Google+ Beathearts: Tribute to Pepe Bradock (mixtape by Lexis)


Tribute to Pepe Bradock (mixtape by Lexis)

Packed with work tonight I needed a deep soundtrack to concentrate. Then I remembered this tribute to French deep house producer and pioneer, Pepe Bradock (a.k.a. Julien Auger), put together by Lexis over at MIMS a while back.

Julien Auger is maybe best know under the Pepe Bradock pseudonym but to me some of his greatest achievements was done together with Ark under the Trankilou moniker. I dare you to hunt down the awsome Escalope de Dingue EP. Anyway, the mixtape is an absolute stunner, includes classics such as the Cesara Evora track and the Lexis mix is impeccable. Get it below.

Download: Tribute to Pepe Bradock 

01. Pepe Bradock – Life
02. Panash – Cheval
03. International Pony – Bubble in the bottle (Pepe Bradock Happy Zumby Remix)
04. Pepe Bradock – Deep Burnt
05. Pepe Bradock & Michelle Weeks – Movin’ On
06. Pepe Bradock - Vermeille
07. Pepe Bradock - The Charter
08. Cheek - Venus (Pepe Bradock Saucy Precog Remix)
09. Iz & Diz – Mouth (Pepe Bradock Remix)
10. Pepe Bradock – CU @ Minna & Lafayette
11. Pepe Bradock - 4
12. Candi Station – Do Your Duty (Pepe Bradock Erectus Remix)
13. Zero 7 – Today (Pepe Bradock’s WTF HPND Remix)
14. Pepe Bradock - Path of Most Resistance
15. Pepe Bradock – Love is instrumental
16. Alex Gopher - You, My Baby & I (Pepe Bradock’s Finger Drummin Remix)
17. Cesara Evora – Angola (Pepe Bradock Bateau Ivre Remix)

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