Google+ Beathearts: 09.2010


MNDSGN - Flybutter feat. Michael Jackson

For those of you who've been reading the blog might have noticed the name MNDSGN (pronounced Mind-Design) pop up a couple of times. Part of the Klipmode Fam and making great stuff. Members MNDSGN & Devonwho will release a project soon containing 30 tracks compiled between 2007-2010. As a taste of what's to come, the track 'Flybutter' is released on his bandcamp-site. MNDSGN did this a few months before Michael passed. Beautiful song. You'll find the instrumental HERE.

MNDSGN - Flybutter feat. Michael Jackson

Ta-Ku aka. Flip - Dilla Tribute Beat Tape

Found a fantastic beat-tape while roaming bandcamp. Perth, Australia native Ta-Ku pays respect to the late J. Dilla with his own tribute beat-tape. Crazy beats! Nod your heads to this! Put 'Higher' on and RAISE IT UP, this could be the funkiest stuff we've heard in a long time! Freely available!

Words from Ta-Ku: "Beats I've made over the last 2 years that have that Dilla influenced sound. Rest in Beats."


Ta-Ku - Higher

Ta-Ku - Hearts

Kanye West - Lost In The World

A song have been leaked on to the net from Kanye's new LP. Say what you will, Yeezy always gonna surprise and do the unexpected. This time he get's help from the indie folk band Bon Iver's front figure Justin Vernon. Yeezy samples Bon Iver's 'Woods' song. Also the track features a spoken-word interlude by Gil Scott-Heron.

Despite reports that Kanye had targeted November 22nd to release his album, West took to Twitter say that the album was finished, but that no date has been set: "I'm still contemplating my album date... I'm finished with it but when should I drop?"

Take into account this isn't yet the final/mastered version. This cut have voice-overs and there's also talk that Nicki Minaj will be featured on the track. Check it out.

Kanye West - Lost In The World


New Jack tribute from New Jack Kings!

Wow! This just dropped. A tribute album to the New Jack Swing era to reminisce and keep you smiling when the temperature drops.

T. Calmese (Subterraneous crew) and Vaughan T. (Athletic Mic League) has put togheter a compilation inspired by the infamous era of high top fades, eye brow parts, and house parties. The album flips and retouches classic tracks from New Jack legends such as Teddy Riley, Bel Biv Devoe, Bobby Brown, Keith Sweat and New Edition.

Features and contributors include among others Buff 1, Mayer Hawthorne, Ro Spit, Aloe Blacc, Soul Deacon and Zo! Grab it now while it's still available!

Download: New Jack Kings

New Jack Kings - I want her

New Jack Kings ft Aloe Blacc - Let's chill again

New Jack Kings ft Mayer Hawthorne & Zo! - Ask of you

Kno - Death Is Silent

Here's another favourite of ours that haven't gotten credit on the blog so far. Heavy-weight hiphop group CunninLynguists producer Kno (and now also MC..), is making his solo debut with the LP 'Death is Silent' on CunninLynguists own imprint APOS Music, out digitally on October 12th and on CD the 26th. Two tracks have been released from the album, 'Rhythm of The Rain' and 'La Petite Mort (Come Die With Me)'. Check'em out below!

Kno have been handling nearly all of CunninLynguists production since the group joined together in 2001, as well as his own projects including the nice remix-album of Jay-Z's 'Black Album' entitled 'Kno vs. Hov - The White Albulum', and the 'Excrementals' mixtape series. After only 4 verses over the CunninLynguists’ last four releases, the Atlanta-based artist is set to step out from behind the boards on the album, both producing the entirety of the record and handling the majority of the vocals. The record’s concept involves the inevitability of death and it's impact on love, life, family and friends. The artwork up top was realized by Argentinian visual artist Diego Fernandez. Check the really nice single covers HERE and HERE.

