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Goapele - Different feat. Mos Def

Sorry for not posting in a while, there's been a lot of work lately, plus been away from home 'cus of a minor water damage in the apartment, living in a wore down rental with a slow connection the last few month, but back on track in a couple of days!

The good music keep on coming though, 'the strom' been holdin' it up lately..!

To start of slow, here's a lovely Goapele tune! This is an unreleased remix of 'Different' off Goapele's last album 'Change it All' featuring the always steady Mos Def and produced by CA native Bedrock/Iambedrock. The album version featured Clyde Carson, and this version was recorded after the album was released as a remix and was previously unreleased due to industry politics.

Keep a look out for more fantantic music!

Goapele - Different feat. Mos Def

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