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Mark De Clive-Lowe - Church Vol.3

Our favourite Kiwi producer, Mark de Clive-Lowe, keeps bringing heat. He just drop a new mixtape in the Church series inspired by his live club session in L.A.

"This coming sunday october 2, my monthly LA party CHURCH turns one year old. the clubnite is the first sunday of the month at Angel’s Piano Bar on LA’s westside in Santa Monica. over the course of the night we take the music from a live acoustic jazz trio set to an improvised electronic beats session with special guests and guest DJ sets inbetween and after. you never know who’s going to turn up - whether it’s the likes of chris daddy dave or ohmega watts jumping on the band stand; louie vega or leon ware hanging out in the audience; robert glasper jamming drums (!) with the guest DJ or some other unexpected surprise, CHURCH is all about taking the music somewhere new.

in commemoration of the one year celebration, i’ve put together a new mixtape featuring some of my favorite cuts from some of my favorite jazz artists. it’s a free download… enjoy!"

Download: Mark de Clive-Lowe - Church Vol.3
Download: Mark de Clive-Lowe - Church Vol.1 + 2
Read our earlier features on MdCL right here!

Not only that, last week he dropped the first smooth single Why from his upcoming album Renegades due November 14th. It's still available as a free download over at TruThoughts. Check it!

Download: Mark de Clive-Low - Why


Beathearts rewind #26: Change - Heaven/Change of heart (re-edit)

Change is probably one of the disco-funk-era crews that is surrounded by most rumors and myths. Created by Italian producers, entrepreneurs Jacques Fred Petrus and Mauro Malavasi the group has had members like Luther Vandross and Jocelyn Brown coming and going.

In our mind their greatest tune is Change of heart, produced by the almighty Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis in 1984. At the time they put together Change of heart Jam & Lewis were the hottest producers around with tracks like S.O.S. Band Just be good to me and Thelma Houston's You used to hold me so tight flying off the shelves.

We recently found two new edits of the track and thought we'd share it with y'all.

Download: Change - Change of heart (Tim Z edit)

The second version is from french beatmaker Onra which is a more twisted and up to date re-edit.

Onra - Change of heart (re-edit)

As a bonus you need to check this very slick edit of another Change track Heaven of my life off their second album Miracles (1981).
Download: Change - Heaven (Danny's heavenly edit)

Dam-Funk – Inafocuseddaze EP

Master of G-funk slow jams, Dâm-Funk, is back. The Inafocuseddaze EP is the warm up for Dâm's upcoming album on StonesThrow. Four new deep tracks and he's putting it out there for free.

2.Don't you know (that the funk iz real)
3.Inside of U

Download: Dâm-Funk - Inafocuseddaze EP 

And as a bonus and only available for one day (!) here's Don't U know. Get it today while it's still available!
Download: Dâm-Funk - Don't U know


King Midas Sound - Earth a kill ya (Mala remix)

Wow! We were expecting the King Midas Sound rework album to be dope, but this time the people over at Hyperdub have outdone themselves. Judging from the first drop of the album, Kuedo and Mala's versions, this is a keeper. Especially Mala's rework of Earth a kill ya is out of this world. Last year the Digital Mystikz album was on our top 5 and this tune is the logical progression of that renown DMZ sound. The dubby laidback vibe with menacing hihats and deep deep dirty basslines. You need this.

If you want more Mala insights check our interview with the man here: Beathearts meet Mala

Listen on Spotify: King Midas Sound - Earth a kill ya (Mala Remix)

The Mala/Kuedo version are available now via Beatport.
The album is supposed to drop during fall but has no set release date as far as we now.

1. Goodbye Girl – Kuedo rework
2. Without You – D-Bridge revoice
3. Lost – Flying Lotus rework
4. Earth A Kill Ya – Gang Gang Dance rework
5.Tears – Kiki Hitomi revoice
6.Spin Me Around – Cooly G revoice
7. Goodbye Girl – Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe rework
8. Say Somethin’ – Joel Ford revoice
9. Lost – Nite Jewel rework
10. Sumtime – Hype Williams rework
11. Meltdown – Kode 9/Spaceape rework
12. Earth A Kill Ya – Mala rework
13. Goodbye Girl – Deep Chord presents Echospace rework
14. Come and Behold – Green Gartside revoice
15. Cool Out – Ras G & the Afrikan Space Program rework


Like & PacDiv - Funky Drummer reprise

Hard working trio PacDiv (Like, Mibbs, and BeYoung) are about to release a new material The Div in November. As a warm-up rapper Like has put out this freestyle over James Brown's Funky Drummer. Not sure how but he makes this overused break sound fresh again. Maybe it's just the fact that he's got a nice flow which is quite rare these days.

