Google+ Beathearts: 01.2011


Freddie Cruger & Anthony Mills are Wildcookie

Wow! Swedish beatmaker extraordinarie Freddie Cruger (Fredrik Lager) has teamed up with Anthony Mills to form the duo Wildcookie. Heroine is the first single to be lifted from Wildcookie's debut album, Cookie Dough. Cookie Dough is released on Tru Thoughts Records on 21st February 2011 . We can't wait!

Wildcookie - Heroine


Baatin - Miss Brasil (prod. Mainframe)

Unreleased goodie recorded in 2007 by the late Titus "Baatin" Glover and producer Mainframe (of Johnson&Jonson). Bouncy stuff! Enjoy!

Baatin - Miss Brasil (prod. Mainframe)

Baatin - Miss Brasil (prod. Mainframe) (Instrumental)


Slakah the Beatchild - Documentary part.1-2

Now here's a treat. A lil' documentary from BBE on Byram Joseph a.k.a. Slakah the beatchild. Covering his music making, touring and collaborations. Appearantly he got his Beatchild alias from his mother because he kept dancing in sync with household appliances like the washing mashine (!) We just love BBE and Slakah's video productions. Warm, old school and futuristic at the same time. Check it out:

At the moment there's a new version of his Something forever album out on BBE with new bonus tracks. We're looking forward to great new things from Slakah and his two other monikers Slakadeliqs and Art of fresh in 2011.


Erik L ft Dynamite MC - Doh ray me (Beathearts exclusive!)

Sweden's finest Erik L is back with new material and we're kicking off the new year with two Beathearts exclusive downloads and a mixtape! The two tracks are from his amazing collaboration with Dynamite MC (Reprazent, Full Cycle): Doh rey me and So what now. Get them while they're still available below!

No wonder he's getting international recognition and airplay from people like Gilles Peterson and Benji-B when you listen to his spaced out soulful beats and look at the list of collaborations: Frank'n'Dank, Illa J (yes it's Dilla's brother), Kissey Asplund, Detroit CYDI, Supersci, Ernesto and Dynamite MC.

Just before christmas Erik released a mixtape of past and future productions entitled On display (Soularp Records). The tape is mixed by another Swedish hero, DJ Devastate, who released his debut album on BBE a while back. Download the goodies below:

01 Erik L - Electric Dreamland Intro
02 Erik L - Push It Up (Feat. Frank n Dank)
03 Erik L - The Future Is Already Here (Feat. Supersci)
04 Erik L - So Cruel (Feat. Favorite Flava)
05 Erik L - Doh Ray Me (Feat. Dynamite MC)
06 Erik L - Heaven (Feat. Favorite Flava)
07 Erik L - Want U To Need Me (Feat. Favorite Flava)
08 Erik L - Never Fall In Love (Feat. Cerebral Vortex & Stray)
09 Erik L - Go Harder (Feat. Frank n Dank)
10 Erik L - Pretty Lies Remix (Feat. Ernesto)
11 Erik L - Big (Feat. Frank n Dank & Serious)
12 Erik L - Nothing Under My Breath (Feat. Numb)
13 Erik L - Clappintheyhands (Feat. Detroit CYDI & Stryfe)
14 Erik L - Hey Cat (Feat. Cerebral Vortex & Kissey Asplund)
15 Erik L - Angels
16 Erik L - Somone To Hang On To (Feat. Hanna)
17 Erik L - Allright Ok Remix (Feat. Stray & Hanna)
18 Erik L - Higher (Feat. Frank n Dank & Illa J)
19 Erik L - Make Her Dance (Feat. 7even Thirty)
20 Erik L - Future Flow (Feat. Hezekiah & 7even Thirty)
21 Erik L - The Truth (Love Of Music)
22 Erik L - Musical Addiction
23 Erik L - So What Now (Feat. Dynamite MC)
24 Erik L - Soul Symphony Outro

Next up we're really looking forward to Erik's full lenght album with his Favorite Flava collective (Erik L, Stray & Paul Mac Innes) scheduled for a 2011 release.