Google+ Beathearts: Rewind #53: Tony Allen - Kilode (Carl Craig remix)


Rewind #53: Tony Allen - Kilode (Carl Craig remix)

Detroit legend Carl Craig has been responsible for a whole bunch of our favorite remixes over the years. Incognito -Out of the storm, Cesaria Evora - Angola and so many others. It such a treat everytime you discover one of his reworks because you never know what to expect. Which is quite the opposite of what you can say about most producers putting out remixes. For good and bad.

Anyway, this remix was released in 2007 and is a rework of afrobeat pioneer Tony Allens track Kilode. Even though I'm a huge fan of afrobeat, I love the way Craig reconstructed and minimalized the groove. Wait for the bass drop at 3.47. Amazing.

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