Kno - Rhythm of The Rain feat. Thee Tom Hardy & Tunji

Kno - La Petite Mort (Come Die With Me)


01. Death Is Silent
02. If You Cry
03. La Petite Mort (Come Die With Me)
04. Rhythm Of The Rain
05. Spread Your Wings
06. Loneliness
07. Smile (They Brought Your Coffin In)
08. Graveyard
09. I Wish I Was Dead
10. They Told Me
11. When I Was Young
12. Not At The End
13. The New Day (Death Has No Meaning)


Boog Brown & Apollo Brown - Brown Study

Detroit what up?! Female Atlanta emcee Boog Brown & Detroit producer Apollo Brown joines forces and gonna drop a full-length collabo album, entitled 'Brown Study', out September 28th. Two singles is out and we have them here for your listening pleasure below. The first was the smooth 'Just Be' and the second the hard-hitting 'Friction' featuring Miz Korona and Invincible, two other ladys hailing from the D!

They released a mixtape earlier this year in anticipation of their debut entitled The Grind Season Vol. 1.

Boog Brown & Apollo Brown - Friction feat. Miz Korona & Invincible

Boog Brown & Apollo Brown - Just Be

UPDATE: New track off the album, 'My Love' feat. Poodie The Byz. Words from Boog Brown: "Tryin to find that balance with romance in this type of industry that I am in can be difficult. I wanted to write a true love song that wasn't all cheese."

Boog Brown & Apollo Brown - My Love feat. Poodie The Byz



Since its creation four years ago, Brooklyn based BSTRD Boots has quickly risen to become one of the most in-demand of the mash-up labels floating around. Updating and dubbing up classic tunes from artist such as Erykah Badu, Roots Manuva, Stevie Wonder and Nina Simone this series is one you don't want to miss out on. Limited edition vinyl only so you have to be fast to get your copy at or

Roots Manuva - Join the dots (Drums of Death remix)

Dub Traffik Control - The fresh prince of Babylon

Label boss Aaron Schultz (DJ DRM):

"Quickly selling out limited edition vinyl runs, and never available digitally, the series has tapped into a plethora of high profile producers and DJs to version up and pay tribute to classic artists and tunes of bygone times, often utilizing original productions and live musicians on the cuts. Style being less important than substance, the series has hopped from hip-hop to salsa and boogaloo, samba, boogie, dub and reggae, funk, breakbeats, disco, psychedelia, and more."

Aaron has summed up the first round of releases in a smashing mixtape entitled "BJX: the sound of BSTRD Boots". Check it below:

DJ DRM - BJX: The Sound Of BSTRD Boots Mixtape


1. Greenwood Rhythm Coalition - Honey
2. Ginga Snaps - Cross That Bridge
3. $mall Change meets DJ DRM - Nuff Man Live Fi Jah City
4. Mishkin - Free
5. E's E - Scratch's Skank Pt 1.
6. E's E - Scratch's Skank Pt. 2
7. Dub Traffik Control - Fresh Prince of Babylon
8. Jugoe - BeastieBoot
9. B. Cause - In The Sea
10. Sneaky Fox - High Roller
11. Dub Traffik Control - Bongo Dub
12. Dub Traffik Control - Snakecharmer
13. Dub Traffik Control - Carlito's Cumbia
14. Captain Planet - Cleva
15. Rebel Crew - It's Gonna Getcha
16. Colm K - Dancing Skulls
17. DJ Platurn & Kat010 - Midas Touch 2009
18. Yosaku - Boboeira
19. Yosaku - Atoa Atoa
20. Hydroponic Sound System - Saturday Night Dread

3 videos by The Miguel Atwood-Ferguson Ensemble in LA

More stuff from Miguel Atwood-Ferguson which we been covering in a few earlier posts. This time we put together the three latest videos in a combined post that been put out on the net in the last months. The live perfomance were set in the California Plaza, Los Angeles, on July 23rd.

In the first video Bilal is singing the Donny Hathaway classic 'Someday We’ll All Be Free'.
The second footage is featuring LA based and Brainfeeder master-mind, Flying Lotus. Alongside the all-star cast of musicians, enjoy everyone doing a rendition of 'Drips' from Flying Lotus’s recently released album 'Cosmogramma' and 'Take Notice', an arrangement of a J Dilla original from his 'Ruff Draft' EP.
The final and 3rd video features Stones Throw’s Aloe Blacc. Together, Miguel and Aloe pay homage and tribute to Gang Starr MC Keith "Guru" Elam, doing an arrangement of Gang Starr’s “Betrayal”, which initially featured Scarface.

