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Erik L ft Dynamite MC - Doh ray me (Beathearts exclusive!)

Sweden's finest Erik L is back with new material and we're kicking off the new year with two Beathearts exclusive downloads and a mixtape! The two tracks are from his amazing collaboration with Dynamite MC (Reprazent, Full Cycle): Doh rey me and So what now. Get them while they're still available below!

No wonder he's getting international recognition and airplay from people like Gilles Peterson and Benji-B when you listen to his spaced out soulful beats and look at the list of collaborations: Frank'n'Dank, Illa J (yes it's Dilla's brother), Kissey Asplund, Detroit CYDI, Supersci, Ernesto and Dynamite MC.

Just before christmas Erik released a mixtape of past and future productions entitled On display (Soularp Records). The tape is mixed by another Swedish hero, DJ Devastate, who released his debut album on BBE a while back. Download the goodies below:

01 Erik L - Electric Dreamland Intro
02 Erik L - Push It Up (Feat. Frank n Dank)
03 Erik L - The Future Is Already Here (Feat. Supersci)
04 Erik L - So Cruel (Feat. Favorite Flava)
05 Erik L - Doh Ray Me (Feat. Dynamite MC)
06 Erik L - Heaven (Feat. Favorite Flava)
07 Erik L - Want U To Need Me (Feat. Favorite Flava)
08 Erik L - Never Fall In Love (Feat. Cerebral Vortex & Stray)
09 Erik L - Go Harder (Feat. Frank n Dank)
10 Erik L - Pretty Lies Remix (Feat. Ernesto)
11 Erik L - Big (Feat. Frank n Dank & Serious)
12 Erik L - Nothing Under My Breath (Feat. Numb)
13 Erik L - Clappintheyhands (Feat. Detroit CYDI & Stryfe)
14 Erik L - Hey Cat (Feat. Cerebral Vortex & Kissey Asplund)
15 Erik L - Angels
16 Erik L - Somone To Hang On To (Feat. Hanna)
17 Erik L - Allright Ok Remix (Feat. Stray & Hanna)
18 Erik L - Higher (Feat. Frank n Dank & Illa J)
19 Erik L - Make Her Dance (Feat. 7even Thirty)
20 Erik L - Future Flow (Feat. Hezekiah & 7even Thirty)
21 Erik L - The Truth (Love Of Music)
22 Erik L - Musical Addiction
23 Erik L - So What Now (Feat. Dynamite MC)
24 Erik L - Soul Symphony Outro

Next up we're really looking forward to Erik's full lenght album with his Favorite Flava collective (Erik L, Stray & Paul Mac Innes) scheduled for a 2011 release.

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