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Mssl Cmmd – Why Fight The Space Age (2013)

And there it is! Instant satisfaction from Chad Hugo (The Neptunes) and Daniel Biltmore's new project Mssl Cmmd. Less than a week after we discovered the first track of the new mixtape, Hope & Pray, we get the whole thing. At least to me this project came out of nowhere and has blown me away.

It's a fine blend of stunning new tracks such as The spark, Hope & Pray and fresh remixes of Cee Lo Green and The Oh Hello's. Essential!

Download: Why fight the space age? (Continous mix)
Download: Why fight the space age? (The tracks)

MSSL CMMND – Moog (Intro)
MSSL CMMND – Heartbreakers feat. Graph (Demo)
MSSL CMMND – Say It’s Okay feat. Lil’ Wayne (Demo)
Cee-Lo Green – Bridges (MSSL CMMND Remix)
MSSL CMMND – Moog (Interlude)
MSSL CMMND – Hope & Prey (Ghetto Panda)
Chad Hugo & Danny Zook – I Like It That Way
Tuezday Morning Whiskey – Whizkey Song
No Planes In Space – No Planes (Interlude)
No Planes In Space – Why Fight The Space Age (Potholes De Createur Uniden) (2nd Version) (Chad Hugo Remix)
The Oh Hello’s – Hello My Old Heart (MSSL CMMND Remix)
MSSL CMMND – Commercial (Interlude)
Chinky Bean – Roll Off The Face
J Pharoah & Gabe Niles – Gelato
Quazr – She Throws The Beat Down
MSSL CMMND – Cold Weather (Interlude)
Chad Hugo – Strolling To The Seaside (MSSL CMMND Freestyle Mix)
MSSL CMMND – The Spark feat. Oak & Trackademics.
J Pharoah – Pharoah From The Beach
Jake Break – Inevitable feat. Stacie (Rekapse)
MSSL CMMND – Workout Plan (Interlude)
Micah Javier – Joy Joy Joy (MSSL CMMND Remix)

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