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Beathearts rewind #5: Buff1

We're backing 2-3 years in this post, and presents Athletic Mic League's Buff1!

The group is 14KT, Buff1, Grand Cee, Mayer Hawthorne, Texture, Tre Styles and Vital. You might recognize one or two of these acts, beatmaker 14KT is also a favorite of ours, and will by 100 percent show up in future posts.. Same with the biggest soul-hype of '09, mr. Mayer Hawthorne.. Great music!

Buff1, from Ann Arbor, Michigan, but with that dirty souly detroit sound, is incredibly dope. If you’re still sleeping on Buff1 we feel sorry for you, we really do.

He released his debut solo 'Pure' in 2007, and the second LP 'There´s Only One' in 2008. He's rocking party anthems, political burners or soulful bangers, one thing is certain – Buff consistently delivers. Real Detroit Weekly crowned Buff1 “Best Solo Rap Artist of 2007.”

Currently Buff1 is in the studio with DJ Rhettmatic (of the World Famous Beat Junkies) working on their collaborative project, 'Crown Royale', and hopefully this will be released some time soon.

Enjoy the tunes! You know where to get them.. If you don't, get in touch!

Buff1 - For U (Pure)

Buff1 - Hula Hoops (Pure)

Buff1 - The Sky (There´s Only One)

Buff1 - Never Fall feat. Black Milk (There´s Only One)

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