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Boog Brown & Apollo Brown - Brown Study

Detroit what up?! Female Atlanta emcee Boog Brown & Detroit producer Apollo Brown joines forces and gonna drop a full-length collabo album, entitled 'Brown Study', out September 28th. Two singles is out and we have them here for your listening pleasure below. The first was the smooth 'Just Be' and the second the hard-hitting 'Friction' featuring Miz Korona and Invincible, two other ladys hailing from the D!

They released a mixtape earlier this year in anticipation of their debut entitled The Grind Season Vol. 1.

Boog Brown & Apollo Brown - Friction feat. Miz Korona & Invincible

Boog Brown & Apollo Brown - Just Be

UPDATE: New track off the album, 'My Love' feat. Poodie The Byz. Words from Boog Brown: "Tryin to find that balance with romance in this type of industry that I am in can be difficult. I wanted to write a true love song that wasn't all cheese."

Boog Brown & Apollo Brown - My Love feat. Poodie The Byz

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