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Mixed Ape Music Allstars Compilation (2013)

Regulars might remember the Dunkel Radio mixtape we gave you a while back? One of Denmarks finest beat makers, Terry Tester, provided us with one of the finest mixtapes of 2012. No doubt. That mix featured an amazing track previous unreleased from Terry track entitled "Clean up your act". 

That track is now finally available on the Mixed Ape Music label's latest compilations. Released last week it features some of the finest artist from label owner Per Vers a.k.a. Per Uldal's archives. It includes previous and upcoming releases from Vincent Van Gogo (featured on the dope Nova Tunes compilations), Kriswontwo, Blacc El and of course Terry Tester.

For us Terry's "Clean up your act" and his new jam "Be alright" are the take away tracks but the whole compilation is a keeper. We especially appreciate the fact that Per took the effort to put together a dope artwork for the project. A much overlooked part of releasing music these days.

Get the whole thing below while it's still available!

Download: Mixed Ape Music Allstars - Making monkey music is a must compilation (2013)

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