The free audio of 'Some Day We'll All Be Free', 'Drips/Take Notice' and 'Deliver the Word' is available via Miguel’s Bandcamp. Get it while you can!

Miguel Atwood-Ferguson’s Bandcamp page.

Miguel Atwood-Ferguson Ensemble - Someday We'll All Be Free feat. Bilal

Miguel Atwood-Ferguson Ensemble - Drips/Take Notice feat. Flying Lotus

Miguel Atwood-Ferguson Ensemble - Deliver the Word feat. Aloe Blacc

Trackademicks - Fool On The Hill feat. Phonte

Trackademicks is a best kept secret, young super-producer/emcee from Bay area, Cali. He's been a Beathearts favourite for quite some time. Dropping a lot of mixtapes and productions up til now together with the 'Enjoy What You Do'/'Topsidin' single, and now he's getting ready to release his full-length debut 'State of the Arts' this fall on Fool's Gold Records.

For the first single 'Fool On A Hill' he's doin' his own brand of "electro-soul slap" combined with the 80′s New Wave stylings. And he's got the previous collaborator, Phonte, to lend his vocals.

This release also marks the beginning of a single series presented by The Honor Roll, with upcoming releases from 1-O.A.K., Mike Baker the Bike Maker and more great acts.

We also have a nice tune from the man remixing the J*Davey track 'Slooow' which been on heavy rotating since way back.

Trackademicks - Fool On The Hill feat. Phonte

J*Davey - Slooow (Trackademicks Remix)

Supersci - Timelines

One of Sweden's greatest acts Supersci is out with the much anticipated second album 'Timelines'. It was released the 20th of september 2010 on their own imprint Flyphonic Phonogram.

The new single is called 'Sow To Reap' and breathes funk and two-step from the production-duo Flyphonic (Erik L and Arka) together with Mr. Noun & Arka's smooth raps and Remedeeh lovely vocals!

Below you'll also find the first single 'Snap Out Of It', plus a fantastic track from the previously released 'What It Is EP' and a album sampler from 'Timelines' with a taste of what to expect! And it sounds really nice!

'Timelines' is available for digital download in various online stores such as iTunes, 7digital, Amazon and Cop It!

Supersci - Sow To Reap

Supersci - Snap Out Of It

Supersci - Forests And Factories

Timelines Album Sampler


Mark Ronson & The Business INTL - Glass Mountain Trust feat. D'Angelo

What the..?? We did'nt know anything about this until a couple of minutes ago! Didn't see this coming at all..! D'Angelo been saying he's working on some things, but we didn't figured it would be like this! D'Angelo is featured on british producer and DJ Mark Ronson's new project Mark Ronson & The Business INTL album 'Record Collection'. It is funky and crazy as hell but we like it! And we especially like to hear from D again!! Enjoy!

Mark Ronson & The Business INTL - Glass Mountain Trust feat. D'Angelo


Rasmus Faber & the RaFa Orchestra

Producer, DJ and keyboardist extraordinaire, Rasmus Faber is a longtime Beathearts favourite. Releasing tracks and touring the world for years, he recently released his stunning live set from Billboard Live in Tokyo. Backed by the RaFa orchestra amongst others including the always amazing Melo.

Check the clips then download the whole show in HQ-video or get the mp3 version of the show below.


Kanye West - Runaway feat. Pusha T

So, Kanye been dropping stuff every friday, called "G.O.O.D. Fridays", on his blog and newly started twitter-account.. The songs include 'See Me' with Beyoncé, 'Monster', 'Devil In A New Dress', 'Good Friday' featuring a whole lot of star guests, the massive 'Power'-tune together with THE video (expensive!) that everyone was talking about, later on the remix emerged with a smashing Hova on board. Some of the tunes haven't been top class though, feels like b-sides and messing around the lab, but we just can't leave his music unlistened.

The allegedly new single of Yeezys upcoming album is here. The album is presumably gonna be called 'Dark Twisted Fantasy' and is at this time set to be released November 16th. We get the new tune 'Runaway' featuring Pusha T, the latest signee on the G.O.O.D label. And we could't let this go by.

