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Yes, I do like night bus

I've had this post as a draft for over a year and half now. I've been meaning to write about the stunning Seiji track I can't let it go. This morning there was a tweet from Swedish journalist Andres Lokko that got me going. He wrote about a slow pitched house subgenre on cough syrup called Night bus. Say the name out loud to your self and you'll now what it sounds like. Or as Andres put it (freely translated):

"It's UK dance music that is the offspring of drum'n'bass, raised by dubstep, just out of high school and now has to lead its own life. The mass of these subgenres are like a self supporting ecosystem that possesses the skill to provide the perfect soundtrack for every hour of the day, every situation, feeling or mood.

Night bus is the sound of the feeling that you only experience in the haze between leaving the club and turning in your bed. The feeling between the excited expectations of going out and the despair of early morning. That's what night bus sounds like"

Seiji's track is the perfect example. It is broken yet laidback, it was soulful yet brick hard, it had that 90ies dubsound yet very up-to-date. Simply a stunning piece of soulful underground music! And it's available as a free download here:

Seiji - I can't let go (right click to download)

As a bonus we of course have to provide you with the mixtape that re-created all the buzz: Yes, I do like the night bus from Stayglued: Download


01 - Julio Bashmore - Footsteppin’
02 - Jacques Greene - Tell Me
03 - Deadboy - Fireworks [Slo-mo House Edit]
04 - Kahn - Like We Used To
05 - Julio Bashmore - Ask Yourself [Midland Remix]
06 - Midland - Bring Joy
07 - Lung - Afterlife [Kryptic Minds Remix]
08 - Pixelord & Coax - Equis
09 - Throwing Snow - Un Vingt
10 - Sepalcure - Fleur
11 - Lukid - Hair of the Dog
12 - Jam City - Magic Drops
13 - Fis-T - Night Hunter
14 - Jay Weed - Prism
15 - S-X - Woooo Riddim
16 - Jamie Woon - Night Air [Ramadanman Refix]
17 - Brandy - Angel in Disguise [Fantastic Mr. Fox Remix]

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