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The Beathearts Robert Glasper Experiment sit-down (Exclusive)

Artists: Robert Glasper, Chris Dave
Event: Stockholm Jazz Festival
Location: Stockholm
Date: June 19th 2011


During the recent Stockholm Jazz Festival we had the pleasure of sitting down with Robert Glasper and Chris Dave after the show. We talked about their show, the upcoming projects, their relation to Jay Dee and of course the omnipresent Dillaludes. Read the whole thing exclusively here at Beathearts. Enjoy!

The Robert Glasper Experiment is:

Robert Glasper: Keys, Rhodes
Chris Dave: Drums
Derrick Hodge: Bass
Casey Benjamin: Vocals/Vocoder

Beathearts: As many others, we first discovered your music on Benji-B's Deviation show on 1extra where he played your absolutely stunning unreleased Dillaludes. Dilla's life, music and passing was a major inspiration for us to start writing about soulful underground music. What is your relation to Yancey's music?

Robert: We first worked together on Bilal's first album. We went up to Detroit and stayed there for two weeks to jam and record with him. I was in his basement the night he put together the beat for (Bilal's) Remanisce (often interpreted in Glasper's live Dillaludes). After that we built a relationship, so when ever we went up to Detroit we used to hang out at the shows or mix a record and it just developed from there on.

Bilal performs and talks about the creation of Remanisce

Beathearts: We've heard that you worked together on a couple of occasions. How did that come about and what have you put out together?

Chris: Oh yes, he has some tracks out.
Robert: We did some alternate tracks for Bilal that didn't make it to the first album. Some of them are out and about, but it's not official.

Beathearts: When did the two of you (Robert Glasper & Chris Dave) hook up?

Chris: Around 2001 but it's still not officially confirmed! (Laughs)
Robert: We're both from the same hometown (Houston). We went to the same highschool but back then only knew each other by name.
Chris: I think we met in New York working with Bilal, but the first show together was back in Houston with Bilal.

Beathearts: How did the concept of the Dillaludes come about?

Robert: I just wanted to do it in a trio format on my second record on Blue Note (In my element, 2007). I mean a lot of people jumped on it after he got sick and passed on, but I was playing Dilla's stuff before he got sick because I loved his music. I talked to him about it about a year before he passed away and the idea just struck a chorus. You know, most jazz musicians wouldn't understand but I came up with the Dillaludes because I was playing his stuff anyways. So to pay homage we just put it on the record. It was a lot of live excerpts from a bunch of Dilla tunes we played over the years.

Beathearts: Apart from the obvious jazz, funk and hiphop influences there seems to be spiritual and gospel influences in tracks such as Y'outta praise him. Who we're your musical heroes when growing up?

Robert: There are too many. I mean we could literally go from Richard Smallwood to Kirk Franklin to Billy Joel to Bruce Hornsby to Herbie Hancock to Oscar Peterson to back to Herbie Hancock. (Laughs)
Chris: From Dilla to Herbie Hancock to Wayne Shorter to John Coltrain to Hancock (laughs) to Radiohead.

Beathearts: You did a remake of a Radiohead track on one of the albums, Everything in its right place, how did that come about?

Robert: We love Radiohead and we've done a bunch of Radiohead covers over the years in our shows.

Radiohead - Everything in its right place

Beathearts: Did you ever work with Thom Yorke (Radiohead's lead vocalist/songwriter)?

Robert: No, but Chris was on Exit Music (Radiohead cover concept album) together with Meshell Ndegeocello. They did The national anthem song off Radiohead's Kid A album.

Beathearts: Who are your inspirations today? Artists/people have recently blown your mind?

Robert: Hm...Little Dragon! Bilal.
Chris: Common, Lupe Fiasco. Coldplay, Fleetfoxes, Radiohead. Then there are alot of under ground groups that inspire. It all depends on what's in people's iPods when we get on the tourbus traveling around. We get a lot of inspiration from what people around us play when we're on tour.

