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Nas - Nasty

"I’m not in the winters of my life or the beginner stage, I am the dragon Maserati, pumpin’ Biggie, the great legend Blastin’, I’m after the actress who played Faith Evans My little Jackie Onassis, dig?"

The other day Nas dropped the first video off his upcoming album Life is good. The track is called Nasty and is produced by long time collaborator Salaam Remi. For Nas he has produced tunes like I can, Get down, Made you look and many others. It's great to hear Nas rhyming over a dirty breakbeat again. The video kind of reminds us of the feeling when Biggie's Juicy dropped and it was just what we were hoping for after remaniscing to Elzhi's Elmatic project all summer. Let's just hope the album follow that same boots-on-the-concrete-street-corner-vibe we came to know Nas for.

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