Google+ Beathearts: D'Angelo Tour 2012 - The set list


D'Angelo Tour 2012 - The set list

Ok, we've been on somewhat of a D'Angelo groovathon lately, but can you blame us? We promise we'll get back to the program but we felt we needed to share this. The set-list from the starting night in Stockholm below. We can't prove its authenticity but it feels pretty accurate from what we experienced.

As a bonus here's a tune that for some reason hasn't got as much attention as the other leaks since D'Angelo's last official release a decade ago. Stuart Zender was one of the founding members of Jamiroquai and has worked with artists like Guru, Mark Ronson, Omar, Lauryn Hill, Samuel Purdey and Stevie Wonder. Love is so cold was originally slated as My Baby's Eyes for the Voodoo album. Why he cut it, we'll probably never know.

Stuart Zender ft D'Angelo - (Your) love is so cold

The alleged set-list @ Filadelfiakyrkan, Stockholm, Jan 26th 2012

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