Beathearts: For a long time there we're very few artists/groups that could pull off a vibrant live instrumentation hiphop/rap set. The last couple of years there has risen almost a movement of groups that bring that old school organic live sound. El Michels Affair is one example - we love what they've done with the wu-tang tunes on Truth & Soul back in 2005. Booty Cologne and Grafisk Musik are great but rare Nordic example. Another example is Elzhi & Will sessions Illmatic tribute and then there's of course the Roots. For us, your interpretations of Dilla's tunes feels like a reboot of the live hiphop experience. A great way to develop the hiphop/jazz music into something more durable/classic material. Have you ever tried recording with rappers/vocalists the way El Michels Affair has?

Robert: Well, in a week and a half we're all going into the studio to record the next album planned for release on top of the year. When we all go into the studio it all happens there. We don't have anything predefined but we do know who the special guest are: Mos Def, Q-tip, possibly Lupe Fiasco, Common, Erykah Badu, Meshell Ndegeocello and Bilal. Sometimes we have an idea what we want to do with certain people, sometimes we don't. We'll see what happens in the studio and take it from there.

Robert Glasper Experiment ft. Lupe Fiasco - Kick push (Live)

Is there a title?

Robert: Not yet actually. We're still trying to figure that out.
Chris: Triple booked! (Laughs)

Beathearts: And what about you Chris, you also have an album coming up?

Chris: Yes, we're all trying to get shit done. Derrick (Hodge) and Casey (Benjamin) have albums coming up as well later this year. My album is kind of in the same vein as Derrick's. Not exactly like the (Robert Glasper) Experiment but we vibe of the venues we're playing at. At some point, it's probably going to be a big ass tour with all of us playing our separate joints and end up in the Experiment with all the special guest. So we're hoping to tour the world with that shit.

Beathearts: Are there any other potential collabs coming up?

Robert: Maybe Karriem Riggins. I meet Karriem in Dilla's basement. We talked about doing something together but never really committed to putting something out.
Chris: I've done a few things with Karriem for a couple of the albums that he produced where I was playing the drums.

Beathearts: Looking forward to that! Karriem is a great inspiration for us as well. We did a feature of him earlier (Detroit's best kept secret - Karriem Riggins). His joint projects with Madlib are just out of this world.

Karriem Riggins - 12's in 8's

Beathearts: Just like Benji-B, Gilles Peterson and others, the blending of styles and genres is what we believe brings music forward. Have you heard about a German group called Brandt Brauer Frick? They've put together a European twist of what you have done with the Dillaludes. They're a trio of classical musicians that started jamming live instrumental versions of techno classic. Another example is Wajeed's upcoming Electric Street Orchestra project where he teamed up with Detroit legend Mad Mike (Underground Resistance). Have you ever worked with artists from the more electronic genres?

Robert: I'm not really that into electronic music. Not that I'm not open to it.
Chris: Nah, he's organic! Straight up organic! (Laughs)
Robert: We've not ventured into that area yet but I'm down. Let's try it and see where it takes us.

Beathearts: You work in several different constellations. As solo artists, The Robert Glasper Trio, The Robert Glasper Experiment. Is there a different theme or idea that separates them?

Robert: We all do things separately as well as together. Chris is on Adele's latest record (21).
Chris: Rob has produced Gretchen Parlato's new record (The lost and found). If you don't know her you're about to hear more about her soon!
Robert: We both do stuff with Maxwell.

Beathearts: Were you both here (in Stockholm) for legendary Maxwell show in 2009?

Chris: Yes, and Derrick (Hodge) our bassplayer to. That was a good show!
Robert: We also played with Mos Def, Q-tip, Erykah Badu.
Chris: It's all like a big family.

Maxwell - Don't you ever wonder (live @ Berns, Sthlm 2009)

Beathearts: Was it our hearing or wasn't there a Badu track amongst the Dillaludes tonight? I think it was I want you off Worldwide Underground?

