Google+ Beathearts: Rasmus Faber & the RaFa Orchestra


Rasmus Faber & the RaFa Orchestra

Producer, DJ and keyboardist extraordinaire, Rasmus Faber is a longtime Beathearts favourite. Releasing tracks and touring the world for years, he recently released his stunning live set from Billboard Live in Tokyo. Backed by the RaFa orchestra amongst others including the always amazing Melo.

Check the clips then download the whole show in HQ-video or get the mp3 version of the show below.

2 reactions:

House Sweet House said...

hi friend... I'm download the mp3 file but there is not the video... can you repost please ? is the full continuous video like the the audio file ?
and thanks... 10/10 =)

Beathearts said...

Hm Rasmus might have taken it down. On the road right now, we'll check it out when we get back.

Thx for the feedback! We appreciate it.

Beathearts crew