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Will Sessions - Mix takes LP

Shit...right now there are so many hot crews putting on a stunning live hiphop experience. The first crew we came across putting our live covers of rap jams was El Michels Affair. Then the Robert Glasper Experiment appeared on our radar to be quickly followed by Bad Bad Not Good and Will Sessions.

This new release the Mix takes LP will only be released on limited edition vinyl put out by the legendary Fat Beats:

"Will Sessions impressed with the meticulous craftsmanship of their studio re-workings of the classic tracks on The Elmatic Instrumentals.  With their new two-part video "Mix Takes," the five-piece band is taking a similar approach in recreating some of their favorite songs--only this time it was all recorded and filmed live in real time. Whether referencing music by jazz greats Herbie Hancock and Bob James or replaying beats made famous by Nas or J Dilla, it's all presented with seamless transitions in the style of a mixtape, and "Mix Takes" both showcases the band's individual talents and reflects the airtight performances that have made them one of the hottest live bands in Detroit." (

Will Sessions - Mix takes LP is available now via Fat Beats.

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