Robert: I don't know. Maybe Derek played a baseline and we all just went into it without even realizing it. That's how we do it. Just vibe off each other.

Beathearts: Another one of your tracks that stopped us in our tracks the first time we heard it was the instrumental version of Dilla shine ft Zynzelay. From what we hear it's a rework of Busta’s “Show me what you got” where Dilla sampled Stereolab “Come and play in the milky night”. Could you tell us the story behind that track?

Robert: On the Double Booked album we did outtakes of Dilla songs and gave them to Gilles Peterson and he threw them on the Internet. So then Zynzelay, who we didn't know, found the track on Youtube and put a vocal on it. We didn't know her at all. So, a friend of mine that do know her, called me and told me about it. So, no it's not officially released. It just happened.

Robert Glasper Experiment-Dilla Shine ft Zynzelay

Beathearts: Finally, we have to ask about all those unreleased Dillaludes. Is there ever going to be an official release? Glasper/Dilla-heads would pay a lot of money for a live double album of the unreleased Dillaludes...

Robert: Oh yes definitely! We're probably gonna throw some of them out on this record coming up!
Chris: Oh, we're gonna hook'em up for sure! Nothing planned but we're definitely gonna put them out there.

Robert Glasper Experiment - Dillalude


-The Robert Glasper Experiement's new album is planned for release at the end of the year

-Derrick Hodge's album is scheduled for release fall 2011 (Myspace)

-Chris Dave's and Casey Benjamin's albums have no set release dates but they both hope to get them out late 2011. Check their Myspaces for more upcoming sounds:


Beathearts rewind #20: Dwele - Michael Jackson tribute

Today two years has flown by since MJ passed away. Here's Beathearts rewind of Dwele's slow and beautifully building reconstruction of Human Nature. R.I.P.

TiRon & Ayomari - En kärlekshistoria EP

Unexpected assistance from L.A. to help the Swedes recover from last nights midsummers holiday TiRon & Ayomari brings us En kärlekshistoria EP. Appearantly put together after a short stay in Stockholm earlier this year, the title refers to the classic 1970 movie En kärlekshistoria (A Swedish love story) by director Roy Andersson. Great stuff brought to us via the good people over at MOOVMNT.

Download: TiRon & Ayomari - En kärlekshistoria EP

1.The terminal
2.Back 2 U ft. Seinabo Sey
3.Midsommar dream
5.Du gör mig bra
6.Lost in translation
7.Forever ft Simon Emanuel


Will Sessions - Elmatic behind the scenes & the leak beattape

Just stumbled upon this behind the scenes material from Elzhi's Elmatic project featured here earlier. Will sessions is a group from Detroit with core members Sam Beaubien (trumpet/keys), Bryan Arnold (drums) and Tim Shellabarger (bass). Just like El Michels Affair and The Robert Glasper Experiment, they are another great example of new live group that can pull of a great live hiphop experience.

Will sessions:

"In December of last year, Elzhi and his management approached me about recording the music for Elzhi’s new mixtape, Elmatic. The mixtape was a tribute to the Nas album “Illmatic”. Illmatic is known as one of the greatest, most influential Hip-Hop albums, and a lot of people say it is THE greatest Hip-Hop album to date. When I was asked to do the project, I was excited with the opportunity to work with Elzhi, but I was also worried about remaking a classic album. I knew Elzhi was going to bring it with the rhymes, so I knew the music had to be on point too. We recorded all the music with live instruments, and used no samples (other then the drum sounds I layered over the live drums). Because we recoded it with live instruments, we were able to add stings, horns, record intro’s and outro’s to songs, and recreate the music that was sampled on the original beats."