Download: Like - Funky drummer reprise

If you just discovered PacDiv (like we did) you should check their mixtape Don't mention it. Our two favourite tracks off the tape are Rollin' which for some reason reminds us of early Teddy Riley/Guy productions like Round and Round and the minimal Shine which takes Ying Yang Twins The whisper song vibe to new levels. Download: PacDiv -Rollin'

Download: PacDiv - Shine

Download the whole mixtape here: PacDiv - Don't mention it

DJ Mehdi - Loukoums (Dilla tribute)

From one tribute to the other. This just dropped from Busy P (Pierre Winter - founder of Ed Banger Records and former manager of Daft Punk). A Dilla tribute from the late DJ Mehdi who left us to early on September 13th 2011. R.I.P.

"Back in 2006, Dj Mehdi's hommage to Dilla
we did something like 200 promo CDs for friends
I think it's time for this music to be shared and enjoyed by all of us
I still can't believe what's happening, so I press play and I listen to my best friend's music. P."

DJ Mehdi - LOUKOUMS  (Liner notes):
"Non-produced and un-mixed by Dj Mehdi, NSI. Jay Dee rest in peace. Based on the DONUTS album concept, these are demos, out-takes and unreleased gems from various records I worked on before and during the making of LUCKY BOY, my next album. Stuff comes from MEGALOPOLIS, 113 DEGRES and SHEITAN soundtrack mainly, but some is older too. Hope you enjoy these rough mixes and un-polished sounds, as I pay hommage to "one of the greatest minds to ever make beats" :  Mr James Yancey, better known as JAY DEE, also known as DILLA."

Released by: Ed Banger Records
Release date: Jan 1, 2006

Download it here: DJ Mehdi - Loukoums
   DJ MEHDI "Loukoums" by edbangerrecords


Kon - SFNY Social Club mixtape

The story of Kon (Christian Taylor) and Amir (Amir Abdullah) began in the dollar record bins of Boston. A chance encounter at Biscuithead Records in 1996 would lead to world recognition as two of the greatest crate diggers. Mostly known for their break and beat compilations we we're pleasantly surprised by this deep house mixtape from Kon. Among others it features two great tracks from Beathearts favourite Motor City Drum Ensemble (Danilo Plessow).

Rainer Trüby & Motor City Drum Ensemble "Ayers Rock" (White)
Matthew Larkin Cassell "Heaven (Kon & Mr. Whiskey Nighttime Multis Rmx)" (Unreleased)
El Txef A "Always Fine" (Wazi Wazi)
Solomun "Love Recycled 2" (2DIY4)
Kon & Mr. Whiskey "Nighttime/Teddy's Jam" (Unreleased)
Medlar "Terrell (Tom Trago Mix)" (Gomma)
Archie Bronson Outfit "Hoola (M.C.D.E. Remix)" (Domino)
DJ Nature "Everyone" (Golf Channel)


Amerigo Gazaway - Fela Soul

What do you get when you put together afrobeat legend Fela Kuti and rap pioneers De La Soul? You get Fela Soul; a musical tapestry created by Gummy Soul artist Amerigo Gazaway. Fela Soul is an 8-track, 33 minute journey into the world of afrobeat rhythms, funky horn riffs, and classic hip-hop gems. Using dozens of hand-picked samples from the Nigerian instrumentalist and political figure Fela Kuti, and 8 carefully-chosen acapellas from the Native Tongue rap trio De La Soul, Amerigo seamlessly intertwines the two into something completely new and original.

The amazing mash-up tape is available for free over at Amerigos bandcamp!

