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Figub Brazlevič - Come Get Some

Berlin's finest is back. Part of the excellent Radio Juicy compilation Fear and Loathing in Beats Figub Brazlevič delivers perhaps darkest grooves to date. Amazing. Get the whole thing below!

Download: Radio Juicy presents fear and loathing in beats

Beathearts Rewind #1-55

We thought it was about time to highlight one of our favourite parts of the blog. It's the section where we go back and rewind tunes/releases that meant something special to us. Tunes that some of you might know very well or maybe have missed out on. Well, if so here's a second chance.

We've put together a Spotify playlist with Rewind #1-55. True, some of the tracks (e.g. Dilla Shine, Nodeci or Groovement pt.2) aren't available for stream nor download but hopefully it'll inspire you to go digging yourself.

If you're new this list a good introduction to what Beathearts is about. If you're a regular then you already know what's up. No genres, no boundries - just soulful underground music. Less go!

Listen on Spotify: Beathearts Rewind #1-55

Link to all posts: Beathearts Rewind #1-55

Rewind #01: Nu Yorican Soul - The nervous track (1993)
Rewind #02: Alliance Ethnik - Respect (1995)
Rewind #03: Baatin - The Embryo (2006)
Rewind #04: D'Angelo - Really Love (2007?)
Rewind #05: Buff1 - Focus (2007)
Rewind #06: Hashim - Al-naafiysh (1983)
Rewind #07: DJ Krush - Only The Strong Survive (Dillinja remix) (1996)
Rewind #08: Lovenotes - Diamonds rewind
Rewind #09: Mtume - Juicy fruit (1985)
Rewind #10: Robert Glasper ft Zynzelay - Dilla shine
Rewind #11: Floating points - Love me like this (2009)
Rewind #12: Martyn - Hear me (Zomby remix) (2010)
Rewind #13: Ebo Taylor - Love and death (1980)
Rewind #14: !llmind & Skyzoo - Speakers on blast (2010)
Rewind #15: Barry White - Playing your game (1977)
Rewind #16: Nodeci - I got this (2009)
Rewind #17: Hourglass sea - L.A. lights (2010)
Rewind #18: Therapy - Loose (Photek remix) (1995)
Rewind #19: EPMD - Manslaughter (1992) Redman - Rockafella (remix) (1994)
Rewind #20: Dwele - Human nature (2011)
Rewind #21: The Action 13 - More bread to the people (1973)
Rewind #22: Q-tip ft Can - Manwomanboogie (2008)
Rewind #23: Womack Womack - Scared (re-edit) (1983/2005)
Rewind #24: Roots Manuva - Witness (2001)
Rewind #25: Thelma Houston - You used to hold med so tight (1984)
Rewind #25: Ty - Groovement part.1 & 2 (2003)
Rewind #26: Change - Change of heart (1984)
Rewind #27: Hessle Audio 003 & 016 (2008)
Rewind #28: Deep Dish ft Prana - The dream (1994)
Rewind #29: The Roots - Break you off (Yam Who re-edit) (2003)
Rewind #30: D’Angelo – Lynwood Rose rewind
Rewind #31: Allegro Jazz Ensemble - Kontrast (1980)
Rewind #32: Gotan Project - Santa Maria (Pepe Bradock wider remix) (2002)
Rewind #33: Innocence - Let's push it (1990)
Rewind #34: Big Joe Krash - Break the chain (1994)
Rewind #35: Mad Lion - Take it easy (1994)
Rewind #36: Loose Ends - Don't be a fool (1990)
Rewind #37: The Heath Brothers - Smiling billy suite (1976)
Rewind #38: Ramp - Daylight (1977)
Rewind #39: The Winstons - Amen brother (1969)
Rewind #40: Black Science Orchestra - New Jersey Deep (2003)
Rewind #41: Tricky - Overcome (Al Riley remix) (2009)
Rewind #42: Jeru the Damaja - Come Clean (1993)
Rewind #43: C.J. Mackintosh - The Nervous mixtape
Rewind #44: Xanadu & Sweet Lady - Rappers delight (1979)
Rewind #45: Classical Two - New generation (1987)
Rewind #46: Many Fazes - I'm hip (1990)
Rewind #47: Mobb Deep - Shook ones pt 2 (Figub Brazlevic remix) (2011)
Rewind #48: Rayvon - No guns no murder (1994)
Rewind #49: Luther Vandross & Aretha Franklin - Jump to it (1981)
Rewind #50: Pharcyde - Bizarre ride II the Pharcyde (1992)
Rewind #51: Prince & Morris Day - Cloreen Bacon Skin (1983)
Rewind #52: The Invisible - Wings (Floating Points remix) (2012)
Rewind #53: Tony Allen - Kilode (Carl Craig remix)
Rewind #54: D-Bridge - Cornered (2012)
Rewind #55: Joey Bada$$ - 1999 (2012)

That's the story so far. If you have any suggestions let us know beatheartsblog(a)!