Apart from the Elzhi project, Will Sessions has already gained quite a reputation working with the likes of Black Milk, 14KT and Mayer Hawthorne. If you missed their beat tape Leak you can still get it here via FRSHSLCTS:

Download: Will Sessions - The Leak Beattape

Mecca:83 - The life sketches EP

What a day! Another stunning release just dropped from Manchester beat surgeon and semi professional crate digger Mecca:83 a.k.a. Evan Jones. The Life Sketches EP features among others another Beathearts favourite that has been bumping in our headphones the last couple of weeks, Buscrates 16 bit ensemble.

With his new new project, Mecca:83 continues from where the previous 3 For Free EP left off. Expect to hear soulful instrumental beats fused with a analog sound drawing influence from the golden era sounds of Pete Rock as much as the current instrumental beat scene. Evan's debut album under the Rise moniker is available now via Juno.

Mecca:83 ft Buscrates 16 bit ensemble

Get the whole EP over at his bandcamp: Mecca:83 - The life sketches EP


Favorite Flava - VII

New material from Swedens finest, Erik L! This time in his Favorite Flava constellation with vocalist Paul Mac Innes and producer/songwriter Stray. Their new EP VII is released on the Exceptional Blue label and contains two new tunes and two remixes from Funkystepz and Sasac. Available now via Beatport. Check it out!

Favourite Flava - Heaven (Sasac remix)

Favourite Flava - Dirty City

Oh, and if you missed out on the amazing Beathearts exclusive of Erik L's collaboration with Dynamite MC Doh ray me get it here:


Elzhi & Will Sessions - Elmatic

We've been really busy lately. So busy, that we unfortunately put up listening to Elzhi's hyped Illmatic-tribute. Until now. It dropped about a month ago but this project definitely deserves more attention.

From the beginning it was meant to be just new lyrics over the Illmatic beats. But with plenty of tributes floating around Elzhi and DJ HouseShoes wanted to take it to the next level:

"The first initial idea to create the Elmatic project was to actually just rap to the instrumentals. And then what changed that was people coming out with their own tributes to Illmatic. So I was thinking we could twist it. So the next idea I had was to take certain producers that I respected and have them flip the beats to the samples that were on the original Illmatic, and flip them in a way where they were different. The next idea I had was to do it live, so I hooked up with Will Sessions and Will Sessions liked the idea and we just went into the studio and knocked it out. "

The result is absolutely stunning. The live versions of the Illmatic beats are out of this world and up to standard with modern classics such as Robert Glasper's Dillaludes and El Michels Affair's work with Wu-Tang. Even the lyrics are flipped and updated engeniously: "base heads selling broken amps" converted to "crack heads slanging HDTV’s" on Detroit State of Mind is just one example.

Elzhi ft Will Sessions & Royce da 5'9 - Life's a bitch

Elzhi ft Will Sessions - Detroit state of mind

Download the whole album here: Elzhi - Elmatic

1. The Genesis
2. Detroit State of Mind (Houseshoes Shout)
3. Halftime
4. Memory Lane
5. The World Is Yours
6. Represent
7. Life’s A Bitch feat. Royce da 5’9 and Stokley Williams of Mint Condition
8. One Love
9. It Ain’t Hard To Tell (Pete Rock Shout)
10. Pete Rock Shout


Dego - A Wha' Him Deh Pon? (2000Black)

The story of the week is that there's new material from Denis McFarlane a.k.a. Dego coming up. The album is entitled A Wha' Him Deh Pon? (Jamaican patois for "what's he on?" or "what is he doing?") and will be released on June 20th on Dego's own 2000Black imprint. Among others the album features old Beathearts heroes such as Georgia Anne Muldrow and Kaidi Tatham. Judging from the preveiw below it sounds very promising. We're especially looking forward to the downtempo tracks such as What Ever and Wispa Bar.

As a warm up to the album here's a smooth the-story-so-far-mixtape put together by DJ Brainchild. Ahh... tracks such as Hold it down, Future Rage and Puzzled brings back such great memories from an era when the only way to listen to Benji-B's Deviation show on 1xtra was via the AudioGalaxy network...

