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Slakah - Soul movement vol. 2 (preview)

Just finished watching the preview session stream straight from Slakah the Beatchild's studio in Toronto. We just love the concept of our favourite producers opening up and showing their behind the scene creative process.

This morning Byram gaves a ruff draft sneak preview of most of the tracks from the upcoming follow-up Soul Movement Vol.2. My key take aways from the session was:
  • He's sticking with that smooth, organic, headnodding productions that we grown to love
  • There will be quite a few uptempo tracks aimed at the clubs
  • There will probably be two tracks featuring Toronto's other man of the year Drake
The two stand-out tracks from the listen-through was:

All to myself: Another headnodding banger which themes the dilemma producers face when choosing which beats to keep for their own records and which to sell to put food on the table.

Here's yesterday: Is an ode the organic sound of the 70ies. It's produced by yet another Toronto talent Lord Quest.

He didn't say anything about a release date but it will most defintely be one of the releases we'll keep our eyes out for in 2012.

Since there are no official preview sounds off the album we remind you of Slakah's most recent beat tape Vol.5. In our recent intereview with Byram stated that Vol.5 might be the last of beat tapes he will leak so get it while it's still available!

Download: Slakah the Beatchild - Beat tape vol.5

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