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Wiley & Mark Pritchard - Scar/Money man

Ooh we've been waiting for this! The official release for the Wiley and Mark Pritchard collaborations. Recorded in Pritchard's studio on Bondi Beach, Sydney back in 2009 and now finally released on Wiley's new album Evolve or be extinct.

These two tracks respresent the best of two worlds. Mark Pritchard's dark, twisted, electronic, subbass beats with Wiley's grimey dubstep flow. We've highlighted Scar before (in our best of 2010 list) but it hasn't been released on wax until now. To be honest I haven't listened through the whole album yet. I never got past Moneyman that has been on repeat for four days now.

Wiley & Mark Pritchard - Scar

Wiley & Mark Pritchard - Money man

Scar was actually featured in one of our very first posts. The still outstanding Harmonic 313 mixtape from Mark Pritchard. It's also the first and only time I've ever heard Mark's ace dubstep version of LFO's classic subbass track LFO.  If you missed out back then, get it below:

Download:  Mark Pritchard - The Harmonic 313 mixtape (ViralRadio Amsterdam)

Drank Instrumental - Electrik Red (Def Jam)
Harmonic 313 - LFO (Warp)
Harmonic 313 - Dutty (Warp)
Harmonic 313 - Lion (Warp)
Africa Hitech - One two (Warp)
Mark Pritchard | Wiley - Scar (CDR)
Mark Pritchard - Elephant dub (Deep Medi)
Untold - Stop what your doing (Hemlock)
Africa Hitech - Boingy (Warp)
Africa Hitech - Step (Warp)
Claus Speeed - Don't Ever Antagonize The Horn (Cdr)
Eprom - Zoning (Instrumental) (Cdr)
Hudson Mohawke ft. Wednesday Nite - Paint The Stars (Warp)

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