Rewind #55: Joey Bada$$ - 1999

"I'm in Marty McFly mode, so tell em' that the future's back" 
(Capital Steez - Survival Tactics)

Just realized that even though Joey Bada$$ was in our Top Selection for 2012 we never posted any of his mixtapes. Most regulars might already have this but in case you've missed it you're in for a treat.

1999 was the release that put Joey on the map. This collection of smooth rhymes from Joey and the rest of the Pro Era crew over carefully selected beats brings back the feeling we got when we first discovered Biggie back in the summer of 1994. Great storytelling skills and a hypnotic flow that leave you craving for more.

The whole collection is great but our take away tracks are Waves and Survival Tactics featuring the late Capital Steez.

Download: Joey Bada$$- 1999


Leroy "Sugarfoot" Bonner (1940-2013)

Got word that Leroy 'Sugarfoot' Bonner passed away. The Ohio Players vocalist was one of the voices that defined the funk sound of the 70s through tracks such as Funky Worm, Sweet sticky thing, Love rollercoaster and many others.

Here's Opolopo's ode to the man with a remix of a track he featured on from Herbie Hancok. RIP.

And as a bonus, if you haven't seen it already, here's a great documentary about the Ohio Players:


Allegro Jazz Ensemble - In this world pt.1 (Re-edit)

Regulars might remember our feature of one of the greatest funk crews of the Soviet era (!) Allegro Jazz Ensemble. The group was led by legend Nicholas Levinovsky and recorded eight albums. Taken from their 1982 release In this world here's In this world pt.1 in a re-edit by Dutch producer Manik.

The sound? Like Herbie Hancock and Grover Washington Jr meets Jan Johansson for jam sessions in a dirty concrete basement behind the iron curtain. Amazing!

Rhodes, Moog, Piano - Nicholas Levinovsky
Bass - Victor Dvoskin
Drums - Victor Epaneshnikov
Drums, Percussion - Yuri Genbachev
Saxophone [Tenor & Soprano] - Vladimir Konovaltsev


Miles Bonny - For my real folks mixtape

Miles Bonny - one of our top artists in 2012 keeps bringing heat. This time he's "cleaning up his muscial life" by putting together this EP with songs that won't see a commercial release. The cover is a crowd sourced effort with fans sending in photos of enjoying Miles music.

Stand-out tracks: Smoke alarmed & Sunny feat Lindquist & Greer.

Get it while you still can!

Download: Miles Bonny - For my real folks mixtape


The Good Sin - Tomorrow (Prod. 10.4 Rog)

“I just wanted to make people think so I came up with The Good Sin. If you break down the word, we all have good in us, and we sin as well. It's a play on words for people to look inside of themselves.” 

Week 4 of The Good Sin's #FallBackSeason project. His aim is to put out a new single every week of 2013. We already told you about the hypnotic first single Celebrate - here's a second tune produced by 10.4 Rog featuring Thaddeus David & Khimmy J.

Regulars might remember that The Good Sin and 10.4 Rog brought us Late one of the best releases of 2011. These two songs leaves us with great expections of what's to come and perhaps an upcoming joint album? Get Tomorrow below!

Download: The Good Sin - Tomorrow (Prod. 10.4 Rog)


The Chris Dave & The Drumhedz mixtape

Man, have we been waiting for this! A freezing 23rd of October last year the whole Beathearts crew attended a magical evening with Chris Dave & The Drumhedz at Fasching Jazz Club in Stockholm.

Ever since our 2011 interview with Chris Dave and Robert Glasper we've been waiting for the experimental solo project he told us about. So, you can imagine expectations were high.

