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Newtimers - Falling

Brand new internet release from inside the family! We got a sneak peek of this song a couple of months ago and loved it then, maybe even more now. Plinky, soft soul mixed with uptempo edgy pop. 'Falling' is the first track to be released from their upcoming album 'Ego'. It's up for grabs below as a free download through soundcloud.

Newtimers are our two good friends Andreas Cavaco & Tim Lundblad. Both of them been working on a whole variety of stuff, doing own things as well as tons of songwriting for others, their latest work was for swedish singstress Vanessa Falk upcoming album. Tim Lundblad has some stuff out on his alias Veebeeo which you can find here. Two lovely swedish guys who make soulful music, just the way we like it. They competed last year in the big swedish talent contest "Metro on Stage" with the song 'Words of a Broken Heart' where they finished in the top ten. You can find some other songs on youtube if you click the link.

The response has been overwhelming, blogs all over the world are writing. wrote: "I’m never at a loss for words. I don’t know if this is entirely awesome, or entirely terrible. I can’t make up my mind. If Chromeo and Michael Jackson had a child, this is maybe what they’d sound like."

Let's hope the album drops soon! And the rumor goes that other things are in the making! So keep your eyes and ears open!

Newtimers - Falling

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