Google+ Beathearts: The return of D'Angelo - Live in Stockholm (Jan 26th 2012)


The return of D'Angelo - Live in Stockholm (Jan 26th 2012)

He's back! We'll update this over the weekend but we had to give you a quick update what went down tonight. 

Today, Thursday Jan 26th 7.30 PM, the most anticipated live show of the year took place in Stockholm, Sweden. According to the promotors the 2200 seats at the Stockholm Pentecostal Church sold out in less than a minute. If we're not mistaken it's also the world premiere of D'Angelo's tour for his upcoming album.

The vibe was of course ecstatic when D and the band entered the stage with Playa playa. One of the first tunes they played was a freaked out version of Chicken Grease. Check the clip below.

D'Angelo - Chicken Grease (Live in Sthlm 2012)

From what we could tell they performed five new songs. The first two were entitled Charade and Sugah Daddy. Judging from the hooks the next three might be namned I've been watching you (a Parliament cover), Get it off and Another life.

D'Angelo - Charade (Live in Sthlm 2012)

D'Angelo - Sugah Daddy (Live in Sthlm 2012)

D'Angelo - Another life (Live in Sthlm 2012)

They also put on an amazing 20 minute version of Sh*t, damn, mf that started off almost like a crunk version, mid-way through Chris Dave put on an amazing drum solo and the all hell broke loose. They ended the night with an dope Minneapolis 80's Prince/The Time inspired version of Brown Sugar.

D'Angelo - Sh*t, damn, mf part 1 (Live in Sthlm 2012)

D'Angelo - Brown sugar (Live in Sthlm)

What a great night! Based on tonights performance it's very hard to tell what the album will sound like but we can definitely confirm that Michael Eugene Archer and the band is in great shape and ready to take on the world.

And oh, as a bonus here's the first two hour inteview with the man we've heard for ages. Excellent sit-down with legend Mats Nileskär from Swedish national radio. Some of it is in Swedish but bear with us. There are some great stories in there.

More updates, clips and photos will be added as we get them.

D'Angelo 2012 tour day sheet

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