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Kanye West - Runaway feat. Pusha T

So, Kanye been dropping stuff every friday, called "G.O.O.D. Fridays", on his blog and newly started twitter-account.. The songs include 'See Me' with Beyoncé, 'Monster', 'Devil In A New Dress', 'Good Friday' featuring a whole lot of star guests, the massive 'Power'-tune together with THE video (expensive!) that everyone was talking about, later on the remix emerged with a smashing Hova on board. Some of the tunes haven't been top class though, feels like b-sides and messing around the lab, but we just can't leave his music unlistened.

The allegedly new single of Yeezys upcoming album is here. The album is presumably gonna be called 'Dark Twisted Fantasy' and is at this time set to be released November 16th. We get the new tune 'Runaway' featuring Pusha T, the latest signee on the G.O.O.D label. And we could't let this go by.

Kanye West is hyped more than every artist in the industry right now, through the years he's been kinda arrogant and said some strange things but he still wanting to do his stuff regardless of what people think or say. It's a bit difficult to appreciate every move from the man, but one thing is sure, he knows how to make fantastic music!

The song comes alongside the trailer for the movie Kanye is making for a combined release together with the album. Peep the trailer HERE. Kanye also put on a quite nice performance on the VMA's the other day as well, you'll find the vid below. Listen to the song and tell us what you think!

Kanye West - Runaway feat. Pusha T (160 kbps)

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