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Andrés aka. DJ Dez - III

Listen up folks! New Andrés record, released a while ago on Moodymann's Mahogany label.

'Be Free Baby' is an insatiably and instantly funky and well executed re-work of Pharoah Sanders' 'You Gotta Have Freedom', adding a good Detroit bounce to the jazzy, minor key undertones.

The record continues in a instrumental beats-track with heavy MPC use and layering of organic licks and riffs to create a hypnotic groove with 'We Run Tings', 'Baby' and 'Make It Last' twisting and rubbing some classic soul samples into bouncy Madlib-esque hip-hop grooves.
'Don't Fall In' serenades us with some delicate and beautiful female vocals over some rough nu-jazz breaks while 'Outta This Earth' closes with some really heavy breaks in this return from the Detroit producer.

Tracks catchy as hell, these are sure to get the heads nodding! But as usual with Mahogany limited edition releases they sell out fast, so be on the lookout for your copy!

Side A
1. Be Free Baby
2. We Run Tings
Side B
1. Baby
2. Make it Last
3. Don’t Fall In
4. Outta this Earth

Andrés - Be Free Baby

Andrés - Make It Last

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