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Beathearts top selections 2013: Best tracks

2013 was an interesting year indeed. Filled with surprises there are not many expected releases that ended up in our top selections this year. Below we've tried to highlight some of the tracks that touched us the most over the year that passed. We've had heroes that came back, quite a few new acquintances and of course plenty of friends that stayed on top of their game.

Bahamadia - Dialed up
There were quite a few musical heroes that surprised us with great new material. Lika Bahamadia who out of nowhere dropped the 11-minute dialed-up joint recorded on here phone (!) Another complete surprise was here collaboration with Swedish underground art/dance collective Melo who released a tune entitled "Hollow" ft. Bahamadia. There has been so much talk about her new album "Here" that we keep our fingers crossed that these two tracks are the warm up for that.
Download/buy: Bahamadia - Dialed up

Q-tip & Busta Rhymes - Thank you
We already listed their "Abstract and the dragon" as the mixtape of the year. The "Thank you" track is one of the reasons they convinced us that they're still on top of their game.
Download: Qtip & Busta Rhymes - Thank you

Peshay - Dirty
Back in the day Peshay (Paul Pesce) was one of the drum'n'bass originators. Peshay (alongside Photek perhaps) was one of those producers that whenever he dropped a new dubplate you knew you could could cop it without listening first. I haven't heard any music from him in years until about a month ago when he dropped an jawdropping track entitled "Dirty". 80's infused funk track that sound like a Dâm-Funk rework of Hashim's classic track "Al-Naafiysh (The Soul)". Absolutely awesome!
Download: Peshay - Dirty

Kelela & Jam City - Cherry coffee
LA producer and vocalist released this game changing R'n'B mixtape "Cut 4 me" featured producers about to blow up like Jam City, Kingdom and Nguzunguzu. To quote Factmag who appointed it the 5th best release of the year:

"In the way that the Aaliyah-Timbaland-Missy Elliott axis set a high watermark for r’n’b more than a decade earlier, Kelela and her Night Slugs/Fade to Mind collaborators have re-written the rulebook. While her peers hid behind the haze of post-Weeknd wooziness, shamelessly aped ’90s stylings, or continued down well-worn, rap-facing pathways, Kelela bared her soul with a one-in-a-million vitality and a sound unlike anyone else." No doubt!
Download: Kelela & Jam City - Cut 4 me

Hawk House - Tidal tendencies
First mixtape from this South London crew. The group consists of two emcees (and brothers) Sam, Eman, and vocalist, Demae who brought us
Download: Hawk House - A little more elbow room
Official video: Hawk House - Tidal tendencies 

DJ Rashad - Let it go
Probably the footwork release of the year from this Hyperdub artist. His album "Double Cup LP" was not bat but this EP outshone most releases on the scene.
Listen: DJ Rashad - Let it go

Terry Tester - It's all right
It was no surprise that Danish producer Thomas Månsson featured two of our most listened to releases of the year. The "Mixed ape music"-compilation and his own record "The Short Suite". His Alright track has a unique hypnotic sound that we never grow tired of. A given track for our list of top tunes of the year.
Download: Terry Tester - It's all right

Melo - Save me
First track in years. Hopes of a second album to follow up on his subliminal 2008 release "Off my chest" (Raw Fusion)...
Listen: Melo - Save me

The Good Sin & 10.4 Rog - Tomorrow
One of the most underrated rappers/story tellers, The Good Sin, put out yet another great collab with just as underrated producer 10.4 Rog for the most beautiful rap tune of the year. His "one-release-a-week"-project entitled "Fall Back Season" kicked off the year in style with ten great tunes. We're keeping our fingers crossed they'll kick off 2014 just as strong!
Download: The Good Sin - Fall Back Season
Listen: The good sin & 10.4 Rog - Tomorrow

Producer Anders Christensen, guitarist Peter Lützen and lead singer Amalie Stender is the set-up of Danish electronic minimalistic pop trio. Our first encounter was their track "Ikke for sent" as remixed by Boom Clap Bachelors back in 2010. This year their finely tuned "Børn af natten" (Children of the night) kept us humming happily on our way home from a late summer event.
Listen: Panamah - børn af natten

Opolopo & M-Rock
Best edits of the year originated in Stockholm and Toronto...
Download: Kleer - Tonight (Opolopo refix)
Listen/BuyDaft Punk - Get lucky (M-Rock's bangin' disco mix)

Jose James - It's all over your body
Questlove did his best to keep the hype alive for that third album from D'Angelo. While the world waited for D, Jose James delivered the album and the tunes that D'Angelo couldn't get out. Check his live session for The All Saints Spitalfields Basement Sessions below.

That's it. Final post of the year. We can't thank you enough for all the amazing feedback and input we've got from you all this past year. Followers, artists, labels, venues, fellow bloggers, DJs and partners.

If you want to get in touch with new music, ideas, feedback and questions don't hesitate to hit us up right here, on Twitter @beatheartsblog or e-mail:

Want more? Don't worry. We'll be back tomorrow with our rundown of our take on the best releases of the year as well as predictions of what to expect from 2014.


Beathearts top selections 2013: Top 3 Live performances

Great year for live performances! Among others we've been fortunate to experience Prince, Laura Mvula, Nas, Karriem Riggins, The Knife, Remi Panossian Trio, Jam City, Benji-B, Adam Beyer, Joel Mull, Ida Engberg, Junip, Kaah and many more.

In my mind the best three shows of the years was put together by an eclectic trio of performers to say the least: The Knife, Rémi Panossian Trio and Prince!

1. The Knife live @ Subtopia, Stockholm, May 16th 2013
Now, the Driejer siblings are a story of their own. For good and bad they're not compromising which often means that you either love or hate what they're doing. I'll admit I'm kind of a late follower of the Knife's work but since their 2006 album "Silent shout" I've been hooked.

This year was the first time I caught their live show and I must say I was blown away. All too many artists don't care about the venue, are sloppy with sound and light, let their record company chose the warm-up-act at random and often let the crowd wait for hours. This summer, the Dreijer's did the opposite:

They chose a venue normally used by a modern era cirkus with a great vibe. They had organised four or five food trucks serving quality (!) street food, coffee and drinks. Quality food at a concert is in my experience almost unheard of.

They had two warm-up acts to put the crowd in the right mood: first a steel drum band performing Beyoncé covers (!) followed by a Dance-oke group which was like a aerobics instructor leading the crowd to dance to music video clips projected on the walls. It ended with a crazy Bollywood video that lead right into the show with the crowd more than ready for the show. The show didn't really end but just transformed into a 90's rave vibe with DJ's seamlessly taking over with minimal techno set that lasted a couple of more hours. I must say I've never experienced such care into making all parts into ONE event. 

What about the show then? Well, if you're a fan you've probably already read the split reviews. If not, it's crazy. I different from anything else. Is it performance? Is it art? Is it live? Is it play-back? Does it really matter? I thought it was the best show of the year. No doubt.

