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Kon - SFNY Social Club mixtape

The story of Kon (Christian Taylor) and Amir (Amir Abdullah) began in the dollar record bins of Boston. A chance encounter at Biscuithead Records in 1996 would lead to world recognition as two of the greatest crate diggers. Mostly known for their break and beat compilations we we're pleasantly surprised by this deep house mixtape from Kon. Among others it features two great tracks from Beathearts favourite Motor City Drum Ensemble (Danilo Plessow).

Rainer Trüby & Motor City Drum Ensemble "Ayers Rock" (White)
Matthew Larkin Cassell "Heaven (Kon & Mr. Whiskey Nighttime Multis Rmx)" (Unreleased)
El Txef A "Always Fine" (Wazi Wazi)
Solomun "Love Recycled 2" (2DIY4)
Kon & Mr. Whiskey "Nighttime/Teddy's Jam" (Unreleased)
Medlar "Terrell (Tom Trago Mix)" (Gomma)
Archie Bronson Outfit "Hoola (M.C.D.E. Remix)" (Domino)
DJ Nature "Everyone" (Golf Channel)

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