raw, minimal and dirty it's still today one of ruffest beats ever to be pressed on vinyl.

As a bonus here an jazzy interpretation of Premo's classic instrumental.