At the end of the night he offered everyone in the room an exclusive download of his upcoming mixtape in appreciation of us supporting the live experience. Well, it took a little longer but now it's finally here. And mos definitely worth waiting for. If you enjoyed Karriem Riggin's album last year you will definitely enjoy this. Take away tracks are the crazy next sh*t grooves That reggae shit & Pookie on Mars.

Get it below!

Download: The Chris Dave & The Drumhedz mixtape


Julian Malone - Enemy (StonesThrow)

Looking for the weekend soundtrack? Check this dope mixtape from Stones Throw's latest signing Julian Malone. The Chicago based producer/MC is currently working on his first release on the label called Diff.rnt due for release soon.

In the meantime check his superb collection of songs. It's not very often you get the combination of original dope beats and thoughtful lyrics - but this one really sticks out. Stand-out tracks: Goodbye to dreaming & The vibes 3 (which brilliantly uses The Cardigans Erase/rewind).

Download: Julian Malone -Enemy: The Times and Loves of Julian Malone


Rewind #54: D-Bridge - Cornered

One of the flyest uses of this old James Brown break in ages. UK's breakbeat hall of famer Darren White a.k.a. D-Bridge somehow pulls of some magic drum programming minimal chop-up to make Funky Drummer sound interesting again. Like Doug E. Fresh used to say "The old to the new - the new to the old". Check it!

Listen on Spotify: D-Bridge - Cornered


Rewind #53: Tony Allen - Kilode (Carl Craig remix)

Detroit legend Carl Craig has been responsible for a whole bunch of our favorite remixes over the years. Incognito -Out of the storm, Cesaria Evora - Angola and so many others. It such a treat everytime you discover one of his reworks because you never know what to expect. Which is quite the opposite of what you can say about most producers putting out remixes. For good and bad.

Anyway, this remix was released in 2007 and is a rework of afrobeat pioneer Tony Allens track Kilode. Even though I'm a huge fan of afrobeat, I love the way Craig reconstructed and minimalized the groove. Wait for the bass drop at 3.47. Amazing.

Listen: Spotify
Buy: Beatport


K-Def - The breaks session 1

K-Def is warming up to release new material through this dope breaks mixtape. His intention was to dig a little deeper than usual and put the spotlight on records that not everyone has used before.

If you've missed out on K-Def he was part of Real Live crew who put out the classic Real Live Sh*t in 1995. He also released a great but much slept on album entitled The Nightshift in 2011.

Watch out for K-Def's upcoming album One man band due for release in 2013.

Download: K-Def - The breaks sessions 1


Quincy Jones - Bedtime story (Opolopo cut'n'paste edit)

Nice lil' new years treat from the Opolopo studio:

"Uploaded this edit a few years ago. Lots of people have bugged me about it. Thought it was time to set it free: Quincy Jones' gorgeous version of Herbie Hancock's Tell Me A Bedtime Story. Just gave it a little friendly push towards the dance floor. I tweaked the mix a little for the new upload - less boomy - so even if you have it already I suggest you download this version."

Looking forward to more Opolopo magic in 2013! We had a chance to sit down with the man and know for a fact there are more goodies in the vault. Among others a collaboration with Grems and an amazing re-edit of Herb Alpert's Keep your eye on me. Read more about them both in our interview from last year.

Download: Quincy Jones - Bedtime story (Opolopo cut'n'paste edit)


The story of Yo! MTV Raps (Documentary)

Tripped over this great documentary telling the story of one of the most (if not the most) influential rap shows ever televised. I don't know about you but to me Yo! MTV Raps (1988-1995) changed my life because it opened my eyes to rap and told the story about the rappers/DJs behind the music in a way that no one had done before. And it was done in an era where black music was almost unheard of on TV.

If you were around this is such a great reminisce. If you were not around this documentary is an amazing history lesson about the emergence of rap music globally. Enjoy!

Big shout outs to the creators (the late) Ted Demme and Peter Dougherty as well as the hosts Fab 5 Freddy, Ed Lover and Doctor Dre.

Rewind #52: The Invisible - Wings (Floating Points remix)

I just love this time of year with our favourite sources of inspiration are compiling their favourite music from the past year. There's so much great music out there and there are always nuggets that slip away. One of these that went under our radar was Floating Points hypnotic remix of Wings.

Still available as a free download. Get it below.

Download: The Invisible - Wings (Floating Points remix)