Words from Amerigo:

Fela Soul
I came up with the concept for this project in fall of 2010. At first is was just an idea, but over time it eventually began to manifest itself into reality. There were certain moments when it felt as if the songs were creating themselves. I wanted to follow through with it not only because it was a good idea, but because of the powerful impact both these artists have had on me and my music. Afrobeat, jazz, funk, and hip-hop are already so interconnected, and I always thought it would be exciting to work on a project that combined all of these elements together.
I now have such a profound appreciation for both Fela Kuti and De La Soul's music. Both of these artists are timeless in their own respect, and their lasting impressions can still be heard in many of the musicians and artists of today. I hope this project will help to bridge the gap between hip-hop and afrobeat, and serve an introduction for hip-hop fans and music fans alike who are unfamiliar with Fela Kuti and/or De La Soul's music.

Fela Kuti
Fela has always had a huge influence one me as an artist and producer. He combines so many different layers, and the grooves are so rich and syncopated that I can just sit back and get lost in them. Fela's influence on hip-hop is also undeniable. As Questlove of The Roots once put it, "It's the story of taking nothing and making into something".
I admire Fela Kuti not only for his music, but for his message. He is a prime example of someone who used their musical platform to evoke response and bring about social change. I feel like this is also a defining characteristic of hip-hop, and that is why it seemed appropriate to combine the two genres together.

De La Soul
De La was way ahead of it's time and still is. From the Prince Paul days all the way to Grind Date, they have continued to evolve while still maintaining the high quality and innovation that makes them unique.
De La Soul was also one of my first introductions to hip-hop in the 90's; In middle school, while all my friends were listening to No Limit Soldiers and Cash Money, I was somewhere bumping De La Soul is Dead and Low End Theory. At first I was just listening to the beats, but as I got older I began to understand even more why i was drawn to their music. It wasn't until I started making my own beats and rapping that I began to truly appreciate what De La was doing.


1. Stakes is High
This is a song that absolutely HAD to be on the project. It took me a minute to track down the acapella, but eventually I found a good copy of the record on Ebay. I was definitely going for a Dilla vibe on this one. It started out as something completely different, but after going back and listening to the original I realized I had to flip it a certain way. I found some drums, slowed the sample down a whole lot, and threw a low-pass filter on it. Boom!
2. Trouble in the Water
This is an old DJ Honda/De La Soul track that I always used to hear my brother and his friends playing back in the day. I'm sure the original can be found on a Dave Parker mix CD somewhere. Great song, great lyrics, and the original beat is sooooo hot. Please listen to it if you get a chance. You'll thank me later. I used some old De La drums on the remix just to give it that dusty breakbeat feel.
3. Ooh feat. Redman
When I was like 12 or 13 my mom took me to NYC for the first time. While we were there, De La Soul happened to be doing an in-store performance/CD signing for their release "Artificial Intelligence" at the Virgin Record Store in Times Square. This track was the lead single and I remember being young as hell and knowing all the words to it. I also remember Plug 1 trippin at how young I was when I came thru to get my CD signed. Definitely had to flip this one for old times sake.
4. Rock Co Kane Flow feat. MF Doom
For this one I was basically trying to recreate the Jake One beat using Fela Kuti samples. I found a cool horn stab and pitched it up and down to make the main melody. Then I added drums, bass, percussion, organ, and some saxophone riffs. This one was kinda difficult, especially because the original song slows down at the end of every 8 bars. And because they rap weird.
5. Itsoweezee
This joint sounds nothing like the original. I went for a reggae vibe just to switch things up. The sample wasn't reggae, but I moved it over so the pianos fell on the 2 instead of the 1 (music nerd isht). Then I found a bassline and some dope ass horns and it was on. Itsoweezee!
6. Interlude
Just a cool little loop I made using the "Water No Get Enemy" sample. Didn't end up using for anything so I threw it in extra.
7. Much More
These are the same drums Mos Def used for the intro to "Black on Both Sides". I always thought that shit was hot, so I was super excited when I found them. I also used some of the horn solo from the De La track "I Be Blowin". Sounds nothing like the Preemo version, but that's ok : )
8. Breakadawn
Classic track. I really wanted to remix at least one old school De La joint, and I'm glad it was this one. Random hip-hop trivia: this Fela sample was used for the last track on Common's "Like Water for Chocolate".
9. Feel Good Inc.
As if this song wasn't strange enough already! Found these drums on a Fela Kuti/Billie Jean mashup by Afrodisiac Soundsystem. Crazy story huh?