I haven't found any great live shots from the show except for the Knife own photage. Needs to be experienced live but it gives you a taste.

2. Remi Panossian Trio @ Duc des Lombards, Paris, February 2013
While in Paris last winter one of the live events that caught our eye was by the Remi Panossian Trio at the Duc Des Lombards jazzclub. We had heard about them before but had never really took the time to check them out. The gig turned out to be the release party for their second album entitled BBANG and it blew us away. Experimental but still funky. Jazzy but with an edge.

We couldn't help relating to the Robert Glasper Experiment and wanted to know more. So we hooked up with Remi to bring you part 7 of our Beat Generation Series. They're continuously touring the world but we're very much looking forward to both new recorded material and a live show up north.

Read more: Beat Generation Series #7: Remi Panossian Trio (France)

3. Prince @ Music & Arts, Stockholm, August 4th 2013
Regulars might remember that we chose Prince as one of the artists of the year last year. Beathearts Top Selections 2012. I had never experienced Prince live before and had very mixed feelings before the show. His influence (from his older work) has never been stronger at the same time is his new material just as irrelevant. Either way the show was not what I expected but still great. He avoided almost any hit song (at least the first two and a half hours). Not many artists can do that and still rock the crowd. Actually I can't think of any artist or group that can do that. If I remember correctly he gave the crowd three (!) rounds of encores and performed for well over three hours. Not many artists of his magnitude would give their audience their all. Hats off for Prince Roger Nelson.

Download: Wax Poetics epic Prince mixtape

So what's coming up next year? Well, first off we're very much looking forward to the Kraftwerk 3D show @ the amazing Cirkus venue in Stockholm at the end of January!


Beathearts top selections 2013: Best mixtape

For a long time the term "mixtape" has been used as a very broad concept. Often as a loose collection of tunes the artist can't clear samples for or won't get or don't want to get a traditional record deal for. This definition of the word "mixtape" prevailed in 2013 but there have been more and more "mixtapes" in the more traditional  meaning of the word. Not as cassettes maybe (except for the awesome Stones Throw releases) but worked through collection of songs skillfully mixed together.

THE MOST CLASSY TAPE OF THE YEAR: Terry Tester - Autumn mix
Terry Tester (CPH) has been doing it for years and his modestly namned "Autumn mix" was another great example of skill, great taste and a genre breaking blend. Download.

4/4 OF THE YEAR: T.E.E.D. - Fabric Live promo mix
Another mix that stunned us was Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaur's promo mix for Fabric Live. Not as broad as Terry's mix maybe but an awesome display of both studio and mixing skills and a fantastic collection of tunes. Stream.

THROW BACK OF THE YEAR: Onra & Lexis - Throw 'em up vol.1 & 2
The maybe biggest surprise of the year was Onra & Lexis (two!) 90s RnB throw-back mixtapes. Fantastic concept and we especially appreciate their collection of the videos. Download.

KILLA TAPE OF THE YEAR: Q-Tip & Busta Rhymes - The Abstract & The Dragon
It's been disputed that it's not a mixtape but (as discussed above) just a loose collection of tracks and only a few new songs. That it was too long over due. That they should've put together a "real" album instead. But in my mind there's no denying that "The abstract and the Dragon" is, if not a mixtape, the killa tape of the year simply because it's an awesome collection of tunes from two of the best rappers of all time. In my mind matched by no-one.

Maybe they could've skipped a couple of the skits but for me it's a nod to Wu Tang's debut album where the skits gave an insight into the minds of the collective for good or for bad and added a feeling of being there with them at the time of the creation.

Raekwon: Yo Meth, where my killah tape at ya? First of all, where the fuck is my tape at!?
Methodman: Yo son, I ain't got that piece son
Rae: How you ain't go my shit, when I let you hold it man?
Meth: Yo, niggas came over to have 40 and blunts kid, that shit just came up missin' man
Rae: Come on man, that don't got nothin to do with my shit man!
Meth: Come on man, I'll buy you 4 more fuckin killah tapes man...
Wu Tang Clan - 7th chamber (1994)

Hightlights? Just check the tracklist below but any mixtape that includes Dilla's masterpiece "Lightworks" gets an extra gold star.

Download: Q-Tip & Busta Rhymes - The Abstract & The Dragon

01. "Intro"
02. A Tribe Called Quest - God Lives Through (feat. Busta Rhymes)
03. Q-Tip - "Gettin Up" (DJ Scratch Remix) (feat. Busta Rhymes)
04. A Tribe Called Quest - "Steppin' It Up" (feat. Busta Rhymes and Redman)
05. "Thank You" (Kid Capri Remix) (feat. Lil Wayne and Kanye West)
06. "Always Add On Interlude"
07. "The Abstract & The Dragon"
08. A Tribe Called Quest - "Wild Hot" (feat. Busta Rhymes)
09. "Speaks (Skit)"
10. A Tribe Called Quest - "One Two Shit" (feat. Busta Rhymes)
11. "We Taking Off"
12. Q-Tip - "Renaissance Rap Remix" (feat. Busta Rhymes, Raekwon, and Lil Wayne)
13. Q-Tip - "Get Down" (feat. Busta Rhymes)
14. "Butch Sundance"
15. "Shaheem Reid Speaks (Skit)"
16. Busta Rhymes - "Pardon My Ways" (ELE 2 Exclusive)
17. "Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Programming (Skit)"
18. Q-Tip - "For The Nasty" (feat. For The Nasty)
19. "Come On Down (Skit)"
20. Big Daddy Kane - "Come On Down" (feat. Busta Rhymes and Q-Tip)
21. "J Dilla (Skit)"
22. Busta Rhymes - "You Can't Hold The Torch" (feat. Q-Tip)
23. Busta Rhymes - "Lightworks" (feat. Q-Tip and Talib Kweli)
24. "Chris Lighty (Skit)"
25. Q-Tip - "Vivrant Thing" (feat. Busta Rhymes and Missy Elliott)
26. Busta Rhymes - "Ill Vibe" (feat. Q-Tip)
27. A Tribe Called Quest - "Scenario" (feat. Leaders Of The New School)
28. A Tribe Called Quest - "Scenario (Remix)" (feat. Hood & Leaders Of The New School)


Beathearts top selections 2013: Best re-edit

It's that time of year when we look back at all the musical magic that has passed through our inbox the last 12 months. Over the next week or so we plan to go through the releases we really enjoyed in 2013. We'll take your through our favourite tunes, albums, mixtapes, live performances and probably a few more categories. To kick things off, re-edits:


The re-edit frenzy of 2012 calmed down a bit this year but there were still a few very dope releases. SIS's version of Luniz "5 on it", Kaytranada's take on Modjo's "Lady", Oneman's edit of The XX "Chained" the list could go on but finally we also have to mention DJ M-Rock's awesome phillysoul edit of Daft Punk's blockbuster "Get lucky". It's one of those rare moments when the edit outplays the original with a minimal but oh so critical extra touch.