Download: DJ Brainchild - It's all over the place (the-dego-story-so-far-mixtape)


  1. Dego "Da Fuzz" (feat. Matt Lord)
  2. 4hero "Hold It Down" (feat. Lady Alma)
  3. Silhouette Brown "They Can't Tell Us"
  4. DKD "Future Rage"
  5. Dego "DNP" exclusive
  6. Dego "Love & Hate You" (feat. Obenewa)
  7. Dego "Sparkling Minds (feat. Georgia Anne Muldrow)
  8. 4hero "Something In The Way" (feat. Bembe Segue & Kaidi Tatham)
  9. Silhouette Brown "Strawberries In Vinegar"
  10. 2000Black "Lose It" (feat. Face)
  11. DKD "Natty Head"
  12. Dego "They Never Know" (feat. Sarina Leah)
  13. Dego "We Are Virgo" (feat. Kaidi Tatham)
  14. Tek 9 "Interlude"
  15. Dego "Whatever" (feat. The Luv Bugz)
  16. Capitol A "Doing It Up"
  17. Dego "Valentines" exclusive
  18. Dego "Pushing You To Begin" (feat. Ferraz)
  19. 2000Black "So Right" (feat. Ferraz)
  20. MM Black "2000 Black" (feat. Roy Ayers)
  21. 4hero "Universal Love" (feat. Carol Cosby)
  22. Tek 9 "You Got To Slow Down"
  23. Jacob's Optical Stairway "Jacob's Optical Illusion"
  24. Da One Away "Trash Da Junk"
  25. 2000Black "If You Got 3 Wishes"
  26. 2000Black "Forgot The Steel Pans"
  27. Focus "Having Your Fun" (4hero Remix)
  28. 2000Black "Got Me Puzzled" (feat. Face, Dego & Kaidi)
  29. Dego "Right From Wrong" (feat. Tosin Tao)
  30. Dego "Road Lessons" exclusive


14KT - 14KillaTape

Raekwon: Yo Meth, where my killah tape at ya? First of all, where the fuck is my tape at!?
Methodman: Yo son, I ain't got that piece son
Rae: How you ain't go my shit, when I let you hold it man?
Meth: Yo, niggas came over to have 40 and blunts kid, that shit just came up missin' man
Rae: Come on man, that don't got nothin to do with my shit man!
Meth: Come on man, I'll buy you 4 more fuckin killah tapes man...
Wu Tang Clan - 7th chamber (1994)

We all know the feeling when a friend loses your favourite record that you lent them. We don't know if 14KT got the title from Rae and Meth's classic argument over a lost killer tape but we love it just because the fact that it reminds us of the feeling when we first heard it.

After weeks of hype on Twitter it's finally here. Download the 14 track tape for free and then check the man's track by track rundown below:

Download: 14KT - 14KillaTape

1) Adrenaline
2008. I was in LA at my brother Mayer Hawthorne’s lab when I made this one. After I won the Detroit Red Bull Big Tune, I was trying to prepare for the finals that November. This was the first beat I made when thinking about beat battling, that’s why it had more breaks and stuff in it, because that’s what you got to put in “beat battle” beats. What made me love this joint though was the bass. It got me hype, so I was hoping it did the same for the listeners. Jozeemo ended up lacing a joint to this with the same title. The title was fitting.

2) You. Me.
I’m an ADDICT of flipping records. I heard this original sample on the radio one day. Definitely a joint I’ve jammed to for years, but I wasn’t sure if anyone had officially flipped this record before, so me being the chop fiend that I am, I took a stab at it. It was fun.

3) The Sound of People Burning
Randomly, I was watching this morbidly CRAZY TV special about “Self-Burning” people. Though it was wild, it was interesting learning about how these people managed to do that to themselves. Earlier the same day, I had went record shopping and picked up the ELO record with this joint that thousands of cats have already flipped many times before. After watching that special, the feel of that ELO record inspired me. I decided to try and flip it regardless of that fact cats did it already. When I laid that bass line on it, it was a done deal for me. Killa music.

