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Africa HiTech Soundsystem in Moscow

Kicking off the new year in Russia. Here's one of the most inspiring live DJ-sets I've heard for quite some time. It's Mark Pritchard and Steve Spacek performing as Africa HiTech Soundsystem at a night in Moscow last summer. It's no surprise they can put on a mean show but the diversity of this live mixtape is such a treat. Who else can pull of blending vintage afrobeat and Slum Village with Dillinja and Talking Heads?

Get it now while it's still available!

Africa HiTech Soundsystem - Live in Moscow part 1

Africa HiTech Soundsystem - Live in Moscow part 2


Part 1
Kyenkyen Adi Mawa   - Alhaji K Frimpong.
Akula Owu Onyeara    - The Funkees
NYA Asem Hwe - City boys Band
Mean streets pt 2 - Falty dl
Cypress Phil - Hudson Mohawke
Scar - Harmonic 313/Wiley
Jellyfizzle - Danny Breaks
Raise it up - Slum village
Dirtbox - Harmonic 313
Bazooka riddim - Harmonic 313
Batty rider - Buju Banton
Lion - Harmonic 313
Thunder bay - Hudson Mohawke
East village - Terror Danjah
Lash out - Africa hitch
Badman place (coki remix) Busy signal feat Movado
Elephant dub - Mark Pritchard
Bury the boy - Mala
Shaka the warrior - House of deb players
This aint Tom n Jerry - Cousin cockroach
Keep it burning - Son of Scientist
Carambola - Azymuth - Mark pritchard remix
Perfussion - Lil Silva
4D Koreless
Look (dub) Bok bok
Sambucca - Teddy music Production
Glangslap - Africa hitech
Swair - Africa hitech

Part 2 
Swair - Africa hitech 
93 Million miles - Africa hitch 
Y'all aint ready - Jay dill 
Exhibit G - Dj Spinn 
Somethin - Dj Rashad 
Out in the streets - Africa hitch 
Out in the streets VIP - Africa hitch 
The License - Krome and time - Phillip D kick footwork jungle 
Jah know ya big - Dillinja 
Ganja man - Dj Krome and mr Time 
Roll the beats - Dj hype 
Champion sound - Q project - Phillip D kick footwork jungle 
Sound murderer - Remarc 
Future unknown - Krust 
Crumbled luna - Jonwayne 
Education - Mala 
The poem - Bobby Konders 
Can u feel it - Mr Fingers 
After the poke mix - Adonis 
Acid tracks - Phuture 
lets get Brutal - Nitro Deluxe 
Dextrous - Knightmares on wax 
Love is a thing of the past - J dilla 
Breakin bread - Hitek 
Back on the block feat Cl smooth - Pete Rock 
Marvelous - Baatin 
The sun - Steve speck 
Born under punches (and the beat goes on) Talking heads

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