But the track that stood out for us this year was Peter Major a.k.a. Opolopo's rework of Kleeer's classic "Tonight". Peter locked the groove and added the break from what we believe is Edvin Birdson's "Rapper dapper snapper" (?) as made famous by De La Soul on "Me, myself and I".

Anyways, it's a dope ass re-edit of one of our all time favourite 80's boogie funk tracks by Kleeer. Taken of their 1984 album "Intimate connection" and used by DJ Quick among others. Made available again especially for this occasion so get it below while you still can!

Download: Kleeer - Tonight (Opolopo boogie bounce tweak)


Funk 7.0: Dâm-Funk & Snoopzilla - 7 days of funk

"The funk has a chance to be its own again and I'm just providing the red carpet" (Dâm-Funk 2013)

This week Stones Throw dropped the long awaited and inevitable collaboration between L.A.'s finest Damon Riddick/Dâm-Funk (Pasadena) and Calvin Broadus/Snoopzilla/Snoop Dogg/Snoop Lion (Long Beach).

"Funk is the dirty cousin of rock, soul, jazz, classical, house and electronic music. [---]The next phase is beautiful chords and harmonies on top of a hard beat. Imagine the song structure of Prefab Sprout or Thom Bell song (The Delfonics/The Spinners) were put on a funk beat with claps, kicks and basslines. That's the next phase - at least that's where I'm trying to go." (Dâm-Funk 2013 - p3.soul)

This album is entitled "7 days of funk" and has conceptually been talked about for years but finally saw the light of day on December 10th. It's the logical next step in the development of the funk:

Funk 1.0: James Brown
P-Funk 2.0: Parliament/Funkadelic
M-Funk 3.0: Minneapolis/Prince/The Time
E-Funk 4.0: Electronic Funk, Mtume/Kashif/Juan Atkins/Mantronix
G-Funk 5.0: Snoop & Dr Dre
Nu-Funk 6.0: Dâm-Funk
H-Funk 7.0: Pasadena meets Long Beach to create H-funk - Harmonic Funk

"Funk is being in love but all of sudden the girl you love does something unexpected and you have to pick up the pieces. Funk to me is walk out of the house in the sunset, newly washed car and all of a sudden you get a flat tire and you find yourself in a bad neighborhood and the payphone is broken - and you wonder what have I gotten myself into? That's funk!" (Dâm-Funk 2013 - p3.soul)

First track off the album is "Faden away". A late night roller about a fading relationship. It's build on a deep lowkey production by Dâm and the newly acquired harmony skills that Snoop first showed off on his "Reincarnated" album.

“We’re the babies of the Mothership. I’ve had funk influences in my music my whole career. Dam-Funk is cold. He’s keeping the funk alive and I knew I had to get down with him.” (Snoop -

As always Stones Throw put alot of effort into the accompanying artwork with house designer Jeff Jank in charge and illustrations by Lawrence Hubbard. Read more about Jeff's work in this NothingMajor interview.
Track by track review:

1.Niggaz hit D pavement
If you expected a slow, laidback intro think again. D and Snoopzilla kicks off with a rare uptempo track. The title flirting with Snoop's old G-image but here evoking that other meaning of hitting the pavement: "You don't work - you don't eat".

2.Let it go
In a suprising but somehow logic move the fellas put down a dope cover of Patrice Rushen's "Feels So Real" (1984).

3.Faden away
The first single of the album. Still sounding fresh after two months on rotation.

4.1 question ft. Steve Arrington
Not the strongest track but I really dig the coming together of three generations of funk with Steve Arrington (of Slave) thrown into the mix. Don't miss out on his first solo album in years released earlier this year. Produced by who? Yep, Dam-funk...

5. Ride ft. Kurupt
Smooth summer track to cruise with windows down and wind blowing. Takes us back to the vibe of one of L.A. funk finest moments,  Dr.Dre's "Let me ride". Swing down, sweet chariot stop and let me ride... :)

6. Do my thang
Noncence  lyrics but bad ass harmonies as an ode to the originators of the mothership connection.  Based on “I Gots 2 Be Done Wit' U” from Dam's "Toeachizown".

7. I'll be there 4 U
Now this is what we've been waiting for!  The sound of what happens when generations meet and new genres are created. Funk 7.0 - Harmonic Funk. Tracks 1-6 are really dope but sounds like good ol' Snoop on top of Dam-funk beats. "I'll be there 4 U" has a blend of a toy-xylophone, an 808-pattern, subbass and lyrics paying dues in the vein of Daft Punk's "Teachers" (1997). This takes us forward for real.

8. Systematic ft. Tha Dogg Pound (Bonustrack)
Another example of what we'd call funk 7.0. Speed up a bad ass dubstep bassline. Add that infamous Dam-Funk funky handclap and analogue keyboard freestyle. Throw on a Dogg Pound reunion and we got ourselves a future classic. 

When we chose what releases to write about we try to pick pieces that takes us places. "7 days of funk" is that kind of record. Now I have yet to pay L.A. a visit but during the last 30 minutes of funk the urge to jump the next flight to LAX has never been stronger. .

Listen: Dâm-Funk & Snoopzilla - 7 days of funk (Spotify)

Buy: Dâm-Funk & Snoopzilla - 7 days of funk (via

Bonus download: Dâm-Funk - Hood Pass Intact [After 2:AM Instrumental Re-Freak version]


DJ Terry Tester - Autumn movement mix

Autumn awesomeness once again from Double-T. Terry Tester on point as always on this mixtape put out by INI movement in Amsterdam.

Still on that electronic, soulful boom-bap style - regulars know what we're talking about. New track by Buscrates 16-bit ensemble. A new discovery for me was The Insomniax "A vibe for Chrissy" taken off their Love she wants EP from last year.

Also if you somehow managed to miss Terry's bangers "Be alright" and "Clean up your act" their both still available on the Making Monkey Music compilation below.

Download: DJ Terry Tester - Autumn movement mix
Download: Making Monkey Music Is A Must compilation (ft. Be alright & Clean up your act)

1. Terry Tester: Be Alright
2. Buscrates 16-bit Ensemble: Cut Out The Lights
3. Kas Flow: Schema
4. Twelve Beats: Ghetto Gourmet
5. Blacc El x Kriswontwo: F.W.P. feat. Jaleesa
6. The Insomniax: A Vibe For Chrissy
7. Exampler: The Neverdies
8. Terry Tester: Clean Up Your Act
9. Vincent Van Go Go: The Wound
10. Owusu and Hannibal: Le Fox
11. Terry Tester: Late Night Jawn


Jo Def - Swim/TookItThurr (Steps album)

Snap, crackle and pop and stop the press!

We love new music and listen through a lot every week. But it's not very often a new artist comes in and totally takes over. I think it was about a week ago we got the "Swim/TookItThurr" promo in our inbox. JoDef comin' straigh outta Oxnard, Los Angeles, and I got drawn in and have more or less stayed in the world of JoDef all week.

