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Beathearts flavor of the month: BusCrates 16-Bit Ensemble

“It came from being a DJ, not having a car, and taking crates of records on the bus.”

With an alias as dope as his beats, Buscrates a.k.a. Orlando Marshall is our Beathearts flavour of the month. Great name, great beats from this DJ/producer from Pittsburgh's East End. Teaming up with Iman Williams, Fayth Hope, Velben, Tahir Jahi, he puts out magic under the Buscrates 16-bit Ensemble moniker. Earlier accomplishments is among others an album from the earlier mentioned Iman Williams.

What first caught our attention was his stunning refix of french nusoul singer Meemee Nelzy - Comme Un Lotus (below). For some reason the last weeks there have been tunes, remixes and beats popping up from all over the place from the man. Funky, deep, futuristic soul, just the way we like it.

Meemee Nelzy - Comme Un Lotus (BusCrates 16-bit remix)

Buscrates & Tahir Jahi - Fast Food (Biggie-Sized)

Fayth Hope - Truly Deeply Madly (BusCrates 16-bit remix)

With tracks as these we have very high expectations of what's to come. While waiting for an album we've put togheter a lil' collection of some of the amazing tracks we picked up from Buscrates lately. Enjoy!
J-Live - Listening (BusCrates 16-bit remix)
Meemee Nelzy - Comme Un Lotus (Buscrates 16-bit remix)
Q-tip - Work it out (BusCrates 2nd remix)
Buscrates 16-bit Ensemble - For the people
BusCrates 16-bit Ensemble - Jokers
BusCrates 16-bit Ensemble - Stepping stones
BusCrates 16-bit Ensemble - Fast food (Biggie-sized)

As a bonus here's a ringtone (!) he put together for Locallytoned:
Download: BusCrates - Glockenspiel tone

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