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Mecca:83 - The life sketches EP

What a day! Another stunning release just dropped from Manchester beat surgeon and semi professional crate digger Mecca:83 a.k.a. Evan Jones. The Life Sketches EP features among others another Beathearts favourite that has been bumping in our headphones the last couple of weeks, Buscrates 16 bit ensemble.

With his new new project, Mecca:83 continues from where the previous 3 For Free EP left off. Expect to hear soulful instrumental beats fused with a analog sound drawing influence from the golden era sounds of Pete Rock as much as the current instrumental beat scene. Evan's debut album under the Rise moniker is available now via Juno.

Mecca:83 ft Buscrates 16 bit ensemble

Get the whole EP over at his bandcamp: Mecca:83 - The life sketches EP

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