If you haven't heard the tracks already "Swim" is a filtered broken tune with a housy feel chopping up classic Sade vocals. "TookItThurr" is a rework of Slum Village/Dilla's classic "2U4U". I'm struggling to find words to describe the style but I just love the blend of influences and genres. Amazing!

'Steps' is a timely release that comes during an experimental and fluid epoch in electronic music which proves to be a soulful, west-coast inspired footwork masterpiece. With varying influences from Jukesquad to TekLife – the original Chicago footwork crews, Jo Def carefully combines west coast leaning, bass-heavy vibes with traditional syncopated footwork sounds to produce a cohesive listen all the way through. (

This double A-sided EP was the warm up for his album that was just released entitled "Steps". The album is a collection of reinterpreted tracks from a wide range of influences. From the two above mentioned to R.Kelly's "It seems like you're ready" and Louie Vega & Kenny Dope's deep house classic "Deep inside".

And as if that wasn't enough his label Soulection (label, radioshow and music collective) has decided to put out the album for free for a limited period. Absolutely essential. Get it now!

Download: JoDef - Steps


Lulu Rouge - The Unga Bunga mixtape

From the cream of the crops of the Danish electronica scene LuLu Rouge brings us the mixtape of the week. Originally put together for Danish national radio this minimal deep house blend is crispy as a chilly morning in fall. As always they throw a handful of their exclusive Lulu edits in the mix and as always there are a few new names to discover. Put on your finest headphones and download below.

Download: Lulu Rouge - The Unga Bunga mixtape

Track List :
Pulshar / KMS / Pablo Bolivar Space Edit / Lulu Rouge Edit
Lulu Rouge feat Fanney Osk / Sign Me Out /HANKAT Remix
The Knife / Raging Lung / Hannah Remix
Ten walls / Gotham
Alex Metric & Jacques Lu / Unknown / Lulu Rouge Edit
Vision Quest / Words Chance Volta Forrest
Marcashken / Sos Catwalk
German Brigante / Games
Glipse / True South
Pig And Dan / On Edge
Saschienne / Unknown / Dixon Remix / Lulu Rouge Edit
John Tejada / Somewhere / Lulu Rouge Edit
Matador / Kingswing


Peshay - Dirty (LabelLove Vol.4)

Back in the day Peshay (Paul Pesce) was one of the drum'n'bass originators. Peshay (alongside Photek perhaps) was one of those producers that whenever he dropped a new dubplate you knew you could could cop it without listening first. Man, he knew how to chop those breaks! Just listen (below) to one of my favourite tunes from that era, "Vocal tune" where he transformed Master at Work's house singer India's vocals from "Love & Happiness" London pirate radio style.

Well, it's been a while but on the latest LabelLove compilation Vol.4 he droppes an jawdropping track entitled "Dirty". 80's infused funk track that sound like a Dâm-Funk rework of Hashim's classic track "Al-Naafiysh (The Soul)". Track of the week. Absolutely awesome! Get it below.

Download: LabelLove Vol.4 (ft. Peshay - Dirty)

Peshay ft India - Vocal tune

Benji B's Deviation night at XOYO

Oi! Regulars know we've been down with Benji B for years but the other week we finally got a chance to witness his crew in action at his Deviation night at XOYO in London. Dark, deep and dirty as expected it's such an awesome venue. That night featuring guests Jam City, Mickey Pearce

One of the biggest tunes of the night was Zed Bias rework of Scrufizzer's "Kick it". If I'm not mistaken it was Jam City who dropped it and it's one of those tunes that is great in your headphones but absolutely kills at a place like XOYO. That tunes is also featured on the recent Black Butter Records mixtape. Get it below.

Get it/Listen via Spotify: Scrufizzer - Kick it (Zed Bias Madd again mix)

Download: Black Butter Records Scrufizzer mixtape


Tribute to Pepe Bradock (mixtape by Lexis)

Packed with work tonight I needed a deep soundtrack to concentrate. Then I remembered this tribute to French deep house producer and pioneer, Pepe Bradock (a.k.a. Julien Auger), put together by Lexis over at MIMS a while back.

Julien Auger is maybe best know under the Pepe Bradock pseudonym but to me some of his greatest achievements was done together with Ark under the Trankilou moniker. I dare you to hunt down the awsome Escalope de Dingue EP. Anyway, the mixtape is an absolute stunner, includes classics such as the Cesara Evora track and the Lexis mix is impeccable. Get it below.

Download: Tribute to Pepe Bradock 

01. Pepe Bradock – Life
02. Panash – Cheval
03. International Pony – Bubble in the bottle (Pepe Bradock Happy Zumby Remix)
04. Pepe Bradock – Deep Burnt
05. Pepe Bradock & Michelle Weeks – Movin’ On
06. Pepe Bradock - Vermeille
07. Pepe Bradock - The Charter
08. Cheek - Venus (Pepe Bradock Saucy Precog Remix)
09. Iz & Diz – Mouth (Pepe Bradock Remix)
10. Pepe Bradock – CU @ Minna & Lafayette
11. Pepe Bradock - 4
12. Candi Station – Do Your Duty (Pepe Bradock Erectus Remix)
13. Zero 7 – Today (Pepe Bradock’s WTF HPND Remix)
14. Pepe Bradock - Path of Most Resistance
15. Pepe Bradock – Love is instrumental
16. Alex Gopher - You, My Baby & I (Pepe Bradock’s Finger Drummin Remix)
17. Cesara Evora – Angola (Pepe Bradock Bateau Ivre Remix)


Prince - If I was your girlfriend (DJ Vadim re-rub)

Hot damn! Listening to Radio Nova Paris this morning (great web radio btw) and was stopped in my tracks by this amazing re-rub of "If I was your girlfriend". Producer, DJ, promoter, record collector, radio presenter, occasional painter and writer, DJ Vadim (Vadim Peare) had apparently been sitting on this for years and decided to drop it a few days ago on Soundcloud. Born in Leningrad in the USSR-era, raised in the UK and he's now resident of both New York and Port Au Prince.

"This is just a lil re rub re edit re fix i did of one of my favourite artists a few years back. its not really a fully fledged remix so icannto take mad credit. more a re arrangement, changed the drums, added a little more bass. its been sitting in my vaults and i thought i had already posted it but no. So its fresh n clean 4 U, and since im in mnpls rite now. enjoy your prince fix!"

Make sure to grab right it now before Soundcloud is jammed!

Download: Prince - If I was your girlfriend (DJ Vadim re-rub)


Mark de Clive-Lowe - Church (The Album)

Now here's something we've been waiting for! Mark de Clive-Lowe's in planning to release his live Church experience in album format in May 2014. Regulars know we've been keeping our fingers crossed for this to happen for years. Not heard of the man? Read a selection of our features about MdCL's amazing career, music and life and we know you'll be as excited as we are!

Beathearts's Mark de Clive-Lowe interview part 1 +2
The Church of Mark de Clive-Lowe

Anyway, to make this happen he's currently raising funds via Kickstarter. With platforms like Bandcamp and Kickstarter now it's easier than ever to support your favourite artist directly. Mark is one the artists that inspired us to start promote soulful underground music and if you're as eager as we are to see this album happen check out his Kickstarter campaign before Nov 12th.

"Each month I'd bring in special guests to collaborate with me and meld creative minds. From my favorite musicians, to my favorite singers and MCs, to my favorite DJs, I've been fortunate to have so many of them be part of the vibe. There's been amazing shows outside the US as well - Germany, Holland, Portugal and Australia have all hosted the event at different festivals and venues. 

Playing with the likes of Eric Harland, James Genus, Nate Smith, Mark Kelley, Chris Daddy Dave, Casey Benjamin, Jean Grae, Questlove, Nia Andrews, Gaslamp Killer, Jose James and others has been an amazing experience and tells me that this album is going to be something very special for sure. Every time we throw the event, people 'get' why it's called CHURCH. It's not about a religious angle - it's about uplifting the spirit and the human condition through the power of music."

To get a taster about what Church and MdCL is about check part three of the "One take series" below where he builds a track from scratch with a piano, a couple of keyboards, an MPC and a couple of Kaoss pads. This time around it's Mark freestylin' around Minnie Ripperton's "Inside my love" (1975).

Learn more about his upcoming album here: Mark de Clive-Church presents Church


Modern soul's best kept secret: James Fauntleroy

Friday Sep 27th, one of modern soul's best kept secret released his new album. Well sort of. The album was the completion of Justin Timberlakes' 20/20 vision project and I'm talking about one of the most prominent soul writers/producers of the 2010's James Fauntleroy.

Michael Jackson had Quincy Jones to distillate his genius and make his visions happen. Today's r'n'b artists have James Fauntleroy. Fauntleroy is co-writer on all tracks on 20/20 vision. Teaming up with Timberlake and Rob Knox the production trio calls themselves "The Y's". Up until this summer I have to admit I'd never heard of Fauntleroy but he's produced a pile full of the top r'n'b tunes the last couple of years. It's just that you had to read the small print liner notes to realize it.

Frank Ocean, Brandy, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Destiny's Child, Ciara, Drake and as the list goes on I'm even more amazed there's hardly any interviews, TV-features or even a wikipedia article about the guy. But what's interesting is not only the artists he worked with but that his songs stand out on every single release he's contributed. Just check out the tune he did with Robert Glasper for Terrace Martin's album 3ChordFold.

Terrace Martin ft Robert Glasper & James Fauntleroy - No wrong, no right

Now I wasn't convinced by Jay-Z's "Magna Carta" album but listen close to Fauntleroy's contribution on "Part II (on the run)" or Timberlake's "Suit & tie" or Brandy's "Drum life" or GOOD Music's "Clique" and a new world opens up.

G.O.O.D. Music (Big Sean, Kanye & Jay-Z) - Clique

He's not only a brilliant songwriter but also a pretty decent vocalist. Several of his original demos later performed by other artists have been leaked over the years. "No air" is just one example. Other great tracks are "Allergic to you".

When you start to dig around for what productions he's been involved with it's even more strange he's still not a household name. Another project I recently discovered he was a part of was Cocaine80s. Along with No I.D. and Common, Fauntleroy has put out four EPs. As expected it's No I.D. on production, Fauntleroy’s writing and Common’s rapping. But just as the above mentioned productions Fauntleroy’s harmonies continues to be the stand-out part of Cocaine80s’ music.

Cocaine80s - Six feet over

But back to 20/20 vision. With the release of this double-album, there's no denying that Fauntleroy's production and song writing skills are now in the global spotlight. Or as Questlove put it in the Okayplayer forums just before the release:

"I admire the balls it took to make this record. Cause he coulda easily urshurd his work in and made Diplo his Teddy Riley to 20/20's "Dangerous" [Michael Jacksons album produced by TR] instead of sticking with Timb's Quincy. Feel me?" he played me songs out of order and off both records so I don't know what made the final cut) so I was shocked he wasn't 4 on the flooring it like the Timb of 2005 was doing. Like these joints were straight up Missy/Magoo/Timb. And Justin said he wanted Timb to "get back in his real zone" even if it meant alienating the tweens born after 86 who never ever heard of the Sly Slick and Wicked I mean "Suit and tie" is the MOST UNLIKELY James Brown production reference. 

Sly Slick & Wicked - Sho nuff (1973)

Questlove continues:

"Of course unless you got a master degree in soul-ology [the Sho Nuff reference] won't mean shit to you. And I told him my assistant Zarah (born in 88) was frowning like 'i don't like this song' and is he cool with the fact that only 35 year old people who love their soul in 95 bpm zone will "get" this song. And he was like 'why do we put all of our power in the hands of 18 year olds? I wanted to make a joint that 40 year olds would love too. And by the time the video came out all the 86 after sect were aboard again. (I agree the only thing I don't like about Suit and Tie is Jay's beat switch up. It's cute but its a pander move. If you gonna go 40 - go 40/40 with it. Anywho, I love the songs, but was worried on how he will cut the prime rib to feed to toothless babies. Ballsy move however. I applaud ballsy moves."

And with tracks like "Take back the night" even the most hardcore keep it real critics will have a hard time not to crack a smile. It will be really interesting to see where Fauntleroy will take it next.

Justin Timberlake & Fauntleroy - Take back the night

Listen on Spotify: James Fauntleroy's 20/20 vision Vol.1

Timberlake - Take back the night
Jay-Z & Beyoncé - Part II (On the run)
Good Music - Clique
Lil Wayne Timberlake & Diddy - Shades (Last train to Paris)
Jordin Sparks - No air
Timberlake & Jay-Z - Suit & Tie
Timberlake - Pusher love girl
Frank Ocean - Fertilizer
Destiny's Child - Nuclear
Ciara - Love sex magic


AllWeDoIsThis - Mixtape 1&2

Stumbled over these two awesome mixtapes from AllWeDoIsThis. A new acquaintance to us this duo based in Copenhagen has released two EP:s so far and sounds promising indeed.

These two blends is deep house at its finest. Deep, hypnotic and perfectly paced for both a late night out and the accidental morning run. Get them both while they're still available.

