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Beathearts top features 2011

We talked to many inspiring artists, producers and DJs over the year. Whenever we get the chance we meet up with the people behind the music and ask them about their inspirations. Three of our favourite features of 2011 were with Byram Jospeph (Slakah the Beatchild), Andy Williams (Yam Who?) and Robert Glasper/Chris Dave (Robert Glasper Experiment). If you missed out here's another chance. Looking forward to new Beathearts sit-downs in 2012!

Robert Glasper Experiment
"I was in [Dilla's] basement the night he put together the beat for [Bilal's] Remanisce [often interpreted in Glasper's live Dillaludes]. After that we built a relationship, so when ever we went up to Detroit we used to hang out at the shows or mix a record and it just developed from there on."
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Yam Who?
"Like Floating Points said to us, we redefined the edit and turned it into an artform."
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Slakah the Beatchild
"One summer when I was about 8 my family took a trip down to the mother land of Carriacou (Grenada) [---] At this point I had never touched a drum kit in my life, but when I sat down, I dropped a basic beat and kept time and my mom was like "wtf?!"
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