Google+ Beathearts: Eric Lau - Yesterday feat. Guilty Simpson, Fatima & Olivier Daysoul


Eric Lau - Yesterday feat. Guilty Simpson, Fatima & Olivier Daysoul

We've been covering the magnificent beatmaker Eric Lau previously in a couple of posts, most def one of our top favorites! His new EP 'The Mission' will be out february 3rd on Kilawattmusic. The second track that been presented from the EP is Yesterday feat. Guilty Simpson, Fatima & Olivier Daysoul. How about those features huh?? The always steady detroit supreme Guilty Simpson features on 5 of the 7 tracks and who seem to chose his collaborations with a perfect aim. Our own swedish London gal Fatima who released a fab EP in 2011 along with other great projects together with fLako, Floating Points, Shafiq Husayn of Sa-Ra and more. The souly Olivier Daysoul released together with Oddisee his solo debut 'Mr. Saint Louis' two years ago and featured on Onra's 'Long Distance', one of the best tracks from 2010.

1. Intro (U Ready?)
2. The Mission (feat. Guilty Simpson)
3. Can You Feel It? (feat. Guilty Simpson & Fatima)
4. Burn It Up (feat. Guilty Simpson)
5. He Said, She Said (feat. Guilty Simpson)
6. Yesterday (feat. Guilty Simpson, Fatima & Olivier Daysoul)
7. Outro (Supreme)

UPDATE: The Mission EP out today feb.3 2012. Listen to it for free over at the bandcamp site, or stream over your spotify account. Support soulful hiphop and purchase for a couple of pennies.

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