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Mark de Clive-Lowe - Church (The Album)

Now here's something we've been waiting for! Mark de Clive-Lowe's in planning to release his live Church experience in album format in May 2014. Regulars know we've been keeping our fingers crossed for this to happen for years. Not heard of the man? Read a selection of our features about MdCL's amazing career, music and life and we know you'll be as excited as we are!

Beathearts's Mark de Clive-Lowe interview part 1 +2
The Church of Mark de Clive-Lowe

Anyway, to make this happen he's currently raising funds via Kickstarter. With platforms like Bandcamp and Kickstarter now it's easier than ever to support your favourite artist directly. Mark is one the artists that inspired us to start promote soulful underground music and if you're as eager as we are to see this album happen check out his Kickstarter campaign before Nov 12th.

"Each month I'd bring in special guests to collaborate with me and meld creative minds. From my favorite musicians, to my favorite singers and MCs, to my favorite DJs, I've been fortunate to have so many of them be part of the vibe. There's been amazing shows outside the US as well - Germany, Holland, Portugal and Australia have all hosted the event at different festivals and venues. 

Playing with the likes of Eric Harland, James Genus, Nate Smith, Mark Kelley, Chris Daddy Dave, Casey Benjamin, Jean Grae, Questlove, Nia Andrews, Gaslamp Killer, Jose James and others has been an amazing experience and tells me that this album is going to be something very special for sure. Every time we throw the event, people 'get' why it's called CHURCH. It's not about a religious angle - it's about uplifting the spirit and the human condition through the power of music."

To get a taster about what Church and MdCL is about check part three of the "One take series" below where he builds a track from scratch with a piano, a couple of keyboards, an MPC and a couple of Kaoss pads. This time around it's Mark freestylin' around Minnie Ripperton's "Inside my love" (1975).

Learn more about his upcoming album here: Mark de Clive-Church presents Church

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