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Applejac presents Playin' favourites

Wow! Atlanta DJ/producer Applejac latest release is something else. We loved the sound from the first bars but this one is a grower. Listening through the albums tracks (8 digital - 10 on the CD version) we realize that these are subtle covers of an amazing choice of tunes. Among others Applejac has pulled out Tom Scott's Today (as used by Pete Rock on T.R.O.Y), Ronnie Laws' Tidal Wave (as used by Black Moon on Who got da props), Little Dragon's Twice and Gap Mangione's Diana in the autumn wind (as used by Dilla on The look of love). As if that wasn't enough, on The long and winding road he has teamed up with Rogiérs (of Platinum Pied Piper fame) who we haven't heard from in quite some time. You need this!

Buy the full version of  the album here: Moods music
Download the free digital version here: Applejac - Playin' favorites

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