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Detroit's best kept secret: Karriem Riggins!

My eyes where opened a while back when I first heard of Mr. Karriem Riggins. Drummer, producer and jazz musician raised in Detroit. I can't belive I've been sleeping on this guy... Apparently he was close friends with Dilla and the whole Slum Village crew and responsible for productions like Erykah Badu's Soldier, Slum Village's Tainted and Detroit Experiment's Higher.

Just like Kenny Dope and Questlove, Karriem was inspired by and worked close with jazz musicians. In Karriems case it was legends like Marcus Belgrave, Betty Carter and Robert Herst.

I first heard his incredible mixtape on Soulful Beats on 1extra which led me to a hunt with a serious craving for more. First off I was stunned by his Kaleidoscope mixtape and his live set at the Miami Winter Music Conference for Stone's Throw records. I'm not easy to please but his selection of tunes is some of the most surprising and eyeopening music I've heard for years. No joke.
As a recording artist Karriem has also teamed up with Madlib under the name Supreme Team. As far as I know, Supreme Team only officially released two tracks so far:
Volta por Cima and See. The later an amazing potpuri of crazy beats madlib style. An album is apparently on the way so keep your eyes open!

Mixtape for Benji-B

The Kaleidoscope mixtape

Supreme team’s “See”

Supreme team’s “Volta por Cima”

2 reactions:

dJm said...

i'm just listening to the first beat... sounding dope! can't believe they've only released two new tracks. the world of hiphop needs an album from these two guys.

Beathearts said...

For real! These cats do alot of work in the background but we couldn't agree more.