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Beathearts rewind #4: D'Angelo - Really Love

D'Angelo is one of our absolute favorites of all time, and will stay so.

He's released two of the greatest albums of "neo-soul", Brown Sugar (1995) and Voodoo (2000). We're not gonna tell you about them, cus you already know the deal with those. Instead this is about where the third one went. It's supposed to be called 'James River', and been talked about for a couple of years.

We haven't heard much from him since Voodoo dropped, besides some guest appearances on releases by Q-Tip, Dilla, Snoop, Common and Roy Hargrove & The RH Factor.

This tune came from nowhere a while back. It felt at the time as an intentional leak. But who knows, was it supposed to be on the future album? And when was it recorded?
?uesto probably knows the answer to that. The track is blurry and hard to identify, but you really feel the soulfulness, and you know that this is the best you can get in soul. Ever.

D'Angelo - Really Love

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