Melaz presents Jazzy Trip

End of the week. Here's a little sumthin' sumthin' for you to wind down to. Italian DJ and graphic designer Melaz has put together this compilation of instrumental urban beats to make your head nod. The mixtape include tracks from Beathearts favourites Jesse Futerman, Mecca83 as well as an amazing Minnie Riperton cover from the DJ Cam Quartet.

Download: Melaz presents Jazzy Trip

01 Day Break - The Midnight EEz
02 3rd - Uno
03 Coffee House Swingin' - Boho Fau & Elevated Soul
04 Goodbye Lullaby - Buddy Sativa
05 Jazz Swagg - Wizard At Will
06 Sunnshine - Leonard Dstroy
07 Corners - Agq
08 Panty Dropper - The Stuyvesants
09 Peacemaker - Canya Reial
10 Ceep Kool - Vinobeats
11 Eightie Eight - Supafuh
12 Professional Fuckery - The Underachievers
13 Resurrection Plant - Zed
14 Inside My Love (for Minnie) - DJ Cam Quartet
15 One Take - DJ Ezasscul
16 Mindstate - Jazz Addixx
17 Knotted - Tekst
18 First Notice - Question
19 Smooth Sailing - Cold Legistics
20 Oscillation - Shag
21 The Depths - Headspace
22 West Coast Chill - Ion the Prize
23 0,16 - Quiet
24 Early Minor suite 2 (+Dj Ivan6) - Keor Meteor
25 A Tribute To Horace - Jesse Futerman
26 Loungin - Mecca:83
27 Stoops Parks & Rooftops - The Stuyvesants
28 Daylights - Ethereal
29 What Goes Around Comes Around - David Bocuse
30 Doreen - Blacknuss

Chris Dave & Stimulus - 3rd 1st impression

If you've read our Robert Glasper/Chris Dave interview this summer we know you've been waiting for this! This time the drummer extraordinaire teamed up with New York DJ/MC Stimulus. The beats and production are of the hook and the featurings are top notch. Among others Bilal, Renee Neufville (Zhané), Stokley (Mind Condition), Casey Benjamin (Robert Glasper Experiment). Just check their dope rework of the Maxwell track Bad Habitz. Chris: I you read this we need an instrumental version of this! :-)

I would go out on a limb and name this best release of the year so far. And if this is the taster we can't wait for the album to drop.

Download: Chris Dave & Stimulus - 3rd 1st impression

TiRon & Ayomari - A Sucker For Pumps

A while back we wrote about 'En Kärlekshistoria' by TiRon & Ayomari. Now it's time for their collaborative debut project to drop, 'A Sucker For Pumps'. Hiphop at it's best! Can't stop noddin' to 'Her Theme Song'. Head to bandcamp and cop it!

TiRon & Ayomari - Her Theme Song feat. BJ The Chicago Kid

TiRon & Ayomari - The Neighbors


Mutated Forms - Wastegash

Was checking out DJ Krust's mixtape for the Loopmasters podcast as was stunned by this track midway through. Alot of hype around this track and up until a couple of days ago we struggled to find out who was behind it. Appearantly Mutated Forms is an Estonian trio with members Alexander (Zub), Artjom (G-ruff) and Alex H. A great genre breaking track somewhere in between hiphop, dubstep and electronica. Wastegash is available now via Grid Recordings. Get it here!

   Mutated Forms - Wastegash [Grid Recordings] by Grid Recordings

Read more:


Applejac presents Playin' favourites

Wow! Atlanta DJ/producer Applejac latest release is something else. We loved the sound from the first bars but this one is a grower. Listening through the albums tracks (8 digital - 10 on the CD version) we realize that these are subtle covers of an amazing choice of tunes. Among others Applejac has pulled out Tom Scott's Today (as used by Pete Rock on T.R.O.Y), Ronnie Laws' Tidal Wave (as used by Black Moon on Who got da props), Little Dragon's Twice and Gap Mangione's Diana in the autumn wind (as used by Dilla on The look of love). As if that wasn't enough, on The long and winding road he has teamed up with Rogiérs (of Platinum Pied Piper fame) who we haven't heard from in quite some time. You need this!

Buy the full version of  the album here: Moods music
Download the free digital version here: Applejac - Playin' favorites