Google+ Beathearts: Mosca - The 5000 followers EP


Mosca - The 5000 followers EP

End of the week! Here are two slow rollers to wind down to. Both tunes in the vein Andrés and the Yes I do like the night bus mixtape covered here earlier.

London based producer Mosca (Tom Reid) kept his promise to his Twitter flow and dropped a free two track EP once he passed the 5000 followers marker. And they're no throw away tracks either. The way we were is a Theo Parrish influenced slomo house roller with an nice jazzy touch to it. Bunching is a more rap influenced beat but still with that Mosca Nightbus bounce. For some reason it reminds us of the classic Armand Van Helden track Funk Phenomena off the Old School Junkies EP. Get it while it's available!

Download: Mosca - The 5000 followers EP

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