4) Choir Robed Up
Many times I get inspiration from just looking at pictures and trying to make music to fit them. I had this picture of me when I was younger singing in the children’s choir at my church. We had on these borderline ugly bright yellow and brown choir robes on. I thought back to some times when I really didn’t like putting on those robes and did it to make a beat. Although I didn’t like it at times, I made a beat about representing rocking choir robes as a kid for all those that rocked them too. Haha.

5) The Abominable Snowman
I heard my big bro DJ HouseShoes play this original record a few times and I loved it. I never heard anyone flip it before, so I decided to chop it for Shoes. I did it and then I sent it to him. He said he banged his head on the wall when he heard it. The beat was called “Cripple” at first. I changed the name after really listening to the beat. When I listened to it, it sounded like it could of been theme music for The Abominable Snowman from the claymation Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer joint I loved as a kid.

6) On Ya Mind
Just a basic raw pick-up-the-first-record-you-grab-and-chop-it type joint. I wasn’t sure if I was going to keep this beat. Most of the time when I play beats in battles, I play them just to see how it sounds on loudspeakers and if the crowd likes it. I played this in the 2010 Red Bull beat battle finals in Chicago. I saw a few people get hype to it, so I decided to keep it and give it to ya’ll.

7) F What They Say [Jon B]
This joint is hilarious every time I hear it. I made this when I was in my “90s R&B records” chopping phase of life, around 2004-2008. I have this pride issue with myself where I think that I can flip ANY record that I’m presented with. There’s always these voices in my head talking ish telling me “KT you can’t flip that ish, niggas know you ain’t that sweet,” so I had to make a beat battle response to those voices. I guess this is my creative way of telling ya’ll I have issues.

8) U Trying 2 Catch The Beat [3D Chop ish]
This was a beat I had saved for a solo album with me rhyming on it that I was working on and never finished. I first played this joint in the Detroit battle in 08’. When I made it, I was trying to invent another style of chopping I coin, “3D Chopping.” This is when you chop a sample just in the left ear, then chop the sample in the right ear to compliment the left ear, and then add something in the center too. To me, the test to know if you do it right is if you just play the left or right channel on solo and it doesn’t sound like it makes sense. I did it with the drums on here as an example. I also chopped the drums in a “waltz-type” triplet pattern. Just another chop style like “Gee Whiz” to test ya’ll on. Remember where you heard it first. I got a couple more styles up my sleeve too.

9) Best Bet
Made this in 2006. Another beat where I was challenged to just chop a random Reggae record. Here’s the result. I cut in a favorite line of mine from a Eulorhythmics joint from back in the day.

10) 3 Blind Mice
Woooooo!!! This was supposed to be a joint off of an album I was working on where I would be rhyming on it. I had been holding on to this joint since 07’, so I decided to just give it to ya’ll. I had a sick rhyme concept to it too, but I couldn’t put it into words the way I wanted too, but oh well. This beat was inspired after I watched Stephen King’s “IT.” I had this record that flipped the melody of “3 Blind Mice,” so I HAD to make something with it. By the way, one of my favorite beats I’ve made.

11) LikeUDo
Made this around 2006. Pretty simple loop I made. I played this in the 2008 Red Bull finals in New York. I always felt the New York crowd was a tough crowd to win over when you’re from Michigan. When I played this joint, I remember heads getting hype and I almost started break dancing on stage, so I figured it had a special energy to it. If you listen close, I used the “Gee-Whiz take the singing out” style of looping on this joint and left the background singer’s vocals in. I love doing that. Hype ish!

