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Producer: Lone

Walked home in the night/morning just now with Lone banging in my headphones, and had to share this treat with you'll!

Lone is an electronic producer from Nottingham, UK. He's released three full length albums, the debut Everything is Changing Colour in 2007, the critically acclaimed Lemurian in 2008, and Ecstasy and Friends in summer 2009 on Werk Discs.

His music is described as "kaleidoscopic, shimmering hip-hop instrumentals that fill your ears with warm nostalgia and sails you away into a nebulae of opiated psychedelia".

And that's what it is, that dreamy wonky electronic hiphop stuff that we all love!

Lone - Seaspray

Lone - Karen Loves Kate

Lone - To Be With A Person That You Really Dig

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