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King Midas Sound - Earth a kill ya (Mala remix)

Wow! We were expecting the King Midas Sound rework album to be dope, but this time the people over at Hyperdub have outdone themselves. Judging from the first drop of the album, Kuedo and Mala's versions, this is a keeper. Especially Mala's rework of Earth a kill ya is out of this world. Last year the Digital Mystikz album was on our top 5 and this tune is the logical progression of that renown DMZ sound. The dubby laidback vibe with menacing hihats and deep deep dirty basslines. You need this.

If you want more Mala insights check our interview with the man here: Beathearts meet Mala

Listen on Spotify: King Midas Sound - Earth a kill ya (Mala Remix)

The Mala/Kuedo version are available now via Beatport.
The album is supposed to drop during fall but has no set release date as far as we now.

1. Goodbye Girl – Kuedo rework
2. Without You – D-Bridge revoice
3. Lost – Flying Lotus rework
4. Earth A Kill Ya – Gang Gang Dance rework
5.Tears – Kiki Hitomi revoice
6.Spin Me Around – Cooly G revoice
7. Goodbye Girl – Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe rework
8. Say Somethin’ – Joel Ford revoice
9. Lost – Nite Jewel rework
10. Sumtime – Hype Williams rework
11. Meltdown – Kode 9/Spaceape rework
12. Earth A Kill Ya – Mala rework
13. Goodbye Girl – Deep Chord presents Echospace rework
14. Come and Behold – Green Gartside revoice
15. Cool Out – Ras G & the Afrikan Space Program rework

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