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Producer: Freddie Joachim

Freddie Joachim began his music career as a DJ in 1996 in his hometown of San Diego. He spins an eclectic mix of genres, with focus on hip-hop and jazz.

In 2001, he turned to production. He's been producing music for various local and international hip-hop and soul artists.

Freddie released his first full-length album in 2008 entitled, 'In With Time', featuring Aloe Blacc, Blu, Muneshine, Profile (Sound Providers), Surreal, Othello and others. In 2009, he released both the instrumental album 'Study Guide' with friend and producer Question, and the same year, the free 5 tracks EP 'Getaway', fully produced by Freddie Joachim. Get it HERE.

Freddie Joachim - Splendor

Freddie Joachim - Wake Up feat. Othello

Freddie Joachim - Run: Interlude for J Dilla

Freddie Joachim - Heat It From You feat. Lauren Santiago & Jacewon

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