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Black Milk & Danny Brown - Zap

Two of Detroit's dopest dudes link up to release the collabo project 'Black & Brown' on Fat Beats.

Last year, Black Milk made the track 'Black and Brown' with Danny Brown on his 'Album of The Year' LP. In a recent interview, Black said that the song has led to an upcoming project: "There’s probably going to six or seven cuts on there, just trying to keep momentum going. Black and Brown was one of people’s favorite joints from the album, so I was just thinking lets throw out a couple joints in an EP."

Below, listen to track 4, 'Zap' with Brown (aka. the rap Frank Zappa) on the raps and Black on the production. 'Black & Brown' will be out November 1st on Fat Beats Records. Pre-order the CD/Vinyl directly from Black Milk’s online shop.


1. Sound Check
2. Wake Up
3. Loosie
4. Zap
5. Jordan VIII
6. Dada
7. WTF
8. LOL
9. Dark Sunshine
10. Black and Brown

Black Milk & Danny Brown - Zap

And... We gotta throw in this killer remix from earlier this year, it's been on replay for a long time.

Bilal - The Dollar (Black Milk Remix)

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