Kanye West is hyped more than every artist in the industry right now, through the years he's been kinda arrogant and said some strange things but he still wanting to do his stuff regardless of what people think or say. It's a bit difficult to appreciate every move from the man, but one thing is sure, he knows how to make fantastic music!

The song comes alongside the trailer for the movie Kanye is making for a combined release together with the album. Peep the trailer HERE. Kanye also put on a quite nice performance on the VMA's the other day as well, you'll find the vid below. Listen to the song and tell us what you think!

Kanye West - Runaway feat. Pusha T (160 kbps)


New Stones Throw joints: Dâm-Funk, Mayer Hawthorne & Seu Jorge

Stones throw kicks of the fall in style with a nice package of tasters for all headnodders out there. First off, a new/old Dâm-Funk track from this upcoming album, Adolescent Funk. Recorded by the man 1988-1992 and compliled by Peanut Butter Wolf. The album will be released on October 26th. Here's a taster and a download link:

The second track is from another Beathearts favourite, Mr Mayer Hawthorne. To celebrate the last leg of their Strange Arrangement tour they've put an unusually melancolic, electronic track entitled No Strings. Check it here:

Last but not least the amazing Seu Jorge is back. If you've missed him he's a Brazilian singer and actor. Outside his home territory he's best known from the films Life Aquatic and City Of God. This time he has teamed up with the band Almaz. The self-titled album was produced by fellow Brazilian Mario C. As always with Stones Throw associated releases (the label is Now-Again Records) the artwork is absolutely stunning. Check out their smokey cover of Roy Ayers Sunshine jam here:


Beathearts rewind # 11: Floating points - Love me like this

Summer is fading and we just had to bring back this banger of a tune to remember those long summer nights. Floating Points, or Sam Shepherd, is signed to the fantastic Eglo label and has put out numerous releases and remixes in 2010 that we covered earlier.

Reel 2 Reel's original came out in 1983 produced by the legendary Leon Sylvers who was the man behind classic groups such as Midnight Star, Shalamar, Lakeside and the SOS band. Check their epic Soultrain performance of the tune below:


Jahtari presents Asteriod dubs

Spent last weekend in New York and we were very happy to see that it's still an amazing inspirational hub for new music. We brought home piles of goodies to share with you this fall.

First off, and not American at all, the excellent compilation of Jahtari tunes by the Rudiments label from Tokyo. Jahtari is a unexpected blend of 8-bit-atari beats, deep echo drenched dub with german roots (!).

Most of them never appeared on CD and the vinyl versions are completely sold out. The album is available now via

Disrupt - Robot echos

Disrupt - Asteroid dubs


Georgia Anne Muldrow - Untitled/Fantastic Remixed

You know how we love those making-of-videos right? Well here's another one. Beatmaker extraordinaire Georgia Anne Muldrow got the assignment to remix Suite for Ma Dukes as we told you about in april.

The project began as an homage to one mothers love (Ma Dukes) and has now been remixed by another (Georgia) with her son Nokware in her lap. Two incredible women, one amazing track. Remixed.

"Georgia who has done production for Erykah Badu, Mos Def and partner Dudley Perkins was an amazing person to watch at work. Her feel is so hers. She seemed so comfortable with the music. She insisted that she didn’t want to chop the song but to play along as if she was there in the Orchestra. We wanted her to sing on the track too but her microphone was in the shop for repairs – so on my suggestion she sang the vocals into the lavalier tie clip mic that we used to capture sound for the video."

This track and the other remixes by Te'Amir and Jneiro are available now on the Timeless remixed EP.


Falla hårt landa mjukt revisited

We figured we start this crisp and beautiful fall morning with two equally beautiful videos based on the Sci-fi Skåne beat Falla hårt landa mjukt (fall hard land gently). Both are in Swedish but as you expect over here at Beathearts it's all about the beat.

The original beat/video (on the left) was put together by people from the legendary Swedish indie rockers Bob Hund and was released on the Sci-Fi Skåne album from 2005. The 2010 revisted version and strangely scary video (on the right) was put out by swedish electronic rap crew PH3. Enjoy!