12) Room #1414
Winning the 2010 Red Bull National beat battle Championship in Chicago was a big deal to me. Being a part of Red Bull, meeting Jake 1, Vitamin D and J Moore was special to me. Also, being able to build with some really dope producers like Frank Dukes, Illmind, S1, Xperiment, No Speakerz, Boon Doc, Algorhythm, Dibiase, Big Pops, Captain, Hitmakers, Tmos, Incredible Stro, Budo, Trox, Cam, Rising Son, GMo, Nicademus, Trifeckta, Mike Dupree, Brainstorm, J Bizness, C-Sick, Best Kept Secret, Rob Bates, etc…this was just an interlude-type beat that reminded me of when I checked into my hotel in Chicago and they handed me my room key and it was #1414. Cats were like “Well, that tells us who’s gonna win already!” It was just a joke, but looking back on it, it made me appreciate everybody who believes in my music and me, and reminds me how much God has favor on me and is looking out for me. Blessed.

13) Never Ceases To Fail
One of my favorite simple beats that goes with one of my favorite simple cliché sayings that I messed up (Splittin’ Peas). Inside A-Side jokes ya’ll wouldn’t get…

14) RockABye Baby
This was the 2nd beat I made after “Adrenaline” in 2008. At the time, I was working on beats for the finals in New York. I was thinking I had to flip something that heads would recognize. Here’s my actual thought process: When I thought of New York City, I thought of New Jack City. Bet. First thing I think about when I think of New Jack City is Keisha saying “Rock A Bye Baby.” There it is. So I made a beat out of Keisha. Thanks Keisha. Haha. I made this beat because this is the beat I wouldn’t want anybody to ever play on me, so I had to make it first. Ironically, this was the last beat that I played in the National Finals in Chicago, so it was only fitting to put as the last beat on the Killa Tape. Definitely Killa ish.

14KT on Soundcloud


10.4 Rog

Now here's something different. New producer (well, at least to us) 10.4 Rog a.k.a. Roger Renton straight outta Seattle. With a minimal, dubbed-out, analogue beats and an almost monasterial kind of vibe we were hooked after the first 8 bars. The stand-out track from his debut (?) album ,featuring The Good Sin, is Bad about you. Check it below. For a limited time the whole album is available for free download via their bandcamp

10.4 Rog + The Good Sin - Bad about you

A part from putting out beats from the future he has also released a couple of pretty stunning remixes. The Quadron grade school crush version is like long lost sibling to The Rah Band - Message from the stars which we covered here a while back. His refix of Bahamadia's Uknowhowwedo puts a whole new dimension to her lyrics and is a great warm up in anticipation to her upcoming album. Finally, the 10.4 Rog Quiet Storm remix of Erykah Badu's Honey is just the perfect soundtrack walking back home from a late summer night out.

Quadron - Average fruit (10.4 rog grade school crush version)

Bahamadia - Uknowhowwedo (10.4 lunch table refix)

Download: Erykah Badu - Honey (10.4 rog quiet storm remix)


Stones Throw presents Mayer Hawthorne Live Direct To Disc Vol.1

How can you not love Stones Throw? These heads have been putting out quality beats since 1996. Read more about how it all got started here.

Today when alot of people are selling or giving away their record collections they decide to put out a direct to vinyl live recording series limited to 500 copies! Fantastic!

The session was recorded live directly to vinyl at Capsule Labs in Los Angeles, April 14, 2011, at the first of Stones Throw's 15-year anniversary Direct to Disc events. These records will not be released on digital or CD formats so get it while you can: Stones Throw shop

Mayer Hawthorne - Maybe so/Gangsta luv

Mayer Hawthorne & The Country Direct to Disc (2/LP)
A1. Make Her Mine
A2. Maybe So Maybe No
A3. Gangsta Luv
A4. I Need You
A5. I Wish It Would Rain
B1. No Strings
B2. Green Eyed Love
B3. Just Ain't Gonna Work Out
C1. The Ills
C2. Time Will Reveal
Side D is blank.

Musicians: Topher Mohr - Guitar; Joe Abrams - Bass; Quincy McCrary - Keys; Quentin Joseph - Drums; Todd Simon - Trumpet; David Moyer - Saxophone