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Since its creation four years ago, Brooklyn based BSTRD Boots has quickly risen to become one of the most in-demand of the mash-up labels floating around. Updating and dubbing up classic tunes from artist such as Erykah Badu, Roots Manuva, Stevie Wonder and Nina Simone this series is one you don't want to miss out on. Limited edition vinyl only so you have to be fast to get your copy at or

Roots Manuva - Join the dots (Drums of Death remix)

Dub Traffik Control - The fresh prince of Babylon

Label boss Aaron Schultz (DJ DRM):

"Quickly selling out limited edition vinyl runs, and never available digitally, the series has tapped into a plethora of high profile producers and DJs to version up and pay tribute to classic artists and tunes of bygone times, often utilizing original productions and live musicians on the cuts. Style being less important than substance, the series has hopped from hip-hop to salsa and boogaloo, samba, boogie, dub and reggae, funk, breakbeats, disco, psychedelia, and more."

Aaron has summed up the first round of releases in a smashing mixtape entitled "BJX: the sound of BSTRD Boots". Check it below:

DJ DRM - BJX: The Sound Of BSTRD Boots Mixtape


1. Greenwood Rhythm Coalition - Honey
2. Ginga Snaps - Cross That Bridge
3. $mall Change meets DJ DRM - Nuff Man Live Fi Jah City
4. Mishkin - Free
5. E's E - Scratch's Skank Pt 1.
6. E's E - Scratch's Skank Pt. 2
7. Dub Traffik Control - Fresh Prince of Babylon
8. Jugoe - BeastieBoot
9. B. Cause - In The Sea
10. Sneaky Fox - High Roller
11. Dub Traffik Control - Bongo Dub
12. Dub Traffik Control - Snakecharmer
13. Dub Traffik Control - Carlito's Cumbia
14. Captain Planet - Cleva
15. Rebel Crew - It's Gonna Getcha
16. Colm K - Dancing Skulls
17. DJ Platurn & Kat010 - Midas Touch 2009
18. Yosaku - Boboeira
19. Yosaku - Atoa Atoa
20. Hydroponic Sound System - Saturday Night Dread

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