Tokyo Dawn Records presents The heart compilation

New compilation from Tokyo Dawn Records including over a dozen previously unreleased songs from some of Beathearts favourite producers such as Hygher Baby, Miles Bonny, Simbad and fLako. 'The Heart' also features special vocal appearances from Georgia Anne Muldrow with her song from Mos Def’s latest album as well as Questlove's sister Donn T. Eighteen declarations of life put together by label founder Marc Wallowy. 'The Heart' will hit major stores on September 17th 2010.

Hygher Baby - Let U go (DJ Asparagus remix)

01. Jimetta Rose - Glory Us
02. Kris Mars - Wake 2.0 feat. Non+
03. Soulparlor - I Told You feat. Colonel Red
04. Georgia Anne Muldrow - Roses
05. Wallis Bird - La La Land (Comfort Fit Remix)
06. Jay Scarlett - Gentle Persuasions ft. Reggie B
07. Swede:art - Linguistics (B. Bravo Remix)
08. Addiquit - Open Eyes
09. Exes4Eyes - Blow You
10. Donn T - Kisses
11. Union Analogtronics - Janasa ft. Rachel Claudio
12. Slow Drag Travellers - Feel
13. Portformat - Scream & Shout feat. Miles Bonny
14. Hygher Baby - Let U Go (DJ Asparagus Remix)
15. fLako - I Want You feat. Dirg Gerner
16. Robot Koch vs Numaads - Now
17. Blaktroniks - Fais Moi Fremir ft. Sheila M
18. Vindahl - Head Over Heels feat. Coco

STBRKT - The masked crusader

2010 has really been a good year for sbtrkt. The always masked and anonymous Londonbased producer has appeared to come out of nowhere to become the preferable choice of remixer for everyone from M.I.A. and Gorillaz to Goldie and Basement Jaxx. Rumors has him down as Aaron Jerome, a producer first released by LTJ Bukem, but we haven't been able to confirm that.

Sbtrkt has made numerous appearances at dubstep hubs such as Rinse, Fabric, Forward and has on heavy rotation on BBC 1xtra by Mary Ann Hobbs, Benji-B and Gilles Peterson all year.

Eventhough his remixes are good it's his own tracks that really stand out. Genious broken drumpatterns, deep subbass and thick layered harmonic tracks that make us stop in our tracks.

While waiting for his debut album due early 2011 there are plenty of tracks to chose from. Check three of our favourite tunes below:

Sbtrkt - 2020

Sbtrkt - Soundboy shift

Sbtrkt & Sampha - Evening glow (wait for the break...)


Eric Lau - Cruise Control

London-based producer Eric Lau has been rising up to be one of our favorite beatmakers in the last few years. We mentioned him in this post a couple of months back. He's been making some other stuff since then. A charity project in benefit of Save The Children in form of a mini-EP with two tracks, you can find them HERE for streaming or purchase it for a small penny. Though this post is about the latest heat from the magnificent beatmaker! 'Cruise Control' is taken from Eric Lau's upcoming instrumental LP 'Makin' Sound' which will be released 27th September on Kilawatt Music.

Eric Lau - Cruise Control

In the video Eric talks about the making of 'Cruise Control' shot at Honest Jon’s record store.


Skillz - Call Me Crazy feat. Raheem DeVaughn

More heavy stuff this night! Skillz dropping his new LP 'The World Needs More Skillz' sometime in october 2010. New song from the classic MC off the album! This one features the slick soulsinger Raheem DeVaughn. Really groovy tune! Get your head noddin'!

Skillz - Call Me Crazy feat. Raheem DeVaughn

The Foreign Exchange- Maybe She'll Dream of Me

Sorry for not postin' in a while. Been busy as hell makin' adjustments in life.

Well.. New post! Here it is! Long awaited, new single from The Foreign Exchange (Phonte & Nicolay) third album 'Authenticity' out october 12th on their own label. Zo! on the boards. We didn't need to wait that long as we did between the first and the second album from this nice duo! It features a rapped verse from Phonte that evokes some memories of the first album, 'Connected'. Fantastic music and cover-pictures which is pure art all the way! Enjoy!

The Foreign Exchange- Maybe She'll Dream of Me