Google+ Beathearts: Robert Glasper - Unreleased dillaludes


Robert Glasper - Unreleased dillaludes

We just had to put this out there eventhough it's a radio rip. Robert Glaspers unreleased live performance of his amazing dillaludes.

Jazz pianist, Robert Glasper, worked with Dilla several times and the dillaludes are his ode to the late James Yancey. He recreates the vibe of some of James Yancey's finest moments together with his live band including drummer extraordinare Chris Dave.

This recording of uncut live takes was apparantly handed over to Benji B for exclusive play on his show Soulful beats on BBC 1xtra. We challange you to unveil what classic dillatracks he's covering...

Robert Glasper - Unreleased dillaludes

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