Download: Mixtape #1

Track list Mixtape #1:
1: Soul Clap – The Neverending Quest For Inspiration (Original Mix)
2: Stimming – The Song (Original Mix)
3: Matthias Meyer – Fallin (Original Mix)
4: Fritz Zander & Martin Dawson – Sleepwalking (Original)
5: Sebastian Wilck – Moustache Groove (Original)
6: Booka Shade – Tickle (Original Mix)
7: Mark Henning – Collider (Original Mix)
8: Joop Junior – Atoomstroom (Original Mix)
9: Mike Shannon – Fresh Water (Original)
10: AllWeDoIsThis – Out Of Reach (Original Mix)
11: Nic Fanciulli – Wild (Lauren Lane Remix)
12: Lauro Viotti – Myself (Original Mix)
13: Paul Kalkbrenner – Azure (Berlin Calling Mix)

Download: Mixtape #2

Track list Mixtape #2:
1. The Cheapers - The Black Bell (Original Mix)
2. Philip Bader/Nicone - Red Leaf (Original Mix)
3. ICS - Esnesnon (Original Mix)
4. Tom Flynn - Shelter (Original Mix)
5. Steffi - Schraper (AWDIT Edit)
6. Ben Klock – Earthquake (Original Mix)
7. Stefano Noferini - Vegas (Ron Costa Remix)
8. AllWeDoIsThis – Don't Get High On Your Own Supply (Original Mix)
9. John Tejada - Somewhere (Original Mix)
10. Darius Syrossian/Hector Couto - We Both Loco (Original Mix)
11. Oliver Schories - But Maybe (Original Mix)
12. Audiotrophe Ernaehrung - Black (Original Mix)


Terry Tester - Short suite EP

By now, most regulars here at Beathearts know that when new material from the Terry Tester studio in Copenhagen, Denmark it'll be worth your while. This new EP from Thomas Månsson is no exception. It consists of twelve short instrumental tunes mixed together in a....well, a short suite.

The tunes are more electronic than before and are right up our sleeve. Our takeaway tracks are "Be alright","Clean up your act" and the most original title of the week "Beyoncé doesn't care about black people".

1.Be Alright
2.White Russian
4.Clean up your act
5.Walk like sex
6.Late nighters
9.1 for the UK
11.Always come hard
12.Beyoncé doesn't care about black people

Today we got a chance to have a quick chat with the man to ask about how the EP came about:

Beathearts: How did you come up with the concept of the short suite?

Terry Tester: Me and Per Vers (Mixed Ape labelboss) discussed what was the best format for releasing these beats and we agreed to 'beat tape'. The suite idea was to add some sort of coherence to the wealth of different styles and tempos.

Beathearts: This beats are absolute killers but oh so short. Any plans for longer edits or use for other projects?

Terry Tester: Longer (demo)versions of some of the tracks are streaming on Soundcloud, but no plan to release them in that form, sorry.

Beathearts: The sound is a bit different from your earlier work, more electronic/analogue. What was your inspiration?

Terry Tester: The material on Short Suite is more recent than the material on Horses & Diamonds, and as such inspired by new developments in electronic genres. Also, I have acquired more drum machines and stuff since the last project, which can also be heard.

Beathearts: Have to ask about the title of that Beyoncé track?

Terry Tester: The Beyoncé title refers to the somewhat schizophrenic nature of the track alternating between hiphop and house rhythms, which in an odd way reminded me of Kanye West alternating between being a political activist one week ("George Bush doesn't care about black people") and self-absorbed-media-clown the next ("Taylor Swift, imma let you finish, but Beyonce should've won that award..."). Make sense?

Beathearts: With this new sound I wouldn't be surprised if Waajeed called you about a Dirt Tech Reck release any moment now :)

Terry Tester: I'll be waiting for Waajeed to call...

The Short Suite EP will be released digitally on Monday September 9th and on limited edition 10” vinyl on September 23rd.''

Download: Making Monkey Music is a Must compilation (incl. Terry Tester - Be alright)


Beathearts rewind #58: Mood II Swing - Do it your way (1996)

Yesterday, Lexis over at MIMS released this great tribute mixtape for deep house legends Mood II Swing. The group consisted of John Ciafone and Lem Springsteen were discovered by Louie Vega from Masters at Work and released a tall pile of twelve inches in the mid-90s.

That mixtape made me reminisce about one of my favourite garage tunes from that era "Do it your way". It was love at first listen with this track but I've never really thought about why. Maybe it's the simple, organic and instantly addictive groove that keeps you hypnotized for the full 9 minutes? Or maybe the positive message to take control of your life and do whatever makes you happy? Either way, check the original, download a recent edit and the tribute mixtape from Lexis below.

Download: Mood II Swing - Do it your way (GarcyNoise edit)

Download: Lexis - Tribute to Mood II Swing


Cooly G - Sunshine (Simbad 131 mix)

While on the topic of Simbad I have to highlight this lil' nugget. Another (unreleased?) remix this time a track taken off Cooly G's debut album "Playin me" on Hyperdub. Simbad's take on "Sunshine" has got that south London pirate radio vibe that always put a smile on my face. Ace!

Producer of the week here at Beathearts: Simbad - we salute you!

Download: Cooly G - Sunshine (Simbad 131 mix)


Jose James - Black magic (Simbad unreleased dub)

Simbad is exactly the kind of behind the scene producers we started Beathearts to give more attention to. He's been around for years releasing solid tracks and remixes for labels like Raw Fusion, Brownswood and Tru thoughts. You might not know but he was also one of the driving forces behind the Mala in Cuba project. As Mala told us earlier (check the interview here) he has a tendency to never finish his tracks but with Simbad as his sparring partner he finished the project.

Earlier tonight Simbad reminded us of this amazing still unreleased dub remix of Jose James "Black magic". Get it while you can. Free download below courtesy of the man. 


Beathearts rewind #57: Jeru the Damaja - Come Clean

Regulars know we already rewound this before. But ComplexTV recently put out this great clip telling the story of how the track came about.

Our rewind text from April 20th 2012:

For our Beathearts rewind this freezing Friday we go back to 1993 and Jeru The Damaja's breakthrough track Come clean. Also known as the "the water drop beat" it's based on the crazy Shelly Manne track Infinity from his experiment jazz album Mannekind (1972). The tune was made in Premier's appartement and the drumbeat was first improvised on an old Branford Marsalis drum set. Originally Premo wanted to add more music to the beat but when he heard Jeru's flow on the track he knew he had to keep it. Raw, minimal and dirty it's still today one of ruffest beats ever to be pressed on vinyl.

As a bonus here an jazzy interpretation of Premo's classic instrumental.


Joey Bada$$ - Summer Knights

Been spinning Jo-Vaughn Virginie Scott's “Summer Knights” for about a week now. It’s pretty clear the artist better known as Joey Bada$$ has gone from being one of the most talented up and comers of the rap scene to one of the most talented cats on the scene. Period.

With productions from Alchemist, Oddisee, DJ Premier, Statik Selektah, MF DOOM and Lee Bannon it’s no surprise the tape’s got that nu-nineties-vibe. Adding a few productions from Pro-Era producers Kirk Knight and Chuck Strangers and the tape as a whole is a tight package. The meeting of generations is extra evident on “Sweet Dreams” where he uses the “Stuck in the nineties”-quote from Nas “Locomotive”.

Download: Joey Bada$$ - Amethyst Rockstar

Our takeaway tracks are “My Yout”, “Death of YOLO”, “Sorry Bonita” and of course the ProEra-Crew tribute to the late Steelo. BTW, don’t miss out on Kirk Knight’s dope verse on “Amethyst Rockstar”. We wouldn’t be surprised if we will look back on that verse as his Live at the BBQ-moment.

The concrete soundtrack of the summer? No doubt.

