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Tokyo Dawn Records presents The boogie

Marc Wollowy and the Tokyo Dawn crew has done it again! Another amazing compilation this time with what they call a "Boogie" theme. Marc explains:

"Based on groove fundamentals such as 80's and 90's R&B, Minneapolis funk and early electro, this compilation holds 18 modern approaches to what we like to call boogie music.

Combining neon synths and soul chords with a decent portion of future funk, we're invited to ride an exciting new wave of artists combining latest production techniques with classic grooves deeply rooted in 80's boogie wonderland."

There are favourites from the year that past such as B.Bravo's laidback electro bubbler Computa love. They also included a future albumtrack from the German production and DJ collective Soulparlor who we believe are gonna blow up in 2011.

But we particulary enjoyed the fact that they decided to revisit a huge Beatheart favourite from 1983: The Rah Band - Message from the stars. On this compilation revisited by Atjazz. Check the remix and get the original below! Oh, and as a christmas bonus we included DJ Koze's kick ass mix of Clouds across the moon. Enjoy!

The Rah Band - Message from the stars (Atjazz astro mix)

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