Google+ Beathearts: Will Sessions - Elmatic behind the scenes & the leak beattape


Will Sessions - Elmatic behind the scenes & the leak beattape

Just stumbled upon this behind the scenes material from Elzhi's Elmatic project featured here earlier. Will sessions is a group from Detroit with core members Sam Beaubien (trumpet/keys), Bryan Arnold (drums) and Tim Shellabarger (bass). Just like El Michels Affair and The Robert Glasper Experiment, they are another great example of new live group that can pull of a great live hiphop experience.

Will sessions:

"In December of last year, Elzhi and his management approached me about recording the music for Elzhi’s new mixtape, Elmatic. The mixtape was a tribute to the Nas album “Illmatic”. Illmatic is known as one of the greatest, most influential Hip-Hop albums, and a lot of people say it is THE greatest Hip-Hop album to date. When I was asked to do the project, I was excited with the opportunity to work with Elzhi, but I was also worried about remaking a classic album. I knew Elzhi was going to bring it with the rhymes, so I knew the music had to be on point too. We recorded all the music with live instruments, and used no samples (other then the drum sounds I layered over the live drums). Because we recoded it with live instruments, we were able to add stings, horns, record intro’s and outro’s to songs, and recreate the music that was sampled on the original beats."

Apart from the Elzhi project, Will Sessions has already gained quite a reputation working with the likes of Black Milk, 14KT and Mayer Hawthorne. If you missed their beat tape Leak you can still get it here via FRSHSLCTS:

Download: Will Sessions - The Leak Beattape

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