Download:  Joey Bada$$ - Summer Knights


Mixed Ape Music Allstars Compilation (2013)

Regulars might remember the Dunkel Radio mixtape we gave you a while back? One of Denmarks finest beat makers, Terry Tester, provided us with one of the finest mixtapes of 2012. No doubt. That mix featured an amazing track previous unreleased from Terry track entitled "Clean up your act". 

That track is now finally available on the Mixed Ape Music label's latest compilations. Released last week it features some of the finest artist from label owner Per Vers a.k.a. Per Uldal's archives. It includes previous and upcoming releases from Vincent Van Gogo (featured on the dope Nova Tunes compilations), Kriswontwo, Blacc El and of course Terry Tester.

For us Terry's "Clean up your act" and his new jam "Be alright" are the take away tracks but the whole compilation is a keeper. We especially appreciate the fact that Per took the effort to put together a dope artwork for the project. A much overlooked part of releasing music these days.

Get the whole thing below while it's still available!

Download: Mixed Ape Music Allstars - Making monkey music is a must compilation (2013)


RaFa Orchestra - Live at Stockholm Jazz (2011)

A Tuesday treat from Rasmus Faber! The live recording of his epic show from Stockholm Jazz Festival 2011 featuring among others Emily McEwan, Simone Moreno and the amazing Melo on vocals (he's got upcoming material of his own by the way).

If I remember correctly this show was initially released in Japan on a limited DVD but now mr Faber is generous enough to put it out for everyone to enjoy. It was a great performance followed by the Robert Glasper Experiement who we interviewed later that night (read that interview here)

If you enjoy the clip the whole thing is available for purchase over at the Fareplane label store.

-01 Are You Ready
-02 Never Felt So Fly
-03 Come With Me
-04 Wilder Side
-05 Your Beat Sounds Like
-06 Free
-07 Ever After
-08 Vasilando
-09 Get Over Here Interlude
-10 Oye
-11 E Samba
-12 Get Over Here
-13 The Rain
-14 Get Over Jam


Beathearts Rewind #56: Queen Latifah - Give me your love (1991)

Stumbled over this lil' gem the other day. One of my alltime favourite Latifah tracks re-edited and fused with the originally sampled Curtis Mayfield record "Give me your love" (1972). It 's reminiscent of the classic Warren G/Michael McDonald "Regulate/I Keep forgetting" re-edit.

Back in 1991, Danish producers Soulshock and Cutfather were blowing up and they also produced the two outstanding tracks off the album that still sound dope today (Fly girl & Give me your love). Latifah's geniously combined vocals and rhyming with the classic Mayfield sample and the patented Soulpower productions harmonies. Beautiful!

Read more about Soulshock's importance for the development of soulful underground music in Scandinavia in our Beat Generation interview with Terry Tester

Queen Latifah - Give me your love (Jaekim re-edit)


Tall Black Guy - 8 Miles To Moenart

"The cross roads where I was living at was 8 Mile and Moenart in Detroit"

One of our artist of the year 2012, Terrel Wallace a.k.a. Tall Black Guy sure seems committed to stay a top of that list. We've had his album  "8 miles to Moenart" spinning in our headphones for almost a week now and it won't let go. Last year he hosted Bastard Jazz's compilation Tempo Dreams exploring new beatmakers worldwide. Among others Brussel's own Monkey Robot featured in our Beat Generation interview Series #4.

Based on that compilation and of course his earlier reworks expectations were high. Here's our track-by-track review of the album:

1.You Look Like A Tall Black Guy Intro 01:16
This intro was sent out as a first taster to the album and features a clip from the old Cosby (!) show cutting up the quote "Just because a guy is tall and black doesn't mean he's good at playing basketball". Ace instrumental, would wouldn't mind hearing a full track of that.

2.The Dark Streets 06:31
The hi-hats. The groove that sneaks up on you about a minute and a half in. Maybe I shouldn't be surprised by the electronic influences but I am. Regulars know we're suckers for the whole slo-mo-house but we didn't expect TBG to deliver the next banger on that playlist. Up there with classic nightbus slo-mo-tracks like Seiji's "I can't let go" and DJ SIS more recent rework of Luniz "I got 5 on it".

3.Funeral Biz / Welcome To Detroit Interlude 04:21
Three tracks deep and here's the next surprise: Remember LTJ Bukem's Earth series? Man, I used to love what his label Good Looking put out in the mid-nineties. Here's a 2K13 take on that sound from TBG. Organic, chords and a laid-back groove to make ya' head nod.

4.From Home To Work, And Back... 02:53
It's got that Slum Village vibe like a forgotten B-side to The look of love. Dope!

5.Mon Amie De'Troit (ft. Ozay Moore) 04:22
First single off the album and a love/hate narrative about his hometown. Featuring smooth low-key vocals by Ozay Moore (formerly known as Othello of hip hop crew Lightheaded).

6.The Motor Is Running 05:50
Is where we wish Timbaland would take his sound in 2013. Interstellar track to make your mind wander.

7.There's No More Soul (ft Diggs Duke) 04:00
Beautiful soundtrack to those late night driving downtown. I imagine Detroit cabbies keeping their occupied signal on to keep grooving to this.

8.Rain Into The Nite - Outro 08:12
Two part track finishing up the album. The outro part might be one of our favorite instrumental grooves so far this year. It's got the broken beat, the vocoder, the chords - simply put a beautiful end to a sublime album.

9.Floating (Hidden track) 5.03
If this hidden bonus track is supposed to give a taster of what's to come from the TBG-studios over the year, we won't be disappointed. Another slow late night groove that would fit nicely on Dwele's next album. In fact, all of these instrumental songs tell a story. It would be very interesting to see what would happen if Terrel invited say Dwele, Hawk House, Rogiers and Miles Bonny to the studio to take it to the next level...

In summary:
All in all, in a fast-paced-what's-next-kind-of-world, "8 miles to Moenart" is a keeper. It's that hidden green back yard garden you sometimes stumble upon walking through a metropolitan area. Sit down, take a breather, take a sip of your favorite beverage and kick back with Tall Black Guy.

Available now via First Word Records & Spotify

DJ SIS - I got 5 on it (SIS edit)

As an evil twin to one of last years greatest remixes (Hannes Fischer's amazing rework of Souls of Mischief's "93 'til infinity") here's Berlin based DJ SIS re-edit of Luniz "I got 5 on it".  As regulars might have noticed, I'm a real sucker for these genre breaking reworks.

What's even better though is that DJ SIS hasn't only put together a bunch of slick re-edit he's released a whole album to back it up about a month ago.

Tip! When you buy the album  "Confidence" on Bandcamp you get a whole package of his re-edits as a bonus.

Buy: DJ SIS - Confidence + re-edits (Bandcamp)


Hawk House - A little more elbow room

Enjoy kickin' back to that vibe of Bahamadia "Uknowhowedo" or Slakah the Beatchild? Well, look no further 'cause London crew Hawk House (previously called themselves A Yellow Man) recently dropped this little gem of a mixtape. Our fave track is "Tidal Tendencies" but the whole package is a keeper. Get it below.

