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Lulu Rouge - The Unga Bunga mixtape

From the cream of the crops of the Danish electronica scene LuLu Rouge brings us the mixtape of the week. Originally put together for Danish national radio this minimal deep house blend is crispy as a chilly morning in fall. As always they throw a handful of their exclusive Lulu edits in the mix and as always there are a few new names to discover. Put on your finest headphones and download below.

Download: Lulu Rouge - The Unga Bunga mixtape

Track List :
Pulshar / KMS / Pablo Bolivar Space Edit / Lulu Rouge Edit
Lulu Rouge feat Fanney Osk / Sign Me Out /HANKAT Remix
The Knife / Raging Lung / Hannah Remix
Ten walls / Gotham
Alex Metric & Jacques Lu / Unknown / Lulu Rouge Edit
Vision Quest / Words Chance Volta Forrest
Marcashken / Sos Catwalk
German Brigante / Games
Glipse / True South
Pig And Dan / On Edge
Saschienne / Unknown / Dixon Remix / Lulu Rouge Edit
John Tejada / Somewhere / Lulu Rouge Edit
Matador / Kingswing

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