1.Quantum Foam
3.Round We Go
4.Aureolin (Interlude 1)
6.Tidal Tendencies
7.Plum (Interlude 2)
8.Laid Back
9.Save It For Another Day
10.It's Everyday
11.Turqoise (Interlude 3)

Download: Hawk House - A little more elbow room


Sigg Buggz: Certified (Volume 1)

From the man who brought us one of the best remixes of 2012. Sigg Buggz is back with this podcast/mixtape/radioshow that brings us back to his roots and inspirations. It's a great ride in the vein of journeys Mr. Dâm-Funk. As a lil' treat at the end he previews an upcoming new S.B. production. Check it!

Download: Sigg Buggz - Certified Vol.1

1. Jeanette "Lady" Day - "Come Let Me Love You"
2. Gayle Adams - "Don't Blame It On Me"
3. Vicky "D" - "This Beat Is Mine"
4. Joy - "I Need Your Love"
5. Central Line - "Walking Into Sunshine"
6. Stephanie Mills - "Put Your Body In It"
7. Cheryl Lynn - "Shake It Up Tonight"
8. Roy Ayers - "Chicago"
9. Billy Ocean - "Calypso Funkin'"
10. Bobby Nunn - "Private Party"
11. Lillo Thomas - "Trust Me"
12. Sigg Buggz and the GBO - "Act Like You Know [Draft 1]"



In our quest to discover new soulful underground music we come across many up and coming musicians and producers from all around the world. We thought is was about time to put the spotlight on a few of them that we think are about to blow up. We call it The Beat Generation Series.


While preparing for our recent trip to Paris one of the live events that caught our eye was by the Remi Panossian Trio at the Duc Des Lombards jazzclub. We had heard about them before but had never really took the time to check them out. The gig turned out to be the release party for their second album entitled BBANG and it blew us away. Experimental but still funky. Jazzy but with an edge. We wanted to know more and hooked up with Remi to bring you part 7 of our Beat Generation Series. Enjoy!


1. We discovered you quite recently. I believe it was on Radio Nova and before they announced it was you, we were pretty convinced it was a new track from Robert Glasper. Can you see why?

Yes, I can understand on this particular song "Runaway" because there is an hiphop feeling, and Robert Glasper has an huge experience on mixing hiphop beat and jazz.

Remi Panossian Trio - Runaway (Live @ Duc Des Lombards, Paris)

2. The last few years we've covered serval jazz groups with a strong hiphop/club music influences. Groups like DJ Cam Quartet, The Robert Glasper Experiment, BadBadNotGood, El Michel's Affair and Will Sessions have literally blown up. Do you feel a part of that movement?

We never asked ourselves about that, why not? It seems that maybe the link between us is the mix between a lot of different music influences, jazz, hiphop, rock, electro, soul, funk, r'n'b. No frontiers!

3. Who were your musical heroes when growing up?

I grew up with jazz, my heroes was Michel Petrucciani, Keith Jarrett, Abdullah Ibrahim, Bill evans.  And then as a teenager I dicovered Radiohead, and I fell in love with all the 60's and 70's rock, soul and funk music as well. The velvet underground, Janis Joplin, Led Zeppelin, Marvin Gaye, Motown, The Head Hunters etc. Fred (drums) grew up with punk music then funk then jazz. Max (double bass) was more of a fan of progressive rock and classical music.

Listen to a selection of the tracks that have inspired the trio on Spotify:
Remi Panossian Trio - Inspirations Vol. 1

4. To us French pioneers such as Philippe Zdar, DJ Cam, Etienne de Crécy, The Mighty Bop and Boom Bass have been a huge inspiration. What is you relation to these artists if any?

Frankly speaking I have a lot respect for them because they are the first "french touch" but i didn't listen to their music a lot. But because of you I'm gonna do it now! Let's talk about that later :)

5. What are your inspirations today? Could you drop three albums or tunes that have recently blown your mind?

It's not totally recent but...
TV on the radio : "Dear science" (Listen on Spotify)
The Roots : "The Tipping point" (Listen on Spotify)
E.S.T. "Seven days of falling" (Listen on Spotify)

6. How did the three of you hook up?

I know Fred for 12 years when we were students in music school in toulouse, we play together in different bands for 8 years. I met Max in a Jam session in Toulouse 7 years ago and we played a few times together with vocalist or for ""one shot" gigs. In 2009 I decided to make a trio and of course I called my friends! Easy! We knew musically each other already well, so it worked immediatly!

7. Are you a solo artist as well?

This trio is 90 % of my time but I sometimes play with other bands, and especially with my girlfriend Frederika who is a great vocalist! Check her out on Myspace.

8. What does the creative process behind a new Rémi Panossian Trio tune look like? Jam sessions or more traditional song writing?

It's more like a Jam session around new material one of us bring. It could be anything, a groove, a bass line, some chords changes. And then we just explore possibilities and try to develop the first idea all together.

9. From what we've heard so far you're an instrumental group. Are there any dream collaborations with vocalists, rappers or others?

From my side I would say Tuned Adebimpe from TV on the Radio, and Lou Reed.

10. You’ve got such a unique sound. One of the first tracks we heard that blew us away was "Runaway". That break after 1.41 sounds just like a Dilla beat to us. Was it indeed inspired by Dilla or is that only in our heads? Could you tell us how that tune came about? 

It wasn't inspired directly by Dilla but I think by the hiphop we've listened to such as Dr Dre, The Roots and RZA. We're not hiphop specialist but we love the groove! I don't really remember how it came to us, i think it was during one of our sessions. We were working on the first part and then Fred I think suggest to break the tempo and played this groove so we tried things on it.

Listen on Spotify: Remi Panossian Trio - Runaway

11. Another tune that stunned us from you current BBANG album was "BBQ". Especially the way you experiment with the piano sounds playing a "muffled pizzicato" combined with a double bass and live beat. It reminds us of the late nineties drum'n'bass live sound from the likes of Roni Size's Reprazent project, Photek or Peshay. Could you tell us what inspired that tune?

For the sound of the piano, one of the thing we love is changing the acoustic sound without electronic equipment. It's actually just a tape on the strings and the sound becomes very different. And for the groove and bass line, I don't how it comes, we just love groove and so we try to find different one for each song.

Remi Panossian Trio - BBQ (2013)

12. What can we expect from the Rémi Panossian Trio in 2013?

A lot of gigs! We've got several great things planned. For example our first visit to Canada is next June and July. We're gonna play at Montreal jazz festival, Ottawa jazz festival, Vancouver jazz Festival, Halifax, and London (Ontario). Looking forward to it!

We also have two others tours in Asia and a great tour of France in October with a concert at the New Morning in Paris. And of course we'll continue to work on new material!


Watch this space for a Beathearts exclusive clip from the Remi Panossian Trio. Coming up soon!

In the meanwhile enjoy The Remi Panossian Trio - Inspirations